Crybaby of the Week: Ass vs Asshat

You could sit like this, or you could choose to not be a twat.

Today’s crybaby of the week would have to be Crim Hugger, Climate Logic Denier and ‘Premium’ (lol) content supplier to A Newspaper, Jarrod Gilbert.

Quite how A Newspaper could deem this week’s pathetic diatribe from Gilbert as premium content that one should pay for is beyond me, but since their paywall is about as holey as a Swiss cheese resting on a sponge in the Vatican, as a service to all you good folk out there, I sacrificed two minutes of my life and had a read.

“Just FYI, if you recline your seat on a plane, you are an ass. If you recline your seat on a plane and don’t think you’re an ass, read this tweet again.”

A Newspaper

Mr Gilbert being a Climate Alarmist, I’m not sure what he was doing on a plane, given that they are the primary cause of skinny polar bears – but I digress.

I won’t bore you with all of the sordid details but you can take it as read that…

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Boy Racers Are Now ‘Car Enthusiasts’!

NZ Police struggling to find a tow truck big enough to impound a road roller.

Isn’t it funny how the Legacy Media change their descriptors depending on how they wish to control the narrative?

Wellington car enthusiasts‘ turnout dwindles after road roller incident


Not long ago TVNZ would have been touting this road roller incident as a failure of National party policies and would have been giving Judith Collins no end of grief. I can see the headlines now: ‘Crusher Collins fails to take Boy Racers off the road, concerned citizen forced to take matters into his own hands, Give-a-Little page set up for the roller driver.’

TVNZ’s extremely biased article and video showed these boy racer clowns as salt of the earth, lovely young chaps; who were just out having a little get-together on a balmy evening in the Hutt. Geeze, apparently all the evil roller operator had to do was to approach the 200 gathered yoofs to ask them nicely to leave and they would have moved on! Gimme a break, we all know how that would have turned out.

The reality is that this incident shows up how much the police have lost interest in the type of offending that actually ticks the public off. You see, doing burnouts, creating all the noise, mess, road damage etc, not to mention the potential serious injuries that result from these boy racer gatherings, just don’t rate a mention any more in this age of ‘speed is the only evil’ policing.

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Fully Self Driving Cars by next year?

Tesla S, 3, X, Y

Elon Musk has recently promised to send an ‘over-the-air’ software update that will turn hundreds of thousands of Tesla vehicles into fully automated, self-driving cars. Many of the vehicles are already theoretically able to do this, having been spec’ed with the appropriate hardware.

Many of today’s vehicles are already equipped with limited self-driving abilities. They seem to work pretty well in many basic situations such as motorway driving, but Tesla’s new mode will allow fully self-driven cars even in chaotic city environments. That means interpreting stop signs and traffic lights, making tight turns, navigating stop-and-go urban traffic and avoiding other obstacles such as electric scooters popping onto the roadway from the kerb just as the traffic lights ahead turn orange.

Are we ready for this? The Tesla upgrade will forgo the use of lidar (laser-based radar). Musk says he wants Tesla’s system to use a combination of cameras and radar sensors that triangulate a field of vision, similar to human eyesight.  Hopefully, it will be better than human eyesight as that is notoriously hopeless, considering the number of people who pull out in front of trucks!

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JAG Almost Said Something True!

This week your Unelected Associate Transport Minister Julie-Anne Genter spent most of the time during her various soft MSM interviews dribbling utter tosh from her foreign-born lips.

I generally have to turn the sound down or quickly flick the channel over every time I see her as her grating American accent annoys me about as much as her grating supercilious superiority complex. In fact, I have started making my long-suffering wife feel the need to calm me, as the first thing that escapes my lips each time she comes on the telly is something along the lines of “God I hate that woman!”

Photoshopped image credit: Technomage

So it was surprising that I heard something twang from her lips that was almost true. On Tuesday evening Genter breathlessly advised us of something that was factually correct. I only heard it on the TV so will paraphrase here but she said something along the lines that New Zealand sometimes receives car models that have higher emissions than the same vehicle sold in other countries, simply due to those other countries having stricter emission laws.

Well yep, this is actually true. It all comes down to market forces. All vehicle manufacturers will produce their vehicle to the lowest possible standard they can get away with in the intended market, unless it is actually cheaper for them to meet the higher standard.

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Nine More Firearms Now in the Wrong Hands?

New Zealand police were quick to tell us that the recent stolen firearms debacle in Palmerston North was a one-off. Well, it looks like the NZ Police have been failing to look after handed-in firearms for a while now.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has found multiple failings in respect of the disappearance of nine firearms which were held by Police in Auckland from 28 January 2017.


It seems that a chap had been required to surrender his firearms due to a temporary protection order being issued against him. When the order was discharged, the man applied to get his firearms back, only to find that the police had lost them.

“It is not possible to determine what happened to Mr X’s firearms. Appropriate procedures were not in place to ensure surrendered firearms were properly received, registered, stored, and tracked. If the firearms were destroyed, arms officers failed to comply with procedures for destruction,” says Judge Colin Doherty, Authority Chair.


The police have agreed to compensate Mr X for the missing firearms. A new process for handling seized and surrendered firearms has been implemented following a Waitemata District audit conducted in mid-2018 and a CCTV camera has been moved to ensure the entrance to the armoury is captured.

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Driving a V8 Is Better Than a Hippiemobile Powered by Smug.

So JAG et al would like to punish people for driving evil polluting V8s by putting a new tax on muscle cars and a freebate on EVs.

News just in. Statistics show vehicles powered by Smug are 25% worse for the environment.

However your average enthusiast’s muscle car gets driven less than 5000 km per year and your average hippie’s electric/hybrid car gets driven maybe 20,000 km per year. And most smugmobiles still use some dead dinosaurs.

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A Road Safety Initiative That Might Actually Work?

In Backchat on Saturday, Huia, one of our long time commenters, made some comments about her lovely day spent wandering about the sunny climes of the Coromandel. Part of that was the following observations and thoughts about motorcyclists.

Stopped off in Coromandel on the way back and it was humming, very busy. 
Headed home met several motor cyclists with a death wish, they seemed to be going for a track record by sitting on the white line leaning into our lane on corners. We were lucky (and so were they), no heads in helmets stuck on the truck anywhere which was good, because its a massive job to clean up when that happens.

Your wheels might be legal, but your head won’t care when you get clobbered.

Funny that Huia should make this observation just a couple of days after the ACC announced that they are instigating a new road safety initiative aimed at motorcyclists, in the form of a cashback allowance for riders who have completed their Ride Forever courses.

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Humourless Twat of the Week

Oh, how I hate Facebook! But I love it too. On one hand, I can see some of the bestest, funniest memes ever made and copy and paste them into our awesome and popular Non PC Jokes post ready for Monday evening and you will all laugh, sometimes out loud, or perhaps even accidentally snort as you get the joke, and it makes everyone’s life just that little bit happier.

But on the other hand, I have to see the wets complaining about people putting jokes on community pages. Perhaps we could have a Humourless Twat of the Week post every week? I’ll start.

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Please Sir, May I Have Some Global Warming?

Now I do know that short term issues are no indicator of either past or future weather or climate, but I was wondering. Please Sir, may I have some Global Warming?

I have owned my current property for about 8 years and this is the first time we have had a glacier in our back yard! This is not just snow left on the ground, it is actual water that has seeped out from the hill and frozen on the ground.

I’m not sure quite how to deal with this phenomenon so I was hoping that our gentle Oilers may have some bright ideas. So help a bloke out, what exactly should I do with my new found glacier?

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Rail Freight Just Ruined Your Wellington Commute.

Bad news Wellingtonians. The Greens favourite method of moving goods has just ankle-tapped their favourite method of moving people. So you’re going to have to take the car today.

Credit NZ Herald

Your commuter trains have been cancelled until further notice due to a freight train derailing between the Hutt Valley and Kapiti lines.

Metlink has not been able to source enough replacement buses to transport the approximately 20,000 passengers who travel by train during the weekday peak morning period so you have simply been given up on.

However reduced train services stopping at all stations on the Kapiti line will run on a half hourly timetable from 6am between Waikanae and Porirua only.

If you are wanting to travel between Porirua and Wellington Metlink recommend alternative transport or avoiding travel.

Remind me again how good public transport is?