The PM’s Strange Aussie Trip

The first thing strange about Jacinda Ardern’s trip was that she flew to Australia in an Air Force plane instead of taking a commercial flight.

We were told it was because in her opinion it was more economical and left a better carbon footprint. Apparently, it had nothing to do with the fact that she had invited the media along for the ride so that they could give her a glowing report card or with the fact that she needed a fast turn around so she could get home quickly to her baby daughter.

The second strange thing about her trip was that on her arrival she was warmly met on the tarmac, not by the Aussie PM, but by the woman she ousted from the deputy leader’s role back in 2017, who now is one of her closest advisors, New Zealand High Commissioner to Australia Dame Annette King.

New Zealand High Commissioner to Australia Dame Annette King meets PM Jacinda Ardern on the tarmac in Melbourne. Photo / Jason Walls
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Turns out Climate Change is Man-Made Afterall

Journalist Simon Wilson has finally found out who is responsible for New Zealand’s Climate Change Emergency.

  • No, it is not India or China 
  • No, it is not fossil fuel
  • No, it is not oil or gas
  • No, it is not cars and cows 
  • No, it is not plastic and rubbish.
  • No, it is not even CO2

But it is man-made…

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Things that Make Me Go Hmm

Remember the survey Stuff ran about Climate Change?
The results are out. Nothing to write home about but this is what the Editor has said about providing balanced reporting.

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Things that Make Me Go Hmm

Another Green MP at war.

The Good Guys will Return their Guns, the Bad Guys Won’t

Interviewer Ryan Bridge asks Samara McPhedron from Griffith University in Australia if the Gun buyback is money well spent.

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Audio: Judith Collins on the polls

Judith Collins on KiwiBuild and the polls as well as internal polling. At just after the 4min mark she makes a comment about “keeping our heads down and getting on with the job and not getting all excited about ourselves”. She talks a lot of sense.

Pop up poll: What’s worse?

Tweet of the day

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Whaleoil pop-up poll

Audio: Hosking interviews Winston Peters

Mike Hosking.
Part one starts at 7.25
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