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?Vineyard hats… as requested

This is a run for Vinehard hats. ?Two styles: Fedora and Spanish. ?Priced at a painful?$59 each (but it does include?New Zealand delivery), they come in two sizes each (S/M-58cm and L/XL-61cm)

This item will not be stocked. ?These are ‘manufactured’?after all your orders are placed. ?Ordering is now open and will close February?Friday 27th. ?After that, any orders will not be taken for this item. ? If you want this item?after Friday?the 27th, you’ll miss out.

There is no guarantee that we will ever run the same special again. ?Even if we run another one, it will most likely not be this style. ?It’s now, or never.

How to get one, or more

Please use the order form below. ?Provide all the details requested. ?To keep things simple and affordable, the only way to pay is via bank deposit. ?If you do not use on-line banking, you will need to make a deposit at a bank branch.

For this to go smoothly, we need your help. ?Please make sure you pay the correct amount. ?If you order more than one, please multiply the amount of hats?by $59 and pay that amount. ?Finally, the REFERENCE you enter into the form must match the REFERENCE you enter with your payment. ?If you do not do this, we can’t match your order to your payment, and you will not get sent your order.

Pay into?12-3165-0203993-00 and try to make the reference unique to you, so don’t use “John”, as there will be more than one John. ?In such cases, perhaps use John8923 where the numbers are the last four digits of your phone number (just a suggestion – you do your own thing). ? As long as we can find your correct?payment, you’ll get your shirt. ?If we can’t, you won’t. ?(I can’t make it any clearer than that!)


There are two styles. ? This style is the Fedora



and this is the Madrid




Each will come with a BLACK band, with white lettering/logo. ? The band will NOT be cimped on the Fedora, it will run around straight.

Here is a very bad Photoshop, but it’s the best I am capable of! ?(If readers with better skills would like to make better mock-ups, please feel free)


At least it gives the idea.



Please expect 15-20 business days for delivery after ordering closes. They take up to two weeks to be created, and then there is getting them shipped and the time it takes for them to make their way to you. If there is any urgency about getting one, then please don’t order. We will do our best to reduce all delays, but the biggest wait is for them to be printed.

Thanks for your support
– Pete and the Whaleoil Merchandising Crew


Ordering more than one

Please complete the order form for each individual item. Use the same reference, and then pay the total once.


About the price

Getting a hat to you isn’t as cheap as shipping a T-Shirt. We will not be making a lot of money out of this particular item, and are running it only because it was requested. Please, if you wanted this item, don’t let us down by not ordering it now – a lot of work has gone into getting it all sorted. Thanks!