Climate panic

The above photo was taken at 5.16 pm on Friday 24 May 2019 from the western hills of Lower Hutt, looking towards Wellington Harbour. It was a calm late autumn evening and you will notice that the trees and fronds are surprisingly upright for a Wellington day. It has been less windy recently than usual in the capital, but then again, it often is less windy at this time of year. Don’t worry, the howling southerlies will make their presence felt when winter takes hold, which will be very soon.

No, this is not ‘View from your Window’. This photo was taken on the day that students and politicians were screaming about climate emergencies and how ‘we are not doing enough’. Yet, look at that photo again. What is there in that photo that we need to declare an emergency about?

Nelson and Canterbury have declared climate emergencies and it is rumoured, although not yet confirmed, that both Auckland and Wellington are about to do the same.

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It’s not OK to be white

Trade Me has recently started selling T-shirts with the message – “It’s OK to be white” on them. Trade Me are not selling them themselves, of course. A local seller is making the T-shirts available on Trade Me, and apparently they are selling like hot cakes.

Enter the New Zealand Human Rights Commission. Yes, that’s right. quote.

The New Zealand Human Rights Commission says that the message “it’s okay to be white” has “no place” in the country.

The ‘controversy’ began when “it’s okay to be white” t-shirts and stickers were sold on a New Zealand auction site called Trade Me.

“Wear this shirt as a white person to troll your local Communists, or wear this shirt as a brown person to troll stuck-up middle-class urbanites. Either way it’s funny!” read the description to the products.

The Human Rights Commission said they don’t see the funny side and that the message “it’s okay to be white” has “no place” in New Zealand because it conveys “a message of intolerance, racism and division”. end quote.

But… a T-shirt saying – “It’s OK to be black” would be perfectly OK, wouldn’t it? quote.

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Steven Joyce’s $11.7 billion hole is now an open cast mine

Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

Steven Joyce was villified when he pointed out that the government’s proposed new spending would leave them with an $11.7 billion hole. Everyone called him out for it. Media people from everywhere ridiculed him. Even business writers refused to give him any credit. He was dismissed as being guilty of political mischief even though, at the time, he was the current minister of finance and probably had more idea of the true situation regarding government spending than just about everyone else.

But everyone else was infected at the time by stardust, and that included economists such as Cameron Bagrie. Here is quote from Bagrie in September 2017. quote.

ANZ chief economist Cameron Bagrie

Bagrie told Newshub there’s no hole.

“But [Labour] don’t have a lot of money to play with in the 2019 and 2020 budgets. They’ve basically computed up front to what they are going to do for three years. That’s fine but the wheels of government still need to turn and be funded.” end quote.

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The latest broken promise

Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

One of the things we were promised by this government was an adherence to the fiscal responsibility rules, meaning that government spending would remain within certain parameters, to allow for reducing debt and paying for existing services. Socialist governments are famous for spending money like there is no tomorrow; after all, it is other people’s money. This government promised to be different. By promising to adhere to the rules around fiscal responsibility, they essentially claimed that they would be as responsible with taxpayers’ money as was the previous government.

Well, guess what? 18 months in, that promise just went out the window, along with just about everything else they ever promised. This government really is a joke. quote.

The Government this morning announced that it will shift its debt target from a single figure to a percentage range.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson explained the Government is looking at a range of around 15 to 25 per cent of the GDP.

“Essentially, our current 20 per cent target falls in the middle of the new range that will exist from 2021/22 onwards,” Robertson said in a speech this morning to the Craigs Investment Partners investor conference.

end quote.
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Tova O’Brien savages David Seymour

And so it begins… a right-wing politician calls a left-wing politician a ‘menace’ and the world goes into meltdown. That the left-wing politician in question sent the above tweet about the same right-wing politician is okay though… it is always okay if the left does it.

For the record, I want to make it clear that if Golriz Ghahraman really has received death threats, then that is truly dreadful, No one should ever have to put up with that.

I assume that no one is claiming that David Seymour had anything to do with the death threats though, although you might be forgiven for thinking that. Out come all the screaming harpies to defend Golriz, even though Seymour has done no wrong.

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This government is not transformative

Photoshopped image credit: Luke

When this government came to power, the buzz word used to describe it was ‘transformational’.

They were going to fix the housing crisis. They were going to fix mental health. They were going to have no one living on the street by May 2018. They were going to fix child poverty, the environment, the health sector, the education sector, introduce widespread tax reform, energise the regions, plant one billion trees and achieve a zero road toll… not to mention zero carbon dioxide.

Yes, they really did promise all that, and if they had achieved all of those things, or even any of those things, they could have been seen as transformational. They would have deserved it.

If anyone ever needed to understand the difference between screeching at the government from the other side of the house and actually achieving things themselves in government, it is the Coalition of Losers. I think they do understand this now, although hell will freeze over before any one of them will admit it.

The media is waking up to this though… or at least Mike Hosking is. quote.

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Government buys Kiwibuild houses

Phil Twyford Photoshopped image Credit: Pixy

The government’s flagship policy, Kiwibuild is more laughing stock than housing stock. First, after 18 months, only 80 houses have been completed, after promises that 1,000 would be built by July 2019. It is fair to say that this target is not going to be met, and the government has given up on its targets anyway, citing them as ‘unhelpful’.

As if that isn’t bad enough, the government underwrote the building of Kiwibuild houses, meaning that it would buy the houses off developers in the unlikely event of them not being sold. With a housing crisis, and so many first time buyers ‘locked out’ of the housing market, this would never happen, but just in case, the guarantee was there.

Well, guess what? quote.

The Crown underwrite for unsold Kiwibuild homes has been triggered for a second time.

The first was in April for five homes in Wanaka’s Northlake development.

Now lack of sales in Mike Greer’s development in Canterbury and Auckland means the government has had to buy back seven more.

end quote.
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Another overseas success for Jacinda

Photoshopped image credit: Luke

Jacinda’s celebrity status overseas continues to grow. With her jaunt to Paris last week, where she tried to control the internet, she had lots of photo opportunities and took advantage of every one. The fact that her mission ended in the signing of a document that will make no difference whatsoever to terrorism or true hate speech doesn’t worry Jacinda in the slightest. The world saw her looking serious and concerned, and the photo opportunities were priceless.

Henry Cooke went with her to Paris, and it sounds as if it is the first time he has been overseas. In fact, it sounds as if this is the first time he has been in a big aeroplane. The media fawning over Jacinda is bad enough at the best of times, but for those journalists enjoying the perks of the job for the first time, she has reached cult status. quote.

Ardern is famous now. Take a random sample of people worldwide and I would wager more had heard of her than Scott Morrison, who was still Australian Prime Minister when I wrote this. end quote.

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Global heating


Yesterday, I wrote an article on ‘climate emergencies’ declared by ECan and Nelson council and pointed out that all they are doing is making people panic. Well, it seems that people are not panicking enough. Because of this, that illustrious leftist rag, The Guardian, has decided to up the rhetoric on climate issues… and instead of terms like ‘climate change’ or ‘global warming’, which are clearly not alarmist enough, we are now going to have ‘climate crisis’ and ‘global heating’. quote.

The Guardian has updated its style guide to introduce terms that more accurately describe the environmental crises facing the world.

Instead of “climate change” the preferred terms are “climate emergency, crisis or breakdown” and “global heating” is favoured over “global warming”, although the original terms are not banned.

“We want to ensure that we are being scientifically precise, while also communicating clearly with readers on this very important issue,” said the editor-in-chief, Katharine Viner. end quote.

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Town Clarke and stardust

We awoke on Sunday morning to the news that Scott Morrison had won the Australian general election, trouncing Bill Shorten and the Labour party in an unexpected and emphatic victory.

We also woke to two puff pieces, one about Jacinda and one about Clarke.

Could the two events be in any way connected? quote.

He’s got a silver skull ring on his right hand and visible crimson cuts on his fingers. Fish spikes, he says later, slightly toxic – they can make your hands puffy.

The first man, first bloke, first dad, first man of fishing: in the absence of an official title for the partner (now fiance) of the New Zealand Prime Minister, Gayford has been called them all. Let the record show he does not have a preferred title.

“I kinda just roll my eyes, ‘OK, that’s fine’,” he says. Besides, “you can never pick your own nickname, because that’s a disaster”.

Stuff. end quote.

You are welcome to read the rest of the article yourself… I have to admit that I didn’t.

I really wonder why we keep having to put up with these dreadful ‘first family’ articles. At least it was identified as belonging in the Entertainment section, but really… who cares? Has no man ever been involved in the bringing up of his child before?

On the same day, we also had an article about how Jacinda said no to being the Labour leader for 4 days… in August 2017. That is almost 2 years ago, and can hardly be described as news, so why exactly are we hearing about it now? Why are we being reminded of our own election, disaster that it was? quote.

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