A Message for Simon Bridges

Good afternoon Mr Bridges

I am in my 70’s and for most of my voting life I’ve been an ardent National supporter, but that is no more. I’ve transferred my allegiance and support to ACT which is now the only party prepared to stand up for its principles and offer strong opposition to this coalition from hell. With National’s slide to the left of the political spectrum, ACT is now the only true opposition party in this country.

National has turned its back on its heritage and its traditional voter base and to all intents and purposes, there is now nothing to differentiate it from Labour. I’ve read your recent mailings as I have this one, and they are about as effective as a wet bus ticket.

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It’s Not White Privilege

By Michael

A white guy and a black guy are standing on a public footpath. Neither is saying or doing anything. A cop pulls up.
He ignores the white guy and, for no apparent reason, gives the black guy the third degree. He demands to know what the black guy is up to, where he’s going, where he lives, etc.
An example of white privilege? No, it is not.

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To Jump or Stand Still?

I have not written an article for some days now. I have been in shock at what happened to Tommy Robinson and have been contemplating the ramifications for us all. Particularly for those of us who blog.

This is a dark time for Tommy and a dark time for all of us. We are frightened of speaking out. If we are not, we should be.

I belong to the group that is fearful of expressing my views. I don’t want a visit from the cops and an extended stay in “The Big House ”. Which, I am guessing, is their intention: to make us so scared that we dare not speak our minds.

As a blogger, I express my opinion. It is MY opinion. I do not expect people to agree with me. The issue is: am I allowed to express my opinion, and, if so, under what jurisdiction, legally, does my blog fall?

As a .com, I am, as far as I am aware, under International Internet Law. Now that Obama has handed over the control of ICANN to the United Nations, does that mean that I am subject to UN Law? My site is hosted in America. Does that mean that my site is under the jurisdiction of American Federal Law? I live in Australia. Does that mean that I am subject to the rather confusing and concerning ramifications of Section 18C of The Racial Discrimination Act? Or, because I am in Queensland, am I bound to State Laws? Is there anyone reading this that knows? I have tried to find out, but too many from the legal background are too scared to jump and just stand still and say, “I don’t know. ”

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Will you Draw a Line in the Sand & Expose This Coalition for What & Who They Are?

By George

This is the letter I sent to my MP. I will share their response with you.

Hi …
First of all, I would like to acknowledge your sterling representation of your electorate. You have served the community well, the following correspondence is not directed exclusively to you but to National as a whole. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

You must be aware of the current controversy surrounding Green MP Golriz Ghahraman’s deliberate and divisive attack on New Zealand’s Jewish community. You must also be aware that one of the foundation stones of this Coalition government is to promote and encourage well being.

The aftermath of the Christchurch terrorist attack created an environment where the Coalition government went to great pains to insist that we, as a nation, should be free from the fear of those sentiments of racism and hate, an environment where violence can flourish. The Coalition incessantly reminded us all that “We are one, they are us”. Which was designed to alleviate a feeling of fear within the Muslim community that they didn’t belong. It is obvious that Golriz Ghahraman’s attachment to such sentiments did not include our Jewish community.

An addition reverberation that emerged from this tragedy was the enhanced attack on any citizen who expressed views deemed right of centre as racist, again championed by the Green party and none more so than Ghahraman. Through her eyes, New Zealand was awash with “white supremacists” and none moreso than your coalition partner, David Seymour.

My questions to you, as my representative in parliament, are:

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Is the Great Replacement a Conspiracy Theory?

By Maria

In general terms, the Great Replacement theory relies on demographics to show that native populations in Europe are being replaced by migrants and minorities. It was the focus of a recent article in Stuff which reported that the Great Replacement was supported by the Christchurch terrorist in his banned manifesto. The article raised lots of connected ideas, but I will limit myself to its description of the Great Replacement as ‘an extreme-right genocide conspiracy theory’.

I don’t know about the ‘extreme-right genocide’ part, but I would like to take a closer look at the conspiracy theory part.   

Is the Great Replacement idea a conspiracy theory? A good place to start is its disputed origins, some of which have French connections.

Firstly, around 2013, French Identitarian philosopher Renaud Camus coined the term, ‘The Great Replacement’ in his eulogy of Dominque Venner at Notre Dame Cathedral. Venner had shot himself at the Cathedral altar in rebellion against the crime of the replacement of the French people.

Secondly, promoters of the Great Replacement make a prophetic connection with Jean Raspail’s dystopian novel, The Camp of the Saints, written in 1973. It eerily recounts that Europe would be swamped by third-world migrants in the not too distant future.

So much for the French origins.

There is another view, that the idea of the Great Replacement has its origin in the United Nations and was considered by it to be a necessary reality. 

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Your Party Vote … How Important is it?

by The Blonde

Twenty-three years ago in 1996, a totally new voting system was introduced called Mixed-Member Proportional representation.

It was like a smack on the head. People were reeling and gob-smacked trying to get their heads around the way this new system worked. I often wonder how many people still don’t really understand how it works. A lot of voters seem to see their party vote as something to ‘spray around’.

I recall being told that the party vote was your most important vote as it went to the party that you wanted to be in power. Your party vote is important because it decides the share of the 120 seats in parliament that is allocated to each political party.  A party’s share of seats is filled, first by the candidates who win electorate seats, then by candidates from the party list.

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Demented, Deluded & Deranged

By John

Not a day goes by without the publication of an illogical rant by some unhinged politician of the Left. These poor deluded creatures, deceived by their own beliefs, are only succeeding in making themselves the laughing stock of normal thinking people.

Unfortunately, much of what they have to say is no laughing matter. On subjects such as economics, religion or society they spout a narrative that is born out of ignorance, hate, racism, and ideology. They harbour the fanciful thought process whereby hate speech is enunciated by everyone but themselves, when in fact the opposite is true.

The problem these people on the Left have is that most of their hateful rhetoric is ideologically driven. Beliefs held based on ideology rely on basic assumptions about reality that may or may not have any factual basis. Think Marama Davidson, Golriz Ghahraman and Julie Anne Genter for starters! These lunatics don’t pay any attention to reality or facts, they are just hell-bent on spouting their dogma which is anathema to rational people. They are so blinded to their philosophies that all logical thought becomes non-existent.

This modus operandi in the sense we are talking, if left unchecked can have dangerous elements. Some examples:

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A Readers Response to ACT President Tim Jago’s e-mail to supporters

Thanks for the update, some interesting reading.
One statement which seems a bit off is 

The usually unsympathetic Whaleoil blog even allowed itself to admit ACT is a party whose time has again come.”.

Over the years there has been considerable support for ACT on the Whaleoil Blog to the extent that a number of posters are members and have stood as candidates for ACT. Mrs WO herself makes no effort to hide the fact that she is an ACT supporter.

Whaleoil the blog makes no differentiation between political parties which make stupid comments or get facts wrong, ACT is no different in that respect to any of the other political parties.

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A Readers Submission on the Climate Change Response Amendment Bill

By Bernard 

By way of introduction, I am neither a scientist nor a farmer but have significant commercial qualifications and a lifelong connection to Agriculture.

I have grave concerns that the proposed legislation is heading in the wrong direction and will have a significant adverse impact on the countries overall wellbeing, specifically from a financial perspective but this will then flow on into our standard of living lowering it from levels we currently enjoy. Government action and policy should be all about increasing the standard of living for its citizens, not the reverse.

I do not deny that the climate is changing; it always has changed and it will continue to do so. For evidence of this, you only have to look at the arrival and then the disappearance of the large Ice Ages. There have not been one but five such periods experiencing a reduction in the surface of the earth’s temperature with significant glaciations in the northern and southern hemispheres. It is accepted that the additional heat-trapping gasses emitted into the atmosphere will prevent the next ice age which if it follows the cycle would be expected in around 50000 years. What causes that cooling followed by warming? Possibly changes in atmospheric composition or changes in the earths orbit around the sun, tectonic plate changes, volcanism, or meteorites or various combinations?

On a more micro scale, we have the more recent global warming that took place during the medieval period (800 – 1400 AD). That allowed civilisation to flourish during that time. More recently we have a recent mini ice age commonly called the Maunder Minimum (1645 – 1715) during which time the Thames River was known to freeze over allowing ice skating on it. It is widely accepted that this recent cool period was associated with a time where there was next to no sunspot activity. Here is where we first establish that variation in the suns activity impacts on the earth’s temperature.

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Bye Bye Winston

By John

Christie’s blog post commenting on Matthew Hooton’s opinion piece in a Newspaper again raises the old chestnut: should National court Winston or not. The fact that we agonise over this every three years is exactly what Winston wants. We are in fact willing participants in a game of his making. We are playing into his hands. 

I say this has to stop.

There is nothing to be gained by National being gifted government by Winston. As we are seeing currently, Winston is running the show. The fact Jacinda is incapable of doing so is beside the point. The way we implement MMP, Mr 7% has all the control and is effectively the PM. This means any legislation National wanted to execute would need his approval. Unless you are prepared to be as Winston compliant as Jacinda is, going into coalition with him would be nothing short of a nightmare.

If we accept this to be the case, the electorate may as well know now there is no deal with NZF in the offing. Obviously, that means a vote for a party of the Left is a vote for Winston. I believe that, with where Winston is sitting in the polls, now is the time to do it. There are other options available in the form of ACT and the New Conservatives. In my view, these two parties are overall more in line with National policies than NZ First. They might even push National further to the right which is something we would all be happy with.

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