Ardern Is Worried That She Will Be Next!

President Trump has dropped another one of his Twitter bombs and our PM has said that she utterly disagrees with him, which is not at all surprising, as she no doubt is worried that his next Twitter bomb will be about her.

Trump’s tweet was about four women known as “The Squad”. The political cartoon by Branco above nicely summarises the incident.

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Our friend Kevin Clements Gets the Karl du Fresne Treatment

Yesterday I shared with you all an e-mail from Otago University academics, Kevin Clements and Kieran Ford. They wanted to interview Whaleoil team members and felt that our “participation would make a fantastic contribution to the project.” We disagreed and thanks to our amazing research team, AKA Sally we were able to provide readers with some evidence as to why communicating with these two would be a very bad idea.

Given the similar timing of Karl du Fresne’s article about Otago academics, I can only wonder if he too was the recipient of an e-mail desiring his participation?

His headline let us know straight away that we were in for a treat.

Otago’s academics know what’s best for us, so let’s put them in charge

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Councillors Want Ratepayers to Pay for Their Nannies

Northland Regional Council has voted to top up the salaries of councillors by up to $6,000 if they have childcare expenses.

The option for childcare was introduced by the Remuneration Authority after lobbying by Hurunui District Councillor and mother-of-three, Julia McLean.

However, the new allowance is purely at each council’s discretion.

Coastal central councillor Paul Dimery has said that voting against the allowance would be “totally selfish.”

“We want a more inclusive council. In my opinion, [declining the subsidy] is cutting out a fair percentage of prospective councillors. Whether mums decide to run or they don’t may well rest on this decision.”

Kaipara councillor Penny Smart said that increasing diversity on local government enabled good decision-making.

Animal Farm: All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others
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An E-mail that Made Me Go Hmm

Dear Readers

yesterday an e-mail was sent to Whaleoil, it read…

Dear Whale Oil,

It’s Whaleoil duh…

My name is Kieran Ford, and alongside Prof. Kevin Clements at the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Otago, we’re currently working on a research project exploring the role and significance of right-wing politics in 21st century New Zealand.

Hmm… the same university that contains a Professor who is currently waging a legal war conflict against Cameron Slater.

Sounds totally legit.

We’re writing to see whether you would be interested in taking part in the project. The project aims to explore the contributions right-wing politics and political activists make to political discourse and behaviour. Among other things we wish to explore right-wing political narratives, key issues, and the kind of New Zealand those on the right would like to see in the future.
We feel that your participation would make a fantastic contribution to the project.

Yeah, I just bet you both would be wetting your white Y fronts with excitement at the chance to unscrupulously ask leading questions while keeping your true agenda hidden until it came time to publish your “findings.”

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All Hui No Do-ee

Look at the recent MSM articles about State care of children and Oranga Tamariki. Only one refers to what needs to be done to stop children from being abused. The others are all about scapegoating the only organisation that is actually trying to protect children.

Cartoon credit: SonovaMin

Maori unite to declare ‘enough is enough


A sense of injustice too large to fathom


The call from the hui was loud and clear: give us back our kids


Huge support for Maori-led inquiry into Oranga Tamariki


Protest march to Parliament planned over state’s uplift of Maori babies


Maori inquiry into Oranga Tamariki: ‘We have a right to stand up for our babies’

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Face of the Day

Cpl Erik Kristensen received his pin to the 161 Battery Unit Gallantry Award from Colonel Tenby Powell.

An 88-year-old Tauranga Corporal has received an Australian unit citation for gallantry in Vietnam.
The award was presented to Corporal Erik Kristensen from Colonel Tenby at the 6th Hauraki Battalion’s 121st birthday in Tauranga.

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History Lesson for an Intellectual Lightweight

Jack Tame needs a history lesson. The Crusades were a response to the military takeover of the holy land by Muslim invaders. The subjugated people begged the Crusaders to ride to the rescue. Terrible things happen in war but that does not change the historical fact that Muslims invaded the Holy land and occupied it.

There were nine separate crusades and Jack Tame seems to be unaware that overall the Muslim forces defeated the Crusaders. Painting the Muslim forces as historical victims does not hold water.

Crusades, military expeditions, beginning in the late 11th century, that were organized by western European Christians in response to centuries of Muslim wars of expansion. Their objectives were to check the spread of Islam, to retake control of the Holy Land in the eastern Mediterranean, to conquer pagan areas, and to recapture formerly Christian territories […]

Between 1095, when the First Crusade was launched, and 1291, when the Latin Christians were finally expelled from their kingdom in Syria, there were numerous expeditions to the Holy Land, to Spain, and even to the Baltic; the Crusades continued for several centuries after 1291. Crusading declined rapidly during the 16th century with the advent of the ProtestantReformation and the decline of papal authority.
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Comedy Corner: Non-PC Jokes Guaranteed to Offend


Welcome to politically incorrect Comedy corner: the one place where you are allowed to read and share naughty and offensive jokes that make us all laugh even though we are not supposed to. If you are offended by these kinds of jokes then please do not read this post

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Special Treatment for Transgender Athlete

Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard identifes as a woman but has more in common with a boy racer given the accident he caused that has left a man with spinal injuries.

Hubbard, 41, […] was charged with careless driving causing injury […]
Her car hit a vehicle carrying an Australian couple in their 60s. The male driver spent nearly two weeks in Dunedin Hospital and needed major spinal surgery on returning to Australia.

A man sustained serious spinal injuries because of Laurel’s careless driving but the judge deemed it to be a “low-level” accident and Laurel escaped a conviction. To his credit, Laurel pleaded guilty in January this year and offered to pay the couple around $13,000.

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The Bonus for John Banks’s Campaign Team

Media have reported that John Banks has hired a great team of political strategists as he decides whether to throw his hat again into the ring for the Auckland Mayoralty. 

The biggest bonus for Banksie is that Michelle Boag is not available as she is on John Tamihere’s team. Michelle Boag is famous on this blog for poo fingering campaigns and making a bad PR situation even worse. Just ask the Mad Butcher, Peter Leitch.

Weekend Herald cartoon on Michelle Boag and Peter Leitch and the Waiheke Island ‘White island’ fiasco. Rod Emmerson 07/01/16

Banks has been working as a business consultant since bowing out of politics in 2014. But he said he had been shoulder-tapped by figures on the centre-right of Auckland politics and constituents who were concerned about the future of New Zealand’s biggest city, and the leadership of Phil Goff.

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