The Whale Meat BIG Bacon

The Whale Meat Big Bacon

Bacon, ONLY bacon, with bacon.

So what is Whale Meat Company bacon really like?

Whale Meat Company customer photo

But wait…there’s more…

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View from your window

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Where do you think today’s photo was taken?

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Please put View From My Window in the subject line

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Bad jokes, death threats & political violence

Whaleoil music quiz: Popular music

A sweet piece of advocacy posing as journalism

Blogger Eric Crampton is cancelling his NZ Herald subscription and he has written a blog post explaining what motivated him to do so. One particular Herald article has left a bad taste in his mouth and the NZ Herald will have to change their ways if they want to sweeten him up and regain his support.

Herald on sugar

Kudos to Boyd Swinburn and the usual anti-sugar folks for getting this wonderful piece of advocacy published in the Herald as journalism rather than advertorial or op-ed. I’m cancelling my subscription to the Herald and asking for a refund of the balance of my annual subscription fee, but that’s a bit beside the point. Swinburn et al have done a great job here with cheer-leading reporter Luke Kirkness.

Here we go.
“I’ve finished pulling teeth today, my right hand’s actually sore I pulled out so many.”

Those are the harrowing words of New Zealand dentist Dr Rob Beaglehole who is urging the Government to take action and tax sugary drinks.

The problem is so extreme more than $20 million is spent each year anaesthetising Kiwi children so they can undergo tooth removals as a consequence of consuming sugary drinks.

And today, a petition has been launched in an effort to convince the Government to introduce a tax on sugary drinks.

But the current Labour-led Government and Health Minister Dr David Clark have no plans for such a tax.

Excellent heroic-dentist versus uncaring-government framing.

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What’s sexual harassment and what’s fun and games?

Politically incorrect joke Image Credit

I remember a good few years ago my dad warned me about a local character with a powerful libido. This chap liked to hide in the garden hoping to catch a glimpse, through the bedroom window, of a woman disrobing. If he did, and thought the woman suitably attractive, he’d knock on the front door and suggest a sexual liaison.

This was when my family lived overseas and before the days of political correctness. The chap in question was a well-known local who would happily take “no” for an answer and politely bugger off to try his luck elsewhere.  Apparently, he’d been doing this for years with no untoward effects on the community.

These days he’d be hanged, drawn and quartered, or dumped in prison. Dad laughed it off as a bit of harmless fun and a funny story about local customs – along with a caution to close the curtains when changing.

My point is that attitudes change. Prudishness is now the norm, which is why we get light relief from Whaleoil’s Monday night Comedy Corner jokes guaranteed to offend.

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Acting to protect Free speech

Beth Houlbrooke
ACT Deputy Leader / Vice President


The number of people losing their minds left, right and centre this week about David’s free speech comments has shown precisely why trying to define hate speech is completely subjective, impossible to define, and impractical to enforce. Any attempt to do so sets us down a very dangerous path towards total control of the expression of individual values, philosophy, religious beliefs, cultural practices, and ultimately, criticism of the government.
Jacinda Adern said, “you know it when you see it”. I believe we won’t know what we’ve lost until it’s gone. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance, and we need more people to be vigilant and outspoken on this fundamentally important freedom. You can help with this by joining or supporting ACT, donating to the cause, and coming along to our ReACT event on Sunday, 16 June, and spreading the word.
Shame on Newshub for publishing such clickbait. A dreadfully misleading and menacing headline designed to trick the reader into believing correlation equals causation.
This is the same news publication that stifles commentary and has refused to publish a right-of-reply for David. Fortunately, we have friends. David Farrar’s Kiwiblog published David’s response to the accusations this week. quote.

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Gossip from the conference

The National party had their Auckland Regional conference this weekend. Quite a bit of gossip flowed through to the tipline overnight, which is unusual in and of itself.

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How I beat the Black dog

I have long suffered from depression. It is, as has been said, a Black Dog that sits on your shoulder and whispers in your ear. It is sneaky, cunning and always manages to say all the things guaranteed to make you feel hopeless, helpless and horribly alone.

I have found that my time with the Black Dog is becoming less these days. Long may it last.

Some weeks ago, I wrote an article about gout and the agony that it brings. I know that, when it hits, I am in for a hell of a rough week or so. Unable to walk, sleep or leave the house….. going to the bathroom is a mammoth journey of sheer willpower and desperation.  When I got hit by the gout those weeks ago, I used two weapons in my arsenal: humour and writing about it.

SB wrote about it. That is a good start.

Sometimes, the old saying “ a problem shared is a problem halved “ does make a massive difference. Now it is time to bring in the BIG GUN.


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Climate panic

The above photo was taken at 5.16 pm on Friday 24 May 2019 from the western hills of Lower Hutt, looking towards Wellington Harbour. It was a calm late autumn evening and you will notice that the trees and fronds are surprisingly upright for a Wellington day. It has been less windy recently than usual in the capital, but then again, it often is less windy at this time of year. Don’t worry, the howling southerlies will make their presence felt when winter takes hold, which will be very soon.

No, this is not ‘View from your Window’. This photo was taken on the day that students and politicians were screaming about climate emergencies and how ‘we are not doing enough’. Yet, look at that photo again. What is there in that photo that we need to declare an emergency about?

Nelson and Canterbury have declared climate emergencies and it is rumoured, although not yet confirmed, that both Auckland and Wellington are about to do the same.

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