Of Course, the Rules Don’t Apply to Us

Facebook got all high and mighty and banned crypto currency advertisments to look after their users, who obviously could not possibly think for themselves.

Facebook has said it will block any advertising promoting crypto-currency products and services.

The company said it was open to emerging technologies but many companies were not acting in “good faith” when extolling the virtues buying into virtual currencies.

Recently, a wave of new currencies have emerged, seeking to piggyback Bitcoin’s huge increase in value.

Facebook urged users to report any ads the company’s security measures missed.

It admitted it would not always catch every ad for a crypto-currency.

“We want people to continue to discover and learn about new products and services through Facebook ads without fear of scams or deception,” wrote Rob Leathern, product management director for Facebook Business.


You see, there might be a dodgy operator out there so we will ban them all. Sounds reasonable.

The other “defenders of free speech” (NOT), Google and Twitter, soon followed suit:

On 30 January, 14 March and 25 March 2018, Facebook, Google and Twitter announced their respective Ad Bans. With each announcement, the cryptocurrency markets plunged: 53% for Facebook, 30% for Google and 23% for Twitter. The Crypto Winter had arrived, courtesy of a Big Tech cartel.

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No Longer Under TVNZ’s Thumb?

Peter Williams must be pleased to be free of the TVNZ censor. How it must have rankled with him to have to read all the auto-cue items on the TVNZ ‘news’ bulletins. He has now come out.

I am so over the nonsense that is being propagated by politicians and policymakers about this thing that is now just referred to as “climate change.”

Every day it is being foisted upon us. The world is in crisis. There is going to be a disaster, a catastrophe. The world is going to end. We have 12 years. We have 10 years. Some nutbag appeared on The AM Show yesterday saying it will end in seven years.

Prince Charles says we have 18 months left before it is irreversible and the world will end.

Why do we allow people to get away with this? Why is there absolutely no debate that these prophets of gloom may possibly be wrong?

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Idiots to the Left of Me

Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am Stuffed in the middle with you.

The only good thing about this latest piece of climate emergency idiocy is that the writer keeps talking about ‘global warming’.

The official figures say that the trend since December 1978 is 0.13C/decade. So in the four decades that the global warming scam has been running, the temperature has risen 0.52C.

This humungous rise in temperature is threatening our native birds.

Native birds are being forced to live in shrinking high-altitude habitats by the double whammy of a climate change “thermal squeeze” and marauding predators at lower levels.

The latest study by three Manaaki Whenua-Landcare Research scientists shows expanding populations of rats, stoats and possums in birds’ lower-level, warmer, environments, along with lowland forest loss, are effectively shrinking bird habitats to less ideal, higher-elevation and cold environments.

Using the findings of the New Zealand Ornithological Society’s bird atlases for the 1969-1979 and 1999-2004 periods, the researchers found the birds most endangered by the thermal squeeze are the larger bodied and often already rare species, such as kiwi, whio, weka and kakako. […]

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Never Let the Truth Get in The Way

Good old Stuff & Nonsense are beating the climate emergency drum as loud as they can. One has to wonder what financial inducements there are behind this Stuff & Nonsense campaign for them to be so hard out on the climate crises and so low on facts and reality.

For example, a church being drowned by the rising sea levels. An emergency? A crisis? No. Nothing to do with the climate whatsoever.

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Another Manifesto to Ban?

Willem Van Spronsen, who attacked an Immigration and Customs Enforcement centre over the weekend, identified himself as a member of the left-wing Antifa movement in his manifesto. He died in a shootout Saturday after storming an ICE centre in Tacoma, Washington, armed with flares and a rifle. Van Spronsen, 69, reportedly attempted to ignite a propane tank on the premises in order to burn down the facility.

What follows is the written manifesto of Willem Van Spronsen:

there’s wrong and there’s right.
it’s time to take action against the forces of evil.
evil says one life is worth less than another.
evil says the flow of commerce is our purpose here.
evil says concentration camps for folks deemed lesser are necessary.
the handmaid of evil says the concentration camps should be more humane.
beware the centrist.

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I Do Hope He Has His Day in Court

How delicious! Mike is going to sue the gummint for climate change. They either agree with him and pay out or they argue that he is wrong on all counts – which he is – and have to admit that the whole thing is a charade.

The Treaty of Waitangi promised that the Government had a duty to actively protect Maori interests. One Iwi leader says that the impending catastrophe of climate change means they have failed to meet that standard.

Mike Smith, chair of the Climate Change Iwi Leaders Group announced on Tuesday that he was suing the Government because “the Crown is failing to protect all New Zealanders, but especially Maori, from catastrophic effects of climate change”.

“Maori are particularly vulnerable to climate change, being disproportionately represented amongst the poor, who will be the hardest hit,” he said.

Mike is right. The poor will be the hardest hit. Not by the climate crisis but by taxes and EV subsidies and higher electricity prices and ETS charges at the petrol pump and so on.

The Crown lawyers will have a hard job following the government logic of solving the climate crisis via ever-increasing taxes to offset something that is not happening while simultaneously arguing that these taxes are not going to impact the poor.

He said that traditional resources, including fisheries, would be affected by ocean acidification, and that flooding would damage coastal communities.

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Does This Describe You?

Currently, five generations make up our society. Depending on the specific workplace, the workforce includes four to five generations. The typical birth years for each generation are:

  • Traditionalists or Silent Generation: Born 1945 and before
  • Baby Boomers: Born 1946 – 1964
  • Generation X: Born 1965 – 1976
  • Millennials or Gen Y: Born 1977 – 1995
  • Gen Z, iGen, or Centennials: Born 1996 – TBD

So how do these different generations react in the workplace? The following is from Visual Capitalist.


How people prefer to communicate is one major and obvious difference that manifests itself between generations.

While many in older generations have dabbled in new technologies and trends around communications, it’s less likely that they will internalize those methods as habits. Meanwhile, for younger folks, these newer methods (chat, texting, etc.) are what they grew up with.

Top three communication methods by generation:

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Finally, We Know Who to Blame

Since this data is from the New Scientist magazine it must be true!

The transmission and viewing of online videos generates 300 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, or nearly 1 per cent of global emissions. On-demand video services such as Netflix account for a third of this, with online pornographic videos generating another third.

This means the watching of pornographic videos generates as much CO2 per year as is emitted by countries such as Belgium, Bangladesh and Nigeria.

Stop it right now! Yes, you! We know what you are watching and when, so go take a cold shower and save the planet.

That’s the conclusion of a French think tank called The Shift Project. Earlier this year, it estimated that digital technologies produce 4 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions and that this figure could soar to 8 per cent by 2025.

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Plot A or Plot B?

In Plot A, the Taxpayer-funded BBC has inserted a storyline into its most popular soap opera about a man who after leaving prison converts to Christianity to find “peace”.

“EastEnders’ Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell), will explore the Christian faith as he adapts to life on the outside after being jailed for murdering his sister – and the soap is working closely with the Christian Youth Helpline to portray the positive impact of religion on the troubled teenager”, reports the Radio Times.

In the storyline, Beale was imprisoned for killing his sister but “starts to make peace with his violent past” after being given a copy of the Bible by a Christian friend.

“We are thrilled to be working with support service Christian Youth Helpline to challenge preconceptions and prejudices about the role of faith in young people’s lives”, said Executive Producer Jon Sen.

Director of the Christian Youth Helpline, said the plot was an opportunity to portray Christianity “as a positive influence”.

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Kiwi As

In yet another Kiwi first, our ladies were blazing equality trails in academia and thus they join us as a keen individuals who inspire and surprise.

[In july 1877] Kate Edger became the first woman in New Zealand to gain a university degree and the first woman in the British Empire to earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA).

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