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Giving thanks for our small country?s revolution.

[...] The most common complaint on the right, however, is about John Key. If only he had possessed the grit and determination of the big reformers: Roger Douglas, Richardson, Brash; just imagine what he might have achieved . . .

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ANZAC Day the latest target of shameless cultural warriors

Australia has long been a markedly secular nation. Although Judeo-Christian values are the substrate of our culture, Australians have always been suspicious of overt religiosity. Our Protestant foundations have meant that Australian culture regards religion as strictly a matter of private observance. In such a secular culture even the great Christian festivals such as Easter and Christmas are as much holidays as they are holy days.

But over the past century one day of the year has become as close as this secular country has to a national holy day. Naturally, in their rage against the West, the Cultural . . .

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Religion, beauty & eternity

Something in the New Zealand psyche is undergoing a current transformation that cannot be denied. It is as if we have awoken from our naive, youthful reverie of only dreaming about the possible, to be confronted by the glare of grown-up reality; the unrecognisable road that our country is being led down . . .

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Sadder than fiction, Notre Dame Burns

Though an investigation into the fire of Notre Dame is about to be launched, it would almost be an exercise in naivety at this stage to not see a connection to these other unholy desecrations. But will the French media be truthful . . .

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Animals are not the best people Pt 2: Meat is not murder

The basic untenability of the argument is easily demonstrated with a practical example: the so-called ?liferaft argument?. Five survivors, all of approximately equal size and weight, need to use a liferaft. But the raft can only hold four. One of the five is a dog. Who should be jettisoned . . .

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Question 1: Can the Greens be saved? Question 2: Should the Greens be saved?

[...] Media reports of these events have inflicted severe injury to the Green brand. Injury of which Davidson seems utterly oblivious [...] few in the Green Party possess either the inclination, or the stomach, to challenge the ideologies rapidly driving the Greens towards electoral extinction . . .

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Animals are not the best people Pt 1: In defence of meat

In the carnivore corner, meat-eaters often argue that animals eat other animals, therefore it is only natural that humans eat animals too. This, however, is what is known as the ?naturalistic fallacy?. Just because something is natural, does not make it morally desirable: animals rape, torture and murder each other, too. What animals do to each other is hardly a reliable moral guide . . .

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The Right-Wing of NZ needs courage

Cartoon by Bill Leak.

Chris Trotter?s latest piece for Incite, Fixing What?s been Broken, raised an important point which has also been occupying my own
mind in the last few weeks.

Chris wrote:

An effective defence of liberal democratic values requires at least one of two crucial qualities. The first is gravitas. A leader able to project wisdom and serious intent is an invaluable asset to any conservative party. If that same leader is also able to convey a sense of hidden strength ? menace even ? then so much the better. Is National?s current leader in possession of either of these qualities? Does Simon Bridges possess gravitas and/or menace? Not really, but then, does anyone in the present National caucus possess them?

Obviously, the answer is a resounding ?no.? The entire National caucus is devoid of any members possessing gravitas and/or menace. Another word for menace might be 'aggressiveness'. Defending a democracy from the insidious freedom-crushers, who are currently seeking to restrict freedom of expression in a frankly totalitarian way, requires an opposition leader to fight back with full-throated, aggressive conviction. Alas, there is no such opposition leader, not even among the minor right-wing parties, such as ACT or even the New Conservatives. The elusive One New Zealand Party doesn?t even have an operational website.

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Fixing what’s been broken

[...] For conservative Kiwis, however, the inclusion of an Islamic blessing in the liturgy of Anzac Day (in many important respects this increasingly secular nation?s sole remaining ?holy? day) represents the last straw . . .

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Leftist sisters are doing it just for themselves

?When Gladys Berejiklian won a stunning victory in the recent New South Wales state election, you might assume that feminists would be ecstatic. Think again. The reaction across the feminist-left spectrum was near-universal disappointment and disdain.
While feminists and leftists champion female quotas as supposedly empowering women, the reality is that quotas are creatures of the left, through and through. Their agenda has much less to do with advancing women than it does for bludgeoning politics with a leftist agenda. This has nothing to do with equality and everything to do with power.
The ?sisterhood? is not about . . .