Just Have a Cow, Man

If I was throwing a dinner party and had to choose between inviting a hardcore Amway enthusiast and a vegan, well, just sign me up for a fun evening learning how to earn extra income.

Amway are notorious for the cult-like evangelism of their members, whose persistence would shame a toddler dragging on your arm in the supermarket aisle and screaming for a Bertie Beetle. Vegans are even worse. Vegans seem to see everything as an opening to hold forth on the moral superiority of their cult. Their latest fixation is climate change, and the wholly fictitious notion that veganism is an absolute necessity if we are to avoid barbecuing the entire planet.

After years of failed global attempts to cut carbon emissions meaningfully, some activists are propagating the idea that everyone on the planet should go vegetarian or even vegan.

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Just When you Thought it Couldn’t get any Creepier

Self-identification, an idée fixe with trans activists, is the idea that anyone can legally change their sex on a whim. No surgery, no psychiatric evaluation: nothing but a simple form to fill in, and voilà, any man is legally a woman, with legally protected access to women’s spaces like change rooms, showers and shelters. Despite the more-than-obvious danger inherent in such a gross violation of women’s right to privacy, trans activists insist that it is unthinkable that perverts would weaponise such laws. Anyone saying anything to the contrary is hysterically denounced as a “transphobe”.

It’s just a pity that the perverts just keep falling out of the transgender tree. Drag queens with child sex convictions reading stories to young children, child drag queens dancing in gay bars for money and hanging out with convicted drug dealer/murderers, ought to have been enough. Then along comes Jonathan/“Jessica” “wax my balls” Yaniv.

Yaniv, a transgender person, has recently come under fire for a series of controversial human rights tribunal suits [they] have filed against 16 BC estheticians, alleging discrimination for refusing to provide services to Yaniv’s male genitals.

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Stuff Up of the Day

Today’s Stuff Up at Stuff shows that the left brain doesn’t know what the right brain is doing.

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Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence.

True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation.

George Washington

This piece of wisdom was brought to you by The Whale Meat Company.

Modelling Carbon Sinks: More Un-Settled Science

Whenever you’re being regaled with a climate alarmist’s latest hysterical claim that the entire planet is on the cusp of being roasted to a cinder, the most important thing to keep in mind is that they’re almost certainly not talking about the real world. Instead, their scaremongering is almost certainly based on projections and computer models. If any real-world data is allowed to intrude, it’s been “adjusted” to within an inch of its life.

Computer models are not the real world, any more than Google Earth is an actual place. Climate models are Matrix-like simulations… if the Matrix were a Donkey Kong style, 8-bit world of badly-rendered coloured blocks.

Climate models are in fact pretty lousy at simulating the real world. Which is why they have continually ‘run hot’, overestimating the amount of warming the world would actually see. Certainly, climate models are sophisticated computer simulations, but when it comes to sophistication, the real world knocks them out of the park. For instance, climate models still cannot accurately model what one might think is a pretty important factor: clouds. Recent analysis suggests that models underestimate the cooling effect of clouds.

Now another study argues that models are underestimating the effect of vegetation on carbon dioxide absorption – and hence, climate.

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Map of the Day: Maori Land Holdings.

Maori land holdings.

These maps illustrate the gradual alienation of M?ori land in the North Island. In 1860, M?ori still held onto most of their land, except for a few areas, particularly Wellington, Wairarapa, Hawke’s Bay and parts of Northland. The 1860s saw confiscations of huge areas by the government and large areas of land began to be lost through the effect of the Native Land Court. The period between 1890 and 1920 saw a boom in government land purchases, despite M?ori protests. By 1937, very little land was left in M?ori ownership.


The Left Need Imaginary Racism

In 2016, American documentary film-maker Ami Horowitz conducted an interesting experiment. First, he visited ultra-left-wing UC Berkeley and asked its white liberal passers-by about voter ID laws. All of them agreed that voter ID discriminated against black people, citing reasons that people on the streets of black Harlem agreed were at best ignorant, and at least a little bit racist.

Novelist Roger L. Simon goes even further.

Ninety percent of the racism in America today comes from the Democratic Party and the Left.

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This Baa Baa Que is for Ewe

The Whale Meat Company introduces the non-Halal BAA BAA QUE pack


Your choice of choice lamb. 

Butterflied lamb leg will become your favourite if it isn’t already – quick and easy to cook over a smokey BBQ or in the oven, a simple rub of oil rosemary and garlic makes it just magic. 

Speaking of casting spells, the lamb rumps will bewitch you with their cooking simplicity, on either the BBQ or in the oven and the result, medium rare lamb sliced will weave its spell on your diners.

To get these lamb treats as well as tasty lamb chops and lamb mince, check out our Baa Baa Que.

The Baa Baa Que contains:

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Why Bridges Gets No Traction on Jacinda

Simon Bridges is constantly criticised for his accent, for being boring, for failing to have any public appeal, and for failing to hold a poorly performing government to account. Many of those criticisms are justified. But there is a reason why he can’t get any hits on the prime minister. It’s because, as soon as he tries, Labour pulls out the gender card.

National Party leader Simon Bridges this morning went on the attack, calling Jacinda Ardern a “part-time Prime Minister” for getting involved in the Ihumatao land dispute just before leaving for Tokelau.

Ardern departed for Tokelau on Saturday, the first Kiwi Prime Minister to visit in 15 years, and is expected to return on Thursday.

The day before she left she brokered an agreement for Fletcher Building to put its planned property development – planned in conjunction with Te Kawerau a Maki – on hold while a solution is sought.

Bridges attacked Ardern’s trip to Tokelau this morning, saying that she could have traveled there during the recent three-week parliamentary recess.
“I’m not saying no ifs no buts people shouldn’t be going to Tokelau or the Chathams or other Pacific Islands. Of course there’s a role for that, but right now, when she’s just had a three-week recess, when she’s got so many issues at home that everyday New Zealanders are focused on?”
Bridges said that Ardern had escalated the dispute at Ihumatao by stepping in.
“She’s put herself right in it and where is she? She’s gone on a trip for days to Tokelau.

All fair comment by Bridges. We say these things on this blog all the time. We also give him a hard time when he fails to get any hits on the government when there are so many things he could be criticising them for.

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Oral Questions: 31 July 2019

Questions to Ministers

1.Hon SIMON BRIDGES to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by all his Government’s statements, policies, and actions?

2.Dr DUNCAN WEBB to the Minister of Finance: What recent reports has he seen on the New Zealand economy?

3.MARK PATTERSON to the Associate Minister of Education: What recent announcement has she made about support for children and young people with learning needs?

4.Hon PAUL GOLDSMITH to the Minister of Finance: Does he stand by all of the Government’s statements, policies, and actions in relation to the economy?

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