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Jacinda Stops Media Talking About Ihumatao

Oh dear. You know you are in trouble when your office tries to shut down the media, who are asking perfectly legitimate questions about an issue that is currently at the forefront of the news.

Jacinda Ardern has personally tried to prevent media from asking about the Ihumatao dispute while on a charm offensive in the Pacific.

Her staff threatened journalists with restricted access to the PM if they did, forcing her Beehive team to intervene from Wellington. 

This is as bad as it is ever going to get. The most ‘open and transparent government’ has turned the dogs on the media for asking legitimate questions about the Ihumatao affair, which is currently a hot topic in this country.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I cannot recall a similar incident with any prime minister in living memory. This sort of thing is a death knell to her popularity. And Jacinda’s popularity has just seen a 4% drop in the latest One News poll.

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Faces of the Day

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Ardern Still in Training

By John

Two good articles have appeared this week: Fran O’Sullivan in the Weekend Herald criticising the leader of the Labour party and Matthew Hooton doing the same to the leader of the National party. Neither could be termed complimentary. Far from it.

Let’s look at Fran’s. The headline: Ardern still leaning on training wheels gives a good idea of the direction the article is going to take. Knowing the time it took her to learn how to wrap fish and chips, learning on a cabbage, are we surprised?

Fran first refers to her interview with Jack Tame. To avoid chronic indigestion, knowing who the participants were, I deliberately missed the occasion. According to Fran, Jacinda told Jack she wasn’t able to get the CGT over the line because NZF wouldn’t agree. Fran rightly points out that a more experienced political leader would not have allowed themselves to be boxed into such a corner in the first place. In effect, Winston boxed her ears. Don’t try that again. As noted by Fran she then threw in the towel. She effectively picked up her ball and ran away. Something she has become noted for. Ihumatao and her run to Daddy in Tokelau having signalled possibly a very dangerous precedent when it comes to private property rights.  

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Jacinda Is on Another Jaunt

Jacinda is off to Tokelau this weekend.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will visit Tokelau this weekend.

It’s the first trip to the territory by a prime minister since Helen Clark in 2004 and comes as part of the government’s Pacific Reset strategy.
Announcing details of the trip on Monday, Ms Ardern acknowledged 15 years was a long time.
“Tokelau’s remoteness and perhaps difficulty in accessing it has meant that it’s not had the attention that it deserves. Particularly as it is at significant risk of devastating impacts linked to climate change.”

Jacinda Ardern said she will visit Tokelau’s three atolls and discuss priorities on climate change, health, education and culture.
She will be there until 1 August.


It sounds like a bit of overkill for a tiny, remote island in the Pacific. It may be a long time since anyone has visited, but surely that is because there is little reason to visit, right?

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Is Poverty in NZ Worse?

Jack Tame questions Jacinda Ardern on poverty in New Zealand.

The Government Protests Against Itself…

Protests continue at the long-disputed Ihumatao construction site in Auckland, and protesters are calling in reinforcements from around the country.

SOUL (Save Our Unique Landscape) spokeswoman Pania Newton told the crowd at Ihumatao on Wednesday evening that more people would be arriving the next morning.

Buses would be coming from Hokianga, Taranaki and Wellington, she said.

The group, which had been occupying the land in Mangere for the past three years, were served with an eviction notice on Tuesday, superintendent Jill Rogers said.

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A Gun Register Won’t Stop Theft or Anything Else

In response to criticism from law-abiding gun owners of the CoL’s latest brain fart of creating a National Gun register, the PM has changed tack.

“Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says a proposed gun register isn’t about law-abiding firearms owners, but rather the people who steal them.”

This woman is a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic. The Gun register isn’t about law-abiding gun owners? Really? So how does that work then? The criminals are going to register their illegal guns onto the National register, are they?

“But Ardern said it’s important to make a distinction that the reforms aren’t about cracking down on “law-abiding” firearms users.“Nine percent of crime committed with firearms are committed by licenced firearm holders so there are still a few, but by and large they are law-abiding.“However, it doesn’t stop their guns being stolen, potentially if they’re not held and secured properly and then entering into the black market.“So this does give us a bit more information and help us track those weapons.

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Neve has a Strong Will

It is getting really silly now. Last week, I wrote about Hilary Barry’s sycophantic interview with Jacinda, shown on air last Wednesday evening, and then regurgitated on the TVNZ website. Tracy Watkins was the next through the door at Jacinda’s place, producing an article last Thursday… and then another on Sunday, based on the same interview. All these articles still cover Jacinda’s pregnancy, the fact that she is only the second premier to have a baby while in office, and also how cute baby Neve is.

I’m sure she’s cute. Babies often are. But why is it that all the media can do to raise Jacinda’s profile is to talk about the baby? Could it be because there is nothing good to say about Jacinda’s premiership at all?

Here is the latest, from Stuff on Monday

There’s not a parent on earth who doesn’t blame their child’s more “challenging” traits on the other parent – and it turns out that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is no different.

In an interview with Australian journalist Lisa Wilkinson from The Sunday Project, Ardern said one-year-old daughter Neve was “very strong willed”.
And in her trademark diplomatic way, while she took some of the “responsibility” for her daughter’s assertiveness, she also made sure dad Clarke Gayford, who is Neve’s main caregiver, was attributed – saying the personality trait was “a mix” of both her mum and dad.

Which is interesting, because some of us have seen the interview with Lisa Wilkinson, who was definitely not cute and cuddly with Jacinda, asking her some hard questions about her position on Australia’s policy of sending Kiwi criminals home.

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Simon Bridges Says They Should Lead by Example

Simon Bridges has said that the 135 electric vehicles that have been added to the government fleet since the Labour coalition took office is paltry and shows that it is failing to lead by example.

In real terms, the government itself has done nothing on electric vehicles since the election, except propose more taxes.

There are about 15,500 vehicles in the government’s fleet. Prior to the last election, National committed to a hard target of making one-third of them electric or hybrid vehicles by 2021, alongside our much bolder ambition of having 64,000 EVs in the country by then.

National believes electric vehicles are the future. Since our Electric Vehicles Programme launched in May 2016 the number of EVs on our roads has increased from 1406 to 14,867.

Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter has been quick to tell New Zealanders they need to go out and buy an electric vehicle to avoid paying the government’s car tax. But she clearly isn’t putting the screws on public servants.

Is Simon Bridges suggesting that the government should be pressuring its employees to do something that they clearly do not want to do?

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TVNZ Panel vs Elliot Ikilei

Watch Elliot Ikilei the deputy leader of the New Conservatives present his reasoned views on Trump while members of the condescending panel laugh at him and try to dismiss his views. It was very much three against one and Elliot held his own calmly and well.

It was fascinating to watch them change the subject by saying bizarre things like, well we can have two points of view yelling at each other, when no one was yelling and he was just making a valid point that they did not want to have to acknowledge or counter.

The line that really showed them up for the lefties they are was “That’s a brown man on the couch saying that.” In other words, brown men should all think alike and they don’t like it when a brown man won’t toe the party line. Brown men are supposed to be left-wing and are not supposed to leave the left-wing plantation. Why are they so obsessed with race? Could it be because they are the real racists? Elliot’s skin colour has nothing to do with his views but the panel want everything to be about race.

TVNZ panel on Alcohol and Trump vs Squad (Trump segment begins at 6.08)