Australia and New Zealand Must Be Ready for the Next Wave of Refugees

In 1989, as stunned as the rest of us at the brutality of the Chinese government’s crackdown on the democracy activists in Tiananmen, then-prime minister Bob Hawke tearfully announced that all Chinese students then in Australia could stay. Almost all did.

It was a grandiose, knee-jerk response typical of Hawke, and of a certain kind of politician. In the long run, unlike many other such knee-jerks, its outcomes were almost entirely positive. Either way, it cannot be denied that it changed the face of modern Australia.

Now, even bigger changes loom on the horizon.

All Australians need to understand that that we are going to be an integral part of the “end game” in Hong Kong.

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Al Gore’s Climate Clown Show Comes to Australia

If timing is everything in comedy, then Al Gore must surely be the greatest comic genius since Groucho Marx. Not only are Gore’s climate prediction pratfalls legendarily comical; the King of Environmentalist Slapstick has timed his latest taxpayer-funded, carbon-spewing international junket to Australia right on the heels of the election where voters overwhelmingly rejected his honking brand of climate change hysteria.

Even more hilariously, Gore parked his climate clownshoes right in the very state that just voted overwhelmingly in favour of coal mining.

“Pull my finger!” Digital Image: Lushington Brady.

According to the blurb, “Climate Week QLD 2019 will showcase how the state is transitioning to a low-carbon, clean-growth economy and building a community of action to address climate change.”

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Incite Politics

How Game of Thrones Broke Its “Woke” Fans

Marxist philosopher Slavoz Zizek claimed that Daenerys was exactly the “strong political woman” feared by capitalism. Besides, her slaughtering army was diverse, while her opponents were “clearly white Nordic . . .

Dark Clouds of History Gather Over Hong Kong

For those of us who remember the events of 1989, the escalating events in Hong Kong are starting to sound horribly familiar.

When Hong Kong was handed over to Beijing twenty years ago, the great worry was that the Western-style democratic freedoms its people enjoyed would be trampled by the Chinese communists. It was less than a decade since the brutal repression of the pro-democracy movement in Mainland China. But if the Communists learned anything from Tiananmen it was to play the long game and keep the guns out of sight.

Beijing is playing the last moves of its long game. How long are the guns going to stay hidden? For now, Beijing has backed off.

For now.

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, reportedly after consulting authorities in Beijing, suspended a bill that would have facilitated extraditions to mainland China. Ms Lam backed down in the face of demonstrations by about a million people in which police used tear gas and rubber bullets against the protesters. Police also took photographs of individual protesters, heightening fears of reprisals.

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Another Molesty Lefty Nabbed

“Reset the clock” became a saying in certain online circles in recent years, in the wake of the Trump election and the “MeToo” movement. It refers to the phenomenon of prominent anti-Trump leftists, male feminists and LQWBTQI activists and “allies” being repeatedly exposed as abusers, harassers, rapists, murderers and molesters.

Well, it’s time to reset the clock again.

Peter Bright, a progressive feminist and prominent tech journalist, has been arrested on charges that he was allegedly soliciting sex with a minor.

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Forget Imaginary Nazis, YouTube Has a Real Pedo Problem

Like the rest of the Silicon Valley cabal of “progressive” tech behemoths, YouTube is obsessed with hunting “Nazis”. “Nazis”, of course, being left-speak for anyone who dares hold such heretical beliefs as that gender is a binary, biological fact, or that the failure of socialism has been demonstrated time and time again. Yet while YouTube has been finding Nazis under every stone, it turns out that some very nasty spiders indeed were lurking under the rocks.

YouTube’s algorithm is reportedly facilitating pedophiles by recommending videos of young children to them. YouTube announced Monday that it’s changing its livestreaming policy amid news of the reports.

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Aussie Rules Football: Barracking not Allowed

“A funny creature is the snake: he spends his winters not awake. He stretches in his long, thin bed and brews up poison in his head.
The human is a different sort: he spends his winters watching sport. He gathers forth in concrete stands and empties out his poison glands”

– Michael Leunig

Many years ago, I worked in Melbourne with a newly arrived Brit. When he went to his first Aussie rules football game, he was amazed: fans of the opposing teams were allowed to mingle freely. That would never happen at a British soccer match, he said. In fact, organisers had to stagger the opening of gates after matches, so that opposing fans wouldn’t even mix on the train home.

The fact is that, despite Aussie rules fans’ propensity to empty out their poison glands (aka “barracking”), AFL crowds are remarkably well-behaved. But that’s not good enough for the AFL organisers, who apparently won’t be content until fans stay silently in their seats, occasionally clapping politely.

But the AFL’s latest gambit, “Behavioural Awareness” officers patrolling the stands like schoolmarms, is a step too far for fans.

Leading Victorian criminal defence lawyer Rob Stary…was staggered by what many feel is a security overkill given reports approximately two fans per 10,000 attending games are evicted.

“There’s more behaviour monitors and security at the Dogs v Blues game than at a terrorism trial,” he wrote on social media. “…What have they done to the game?”

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Don’t let us catch you running with scissors, either!

British police have become a bumbling clown show that would be comedy gold if the results weren’t so serious. Moronic social engineers like Hope Not Hate have emasculated the boys in blue and Britain is falling apart. Ethno-religious rape gangs perpetrate industrial-scale child molestation for decades while authorities wring their hands about racism. Knife crime in London is skyrocketing, while its mayor babbles platitudes about deadly terrorism being just “part and parcel of life in a big city”.

Radio host Julia Hartley-Brewer rightly pilloried a PC pillock for his bizarre determination to police “non-crime”. The Met confiscate spoons. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg that is the dumb-arsedness of modern British policing.

In response to skyrocketing levels of knife crime in the United Kingdom, Nottinghamshire Police unveiled this week an unorthodox plan to offer blunt knives to victims of domestic violence to replace the sharp ones currently in their homes.

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When even Pope Francis calls bs on transgenderism, the gig truly is up

Pope Francis is often justifiably criticised for his ‘Liberation Theology’; flirtations with leftist nostrums like open borders and climate change. But while the Church in its long history has at times been at the forefront of revolutionary change, it is at the same time a necessarily deeply conservative institution. Francis has finally found an issue on which, in the true conservative tradition of Burke, the Church can stand in front of the ‘progressive’ parade drunk on change for its own sake, and say, “Hold! Enough!”

The Catholic Church has emerged as this week’s unlikely champion of open dialogue and intellectual freedom.

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Open letter to Cody Walker: Your mouth’s closed but you’re still whining

We pay actors to stand in front of a camera and play pretends. We pay sportspeople to run around after a ball or jump over things. They are not paid their mega-bucks to shoot their yaps off and lecture and browbeat us all with their half-witted opinions.

Some are learning the hard way the truth of the adage, “get woke, go broke”. American football and sports broadcaster ESPN lost, big-time, when they embraced the hissy-fits of overpaid whingers like Colin Kaepernik. Undeterred, a handful of Australian rugby players are trying for their little moment of attention, too.

Just in case all that praise and attention from the ABC, The Guardian and your sport’s politically correct hangers-on has gone to your head, let me try to tell you as honestly and kindly as I can what I think of your refusal to sing our National Anthem at the big game last night. I reckon that I might be speaking on behalf of the great majority of your fellow Australians in doing so.

Basically, you should be deeply embarrassed.

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