Ardern Still in Training

By John

Two good articles have appeared this week: Fran O’Sullivan in the Weekend Herald criticising the leader of the Labour party and Matthew Hooton doing the same to the leader of the National party. Neither could be termed complimentary. Far from it.

Let’s look at Fran’s. The headline: Ardern still leaning on training wheels gives a good idea of the direction the article is going to take. Knowing the time it took her to learn how to wrap fish and chips, learning on a cabbage, are we surprised?

Fran first refers to her interview with Jack Tame. To avoid chronic indigestion, knowing who the participants were, I deliberately missed the occasion. According to Fran, Jacinda told Jack she wasn’t able to get the CGT over the line because NZF wouldn’t agree. Fran rightly points out that a more experienced political leader would not have allowed themselves to be boxed into such a corner in the first place. In effect, Winston boxed her ears. Don’t try that again. As noted by Fran she then threw in the towel. She effectively picked up her ball and ran away. Something she has become noted for. Ihumatao and her run to Daddy in Tokelau having signalled possibly a very dangerous precedent when it comes to private property rights.  

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Global Warming Not a Priority for Green Voters

By George

We are all aware of Stuff’s evangelistic global warming crusade where some weird individuals, who quite frankly are of little or no significance, actually believe they are celestial demigods when it comes to predicting the future of global warming.

The first thing that struck me was that, by virtue of being employed by Stuff, that immediately disqualified them from making the claim on their CVs of being journalists. A prophet, clairvoyant or even a palmist would more accurately represent their qualifications, yet we are expected to take them seriously and are not permitted to challenge their superior intellect. I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but my blade can determine the difference between slicing through a block of ice and the threading of newsprint.

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NZ Gun Law ‘Loophole’ Explained

By Craig M

Newshub has uncovered a loophole in the Government’s gun ban which means previously restricted firearms are now available to hundreds of thousands more people. 

[…] The Hammerli .22 calibre semi-automatic holding a 20-round magazine is illegal in New Zealand. However, a Hammerli .22 calibre semi-automatic with a 10-round is legal – and for sale at Gun City.

[…] Had this gun been for sale before the attacks, buyers would have needed a special licence. It has a free-standing pistol grip that made it a restricted firearm, meaning its owner would need an E endorsement on their license. 

However, those E endorsements were scrapped by the gun ban, meaning this weapon is now available to every single firearms licence-holder in New Zealand.
Only 7500 people had E endorsements. 245,000 have a standard firearms licence. 


I know many Oilers already understand New Zealand’s gun laws, but this post is for those of you who don’t.

To break down the “loophole”, specifically regarding the Hammerli .22, this is their argument:

The Hammerli .22 calibre semi-automatic holding a 20-round magazine is illegal in New Zealand. However, a Hammerli .22 calibre semi-automatic with a 10-round is legal – and for sale at Gun City.

  • OK; well, for a start, no 20 round magazines for the Hammerli .22 are even for sale in New Zealand and the firearm was only made for sale here after the E-cat laws were scrapped. It is also to my understanding that police approved the sale of these firearms because they met the legal requirements.
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Question of the Day for Firearms Licence Holders

I am peeved, as are many other firearms licence holders, by the way the government has passed a firearms law for “compulsory confiscation” with possibly inadequate compensation.

When I was involved in public protests from Wellington Railway Station to Parliament grounds for both the “Fart Tax” and “Public Access” or Right to Roam law proposed by Helen Clark’s government, I learned that the Labour party hates people publicly protesting against their policies. They cannot handle public accountability. Heads exploded that a group of farmers would protest.

There are 250 000 licensed firearm holders in New Zealand. My question is this:

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NZ Street Preacher Threatened with Arrest for Quoting Bible Verses

By LesleyNZ

The video below popped up in my FB Messenger. It happened in Whangarei recently. Grant Edwards from NZ Street Preachers calls a spade a spade, mentions sin, sinners, different sins and Hell; and he mentioned different religions, saying that Mohammed was a paedophile and associating the Catholic Church with paedophiles.

A woman got really angry with him and must have complained.

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A Transparent and Shameless Collaboration

By Nathanael

In response to a National party attack advertisement that targeted Government policy (which the National party had to pay to have disseminated), the Green party launched an online attack ad that targeted Simon Bridges personally.

Green party members then, righteous beings that they are, declared that they were “shocked”, so the Green party pulled the ad after Lord knows how many people shared it and watched it.

TVNZ then decided that this was the number one story in New Zealand and the world and made it the lead story (so that even those who drift off shortly after headlines would see it), and broadcast the entire ad! (Along with righteous commentary from Green leaders).

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A Response to Trotter’s Article on Winston

By John

The piece from Chris Trotter on Incite Politics, It’s Winston ‘The Tool Man’ Peters was an interesting but somewhat confusing read. I got the logic of where he was coming from but in my view, the narrative was not supportive of it in terms of the reality.

Let’s start with his headline – It’s Winston ‘The Tool Man’ Peters. I’m not entirely sure of the meaning he had in mind with the use of the word tool. If you go to the Urban Dictionary one of  the meanings of the word tool in reference to a person is as follows:

Someone whose ego FAR exceeds his talent, intelligence and likeability. But, of course, he is clueless regarding that fact. He erroneously thinks he is THE MAN!

Very apt. 

Chris describes Winston as a right-winger who thinks like a left-winger – an extremely rare political talent. Really? The National Party are chock-full of those types. Chris would disagree. He thinks the Nats are right-wingers who think like right-wingers. Unfortunately, he didn’t give any names but it would have been a pretty short list as far as Oilers are concerned. 

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The PM’s Speech in Melbourne was an Utter Joke

By NeedToBeAnnonymous

I read Jacinda’s Melbourne speech transcript and it was an utter joke.
She should resign from her job. That’s how bad it was.
She was supposed to talk about good governance but instead spoke about good government.

I had given her some credit, assuming that she’d speak about the principles of good governance in the context of good government. Transparency, accountability, measurement etc are the most important attributes of a good government so there was at least a chance that despite starting on the wrong path, she’d actually end up talking about good governance.

Of course, she failed spectacularly. Instead of focusing on these issues which determine whether a government actually provides the services that are needed in an accountable and non-corrupt way, she spoke about wellbeing and equality, how Trump and Nationalism are evil (paraphrased of course) and how despite being “potentially” responsible for a lot of wrong in the world, international organisations like the UN should be given more power (again paraphrased). It was basically just an election campaign speech for the Melbourne based voters and a job application for her hopeful UN role post-prime ministership.

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Ron Mark Plays the Blame Game

By Rantykiwi

Ron Mark is busily duck-shoving and deflecting blame for the 757 breakdown whilst utterly failing to address the elephant in the room. He should be asking what our PM was doing using a RNZAF plane in the first place.

Defence Minister Ron Mark says the New Zealand Defence Force plane that the Prime Minister used is at the “end of [its] life”
[…] His comments come after Jacinda Ardern was stranded in Australia when the NZDF plane broke down.

Ardern managed to get home on a commercial flight which landed at Auckland Airport at about midnight on Friday.

“Of course it is always embarrassing when a plane that the Prime Minister is given to travel on breaks down but replacing it isn’t a priority,” Mark said.

He said New Zealand was stuck with the 757 aircraft until 2028 and it would be up to the government of the day to decide what to do with it then.

“The number of times successive governments have bought the wrong gear, and sadly I’m stuck with those problems and we just have to deal with it.”

In the meantime, Mark has recommended the Prime Minister use chartered planes to travel.

Maybe the PM should just catch commercial flights as her predecessors have done.

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The Future is in Good Hands

By Beth Houlbrooke
ACT Deputy Leader / Vice President  

This week the Youth Parliament sat and it was encouraging to see and hear a number of young people speak on Freedom of Speech.  Ali Gammeter and Gabriel Tagi have strong futures as community leaders ahead of them if their speeches are anything to go by.

You can support our call for Free Speech to be protected by signing our petition.


The so-called gun “buy-back” got underway last week and aren’t we all relieved that a couple of hundred guns have been taken off law-abiding citizens who either weren’t using them or had no future use for them and could do with the spending money or were just trying to do the right thing. How many people with previous violence-related convictions turned up to cash theirs in? How many illegal firearms were handed over for no compensation?

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