Things that make me go hmm

Things that make me go hmm
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A sweet piece of advocacy posing as journalism

Blogger Eric Crampton is cancelling his NZ Herald subscription and he has written a blog post explaining what motivated him to do so. One particular Herald article has left a bad taste in his mouth and the NZ Herald will have to change their ways if they want to sweeten him up and regain his support.

Herald on sugar

Kudos to Boyd Swinburn and the usual anti-sugar folks for getting this wonderful piece of advocacy published in the Herald as journalism rather than advertorial or op-ed. I’m cancelling my subscription to the Herald and asking for a refund of the balance of my annual subscription fee, but that’s a bit beside the point. Swinburn et al have done a great job here with cheer-leading reporter Luke Kirkness.

Here we go.
“I’ve finished pulling teeth today, my right hand’s actually sore I pulled out so many.”

Those are the harrowing words of New Zealand dentist Dr Rob Beaglehole who is urging the Government to take action and tax sugary drinks.

The problem is so extreme more than $20 million is spent each year anaesthetising Kiwi children so they can undergo tooth removals as a consequence of consuming sugary drinks.

And today, a petition has been launched in an effort to convince the Government to introduce a tax on sugary drinks.

But the current Labour-led Government and Health Minister Dr David Clark have no plans for such a tax.

Excellent heroic-dentist versus uncaring-government framing.

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Face of the day

Mayoral candidate Tania Tapsell

ACT leader David Seymour has called accusations of hate speech from a Rotorua councillor to a mayoral candidate “absurd”.
Stuff reported on the row between councillor Tania Tapsell and mayoral hopeful Reynold Macpherson, which centres on an online post made by Macpherson on the Facebook page of the Rotorua District Residents & Ratepayers’ lobby group on May 14.
The post, a response to a video in which Tapsell encourages more young people to stand for council, is entitled “Beware the charismatic pitch of the Pied Piper”. 
“He has referenced me as a pied piper who lures away vermin and children and this level of hate speech is totally unacceptable,” Tapsell said.

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The black dog has got me

I realised at 4am yesterday morning that the black dog had got me. I had tried to avoid him by going for walks in the sun and by using various mental techniques I have used successfully for many years to lock my worries and fears away in a room in my mind.

I tried to do something about my lack of sleep as I knew that it was reducing my ability to cope. I tried everything – warm milk, cutting out caffeine, reading before lights out – and I would go to sleep but would then wake up way too early and be unable to go back to sleep. I tried sleeping tablets, which helped, but then I had to reduce them to quarter tabs as I couldn’t keep using them long term, and now, once again, I find myself working on the blog in the wee hours because I can’t go back to sleep.

I was last on antidepressants over 6 years ago, and I really, really wanted that to be the last time, as one of the side effects is horrible. However, I have got to the point where I have realised that it is simply not acceptable to be crying most days, to have no appetite for food, and to be making repeated silly errors in my work because I am asleep on my feet.

I have to do something about it and, while I really do not want to go back on them, I know from past use that they will enable me to function, and, touch wood, I will be able to sleep through the night.

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Whaleoil poll results

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Or they could buy each cyclist a Porsche

A bird’s eye view of the proposed shared pathway between Ngauranga and Petone.

The Ngauranga-to-Petone section shared cycleway, is expected to cost between $76 million and $94million dollars. It will be used by a very small number of people as that is the reality for cycleways all over New Zealand.

If we were to divide the cost by the number of people who will use it over the next ten years I am sure that it would work out much cheaper in the long run if the Wellington council simply bought each cyclist a Porsche.

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Face of the day

Doctor who faces inquiry for asking a Muslim to lift her veil says he will quit after 23 years as a GP due to the ‘major injustice’ of the investigation
  • Dr Keith Wolverson was unable to hear the woman talk because of her niqab
  • He was working at the walk-in centre at Royal Stoke University in Stoke-on-Trent
  • The woman said she felt ‘victimised and racially discriminated’ by the doctor
  • Her husband declared he was making a complaint about the GP’s behaviour
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Trump asks Americans for help to counter Tech Censorship deniers

President Donald Trump points during a campaign rally Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018, in Estero, Fla. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)
AP Photo/Chris O’Meara

Liberals ( not classic liberals) in America say that you should ALWAYS believe the victims but it turns out that they are not so keen on supporting conservatives who have been victims of censorship and bias on social media. quote.

The White House is asking Americans to share their personal stories of censorship and bias on social media. […]

The appeal was announced on Wednesday and includes a tool to monitor Big Tech censorship. This is welcome news for conservatives and anyone concerned about the trend of censorship by the giant social media and search engine companies.

It’s proof positive that Donald Trump is very serious about stopping the suppression of conservative speech on social media, as he alluded to in a recent tweet, when he said, “Social Media & Fake News Media, together with their partner, the Democrat Party, have no idea the problems they are causing for themselves. VERY UNFAIR!” end quote.

I love it. A tool to monitor the censors. I love how Trump is turning the tables so that the hunters become the hunted. quote.

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Face of the day

Comedian Tim Batt promoted the new domain he bought on Twitter:

Brian and Hannah Tamaki’s new political party – Coalition New Zealand – will have to find a new domain name.
Kiwi comedian Tim Batt swooped in quickly on Thursday and bought the page.
“Guess who purchased,” he tweeted.

Batt told Stuff, once he saw news of the Tamakis new political party, he jumped at the opportunity to buy the domain name in a bid to “defend the cool position our country is in at the moment”.


ACT wants you to support freedom of speech

Cartoon credit: SonovaMin

Ruwan Premathilaka
ACT New Zealand President

This week, the full spectrum of the establishment has attacked David for standing up for freedom of speech.  As the President of the Party, I’m calling on you to rally behind ACT.  I’m asking you to donate to the party, and attend ReACT, effectively the beginning of our 2020 campaign.

Everyone’s piled in.  The National Party’s position has been that being nice to people who threaten freedom of speech is more important than defending freedom of speech.

The Green Party and the media have tried to say it’s David fault that radical nutcases are threatening an MP because he said someone who wants speech regulated is a menace to freedom.

Yesterday morning, the Speaker of Parliament piled in, calling Seymour a bully.  The Speaker is supposed to be Parliament’s neutral referee.

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