Just Have a Cow, Man

If I was throwing a dinner party and had to choose between inviting a hardcore Amway enthusiast and a vegan, well, just sign me up for a fun evening learning how to earn extra income.

Amway are notorious for the cult-like evangelism of their members, whose persistence would shame a toddler dragging on your arm in the supermarket aisle and screaming for a Bertie Beetle. Vegans are even worse. Vegans seem to see everything as an opening to hold forth on the moral superiority of their cult. Their latest fixation is climate change, and the wholly fictitious notion that veganism is an absolute necessity if we are to avoid barbecuing the entire planet.

After years of failed global attempts to cut carbon emissions meaningfully, some activists are propagating the idea that everyone on the planet should go vegetarian or even vegan.

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Just When you Thought it Couldn’t get any Creepier

Self-identification, an idée fixe with trans activists, is the idea that anyone can legally change their sex on a whim. No surgery, no psychiatric evaluation: nothing but a simple form to fill in, and voilà, any man is legally a woman, with legally protected access to women’s spaces like change rooms, showers and shelters. Despite the more-than-obvious danger inherent in such a gross violation of women’s right to privacy, trans activists insist that it is unthinkable that perverts would weaponise such laws. Anyone saying anything to the contrary is hysterically denounced as a “transphobe”.

It’s just a pity that the perverts just keep falling out of the transgender tree. Drag queens with child sex convictions reading stories to young children, child drag queens dancing in gay bars for money and hanging out with convicted drug dealer/murderers, ought to have been enough. Then along comes Jonathan/“Jessica” “wax my balls” Yaniv.

Yaniv, a transgender person, has recently come under fire for a series of controversial human rights tribunal suits [they] have filed against 16 BC estheticians, alleging discrimination for refusing to provide services to Yaniv’s male genitals.

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Modelling Carbon Sinks: More Un-Settled Science

Whenever you’re being regaled with a climate alarmist’s latest hysterical claim that the entire planet is on the cusp of being roasted to a cinder, the most important thing to keep in mind is that they’re almost certainly not talking about the real world. Instead, their scaremongering is almost certainly based on projections and computer models. If any real-world data is allowed to intrude, it’s been “adjusted” to within an inch of its life.

Computer models are not the real world, any more than Google Earth is an actual place. Climate models are Matrix-like simulations… if the Matrix were a Donkey Kong style, 8-bit world of badly-rendered coloured blocks.

Climate models are in fact pretty lousy at simulating the real world. Which is why they have continually ‘run hot’, overestimating the amount of warming the world would actually see. Certainly, climate models are sophisticated computer simulations, but when it comes to sophistication, the real world knocks them out of the park. For instance, climate models still cannot accurately model what one might think is a pretty important factor: clouds. Recent analysis suggests that models underestimate the cooling effect of clouds.

Now another study argues that models are underestimating the effect of vegetation on carbon dioxide absorption – and hence, climate.

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The Left Need Imaginary Racism

In 2016, American documentary film-maker Ami Horowitz conducted an interesting experiment. First, he visited ultra-left-wing UC Berkeley and asked its white liberal passers-by about voter ID laws. All of them agreed that voter ID discriminated against black people, citing reasons that people on the streets of black Harlem agreed were at best ignorant, and at least a little bit racist.

Novelist Roger L. Simon goes even further.

Ninety percent of the racism in America today comes from the Democratic Party and the Left.

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Political Net Closing In on GetUp Thugs

GetUp, the thuggish political hit-squad co-founded by former Labor leader Bill Shorten, with seed money from militant unions and Soros-linked organisations, has enjoyed a virtually free run for its army of nosey-nannas and unemployable Marxists. Until now.

In an astounding display of bare-faced hypocrisy, even for the left, GetUp’s favoured candidate, so-called “independent”, Zali Steggall, is demanding a review of political advertising.

If she’s not careful, she might get what she is asking for.

Scott Morrison has labelled GetUp “bullies” and says the left-wing activist network’s campaign against Tony Abbott was one of the “grubbiest and most despicable things” he has seen in an election.

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This Karen Is Not for Turning

For a class who are so obsessed with sniffing out the merest whiff of supposed “privilege” in others, your typical mainstream journalist – young, female, single, white and middle-class – is remarkably blind to their own privilege. Recall, for instance, the editorial board of Huffington Post boasting about their “diversity”.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in their addiction to overseas travel, despite their conviction that carbon emissions are going to kill us all in a decade or so, and their insistence on being lavished with Versailles-level indulgence while they’re spewing out all that planet-killing carbon.

Someone (lots of people, in fact) finally alerted me to the fact that reclining one’s plane seat is widely considered rude. Until then, I’d been doing it all my life, clueless – given I don’t at all mind when the passenger in front does it to me – that I’d been causing grievance.

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Oh, No She Didn’t! The Dumbest Race Hate Hoax yet

The United States has been plagued with a tsunami of fake “hate-crimes” of late because actual racism is apparently so rare in Trumpian America that demand has far outstripped supply. Tired of waiting for depressingly non-racist whites to oppress them, eager, non-white wannabe-victims are having to outsource “race attacks” to their similarly non-white friends and relations, or even just conjure them up from nothing but their own, fevered imaginations.

You could be forgiven for thinking that Jussie Smollett – the black actor who paid a couple of Nigerian buddies to white-face it up and stage the most ridiculously obvious fake hate crime in recent history – was the nadir of hate crime hoaxery. Unfortunately, you’d be forgetting the famous observation attributed to Albert Einstein: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe”.

Cue the apparently infinitely stupid Erica Thomas.

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Those Damn Racist Facts Again

“There is no racist like an antiracist,” Theodore Dalrymple once wisely observed. “That is because he is obsessed by race, whose actual existence as often as not he denies. He looks at the world through race-tinted spectacles”. The modern left are the apotheosis of the race-obsessed “anti-racists”. Everything is racist, as far as the left are concerned. Facts most of all.

It is a fact that blacks in America – at all socio-economic levels – commit crimes at a far higher rate than whites or Asians (Africans in Melbourne, Australia, are an astonishing 30 to 86 times more likely to commit some categories of violent crime). East Asians and Ashkenazi Jews generally score far higher on IQ than other races. These are all facts, as solidly attested as gravity or evolution. Yet, the very mention of these simple facts invariably triggers the left into shrieking denunciations of “racism!”

But, as per the Good Doctor’s observation, race need not even be mentioned at all, to trigger the left’s race-radar.

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Incite Politics

Rainbows & Swastikas in the Classroom

“Safe Schools” creator, academic Roz Ward, a committed Marxist and LGBTQI activist with no educational background, openly admits that it’s designed to promulgate her ideology, boasting, “I not only teach people how to be gay, I teach them how to be gay and communist . . .

‘Autonomous’ Academics Happily Take Orders from Communists

The Cold War may be over, but the useful idiots of the world’s remaining communist powers still pullulate in the West, in academia especially.

When Australian billionaire philanthropist Paul Ramsay bequeathed an extraordinary fortune to fund scholarship in Western civilisation at Australian universities, the media and academia erupted in fury. Foaming and gibbering about “racism” and “colonialism”, the left-dominated academies blithered that the proposed Ramsay Centres “threatened academic autonomy”. But, just to banish all doubt that the academics were motivated by naked hostility to the West rather than any real concern for academic autonomy, it turns out that the useful idiots of academia are more than happy to ask “How high?” when a brutal communist regime cracks the whip.

Australian universities hosting Chinese government-funded education centres have signed agreements explicitly stating they must comply with Beijing’s decision-making authority over teaching at the facilities.

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