Elliot Ikilei starts reviewing the so-called ‘Wellbeing’ budget before realising his mistake…

New Conservative Deputy Leader, Elliot Ikilei, confronts possibly one of the greatest bullies we have…

A response to Andrew Little’s article on redefining free speech

Mr Little, in your opinion piece you have expressed what I believe to be a desire to redefine free speech.

The first three paragraphs you write appear to affirm the importance of free speech but come on now, we all know that trick. Whenever someone starts an article stating how ‘important’ a universally important process is, we all know they are about to stomp on it, usually with the old sequence of: ‘So important’ “but” ‘let’s get rid of’ and in the fourth paragraph, you do not surprise:


You then piggyback on emotional comments made just after the coward’s attack. That is highly distasteful, but let’s look further at that: quote.

Others have said these types of statements allow a climate to develop that is tolerant of harmful discriminatory expression. end quote.

Really? What discrimination would that be?
Can women go into the men’s part of the mosque? Can battered men go into a women’s shelter? Should Iwi have quotas for Pakeha board members? How about boys playing in girls rugby teams? What are you, or these “Others” you refer to, meaning when you say “harmful discriminatory expression”? quote.

A responsible government must consider these claims, and on a principled basis.” end quote.

Your government is not so much principled as emotion-driven, as we have heard your leader proudly proclaim recently. This dilutes your assertion of being “responsible”…(unless you are defining a conservative government which is naturally responsible; if so, very good.)

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Why does the Left have such venom when it comes to Folau?

It is a fascinating time to be alive in terms of cultural observations and analysis of our destination.

Will we recover from the emotional turmoil of the Christchurch attack, or will we continue to be kept at a heightened alert by politicians and media outlets? Sadly, the attack has gained them more attention than they have managed to harvest in years.

Our Progressive government and media have chosen the ‘firearms community’ as a suitable scapegoat. Andrew Little and Golriz Ghahraman have given notice of their desire to redefine hate speech. Other Progressive agenda items, such as euthanasia and ?hate crime? legislation, are being intellectually sold to our people by way of clich?d rhetoric and snakeoil charm.

And now, after weeks of proclaiming unity with a little dash of submission, our Progressive politicians and media class have launched into a combined, vitriolic assault against Australian rugby great, Israel Folau.

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Let wisdom govern not emotion

Press Release
New Conservative

Yesterday we gathered together to remember fifty lives snatched away by a coward; we note that the coward ran away from a brave man armed with a credit card machine.

After this horrific event, there were outpourings of high emotion throughout our nation – fear, anger, disgust, sadness. Vigils were held, prayer groups of different faiths sprang up, social media engaged in discussions of grief, unity, pain, forgiveness even. These excellent methods have allowed us to begin processing this great trauma.

At such times, we need an anchor to be attached to, in order to have some sense of stability, to know that our highly emotional state will be tempered with wise tolerance and strong, calm leadership, the ‘Anchor in the Storm’. In New Zealand, that role has fallen to the government.

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The exploitation of a day of pain & hurt

Elliot’s political roundup

Weekly Political roundup: Elliot Ikilei on CGT fallout & the schools restructuring
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Stop ambushing our children

Parents are being kept in the dark about the gender ideology which is infiltrating teaching practice and that includes a taxpayer-funded programme aimed directly at overturning children’s basic understanding of their own bodies.

Aimed at the captive audience of children during school hours, this programme of instruction is nothing less than the intellectual ambushing of children.

With information gleaned from OIA requests, ministry communications and interviews with ex-facilitators, New Conservative member Jared Luke has released two series of expos? articles.

The first series revealed the details of the taxpayer-funded ?Mates & Dates? programme, a ?healthy relationships programme for secondary school students.?

What Jared also uncovered however, is nothing less than a facilitated delivery of LGBTQIA+ ideology. And to further illuminate the growing opacity between government and parents, Jared was called by the ministry in a bid to prevent him from exposing his findings.

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Elliot’s political roundup

Elliot Ikilei discussing the public meeting, Jordan Peterson, China, expos?, CGT, NZF, & Malcolm Rewa.
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Elliot’s political roundup

Weekly political roundup: Political recap on the migration pact, Waitangi, JLR and a growl to the government assault on Family
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Elliot’s political roundup

Weekly political roundup: Labour caucus retreat, Kiwibuild and NZF as well as a couple of philosophical tangents.