1080 opponents have pesky facts on their side

Bill Wallace, leader of the Ban 1080 political party, who made a submission, said the consultation process was a farce.

“They tell you what they’re going to do, there’s never been consultation.

“We’ve been using it for 64 years and not a single native bird has actually increased in numbers in that 64 years – in fact we should call it streamlining the extinction of kea,” he said.

Mr Wallace said 1080 was a cop-out approach to conservation and self-setting traps would do a better job.

He was also uneasy about the lack of independent oversight when it came to discussions about 1080.

The problem is that for the majority of our rugged landscapes, 1080 is the best worst tool we have. ?But as we’ve seen, claims that it only kills target species is… specious. ? Read more »


Can someone please put Nick Smith on a leash?

1080 is controversial. ?Like democracy, it’s broken, but it’s the best we’ve got. ?So to get anywhere near it in an election year is … like so many other things Nick Smith has done last week.

The government is set to introduce new regulations around the use of poisons like 1080.

Currently it is up to regional councils to set rules for the use of 1080 and other poisons in their region.

But now the government will set rules to apply throughout the country, rather than having different rules within each regional council.

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Should DOC really be carpet bombing Taranaki with 1080?

The Department of Conservation is about to start carpet bombing Taranaki with 1080:

The Department of Conservation plans to carry out a 1080 poison drop in Egmont National Park in the next few weeks.

The drop will be co-ordinated with the efforts of a local trapper who has a permit to trap possums in the Kaitake Ranges in the park.

DOC said it was hoping the aerial operation, together with the trapper’s work, will avoid the need for another aerial drop planned in the ranges in several years.

The department said it was keen to work with community groups to help control introduced pests.

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1080 blackmailer gets nearly nine years in prison

The greedy bastard who wanted to blackmail Fonterra to promote his own poison business has today been sentenced to nearly nine years in prison.

1080 blackmailer Jeremy Kerr will spend eight?years and six months behind bars after?his blackmail attempts?cost businesses and the Government $37 million.

The 60-year-old had the country on high alert in 2014 after he posted two letters to Fonterra and Federated Farmers threatening to contaminate baby formula milk powder with 1080 poison, unless the Government agreed to stop using it by March 2015.

It was revealed on Wednesday that Kerr’s blackmail attempts had cost Fonterra, Federated Farmers, Foodstuffs, police, the Government and other dairy companies?$37?million in investigation and increased security.

The substantial loss prompted the Crown to ask Justice Geoffrey Venning to consider the top end of the?maximum penalty possible -?14 years imprisonment. ?? Read more »


1080 man’s lawyer: aww your Honour, he’s mentally ill and stupid

I guess lawyers have to use whatever floats when they are being pulled under by their client, but these sorts of arguments make me wild:

Kerr’s lawyer, John Billington, QC, said Kerr’s actions were “wholly irrational” and could not be explained in normal way such as financial motivation.

“It was not the primary driver for what was an act of incredible stupidity and irrationality,” he said.

The Crown alleges Kerr had been getting royalties from sales of a cyanide-based 1080 alternative product he developed, Feratox, and wanted 1080 banned to increase the falling sales of Feratox.

But forensic accountant Shane Hussey told the court Kerr had plenty of ways to get more money – such as cutting spending in his company – to reduce any financial worries.

“If he felt stressed, he might have done any of those things. The fact he didn’t do any of those things might mean he wasn’t stressed,” he said. … Read more »


Name suppression dropped on Jeremy Hamish Kerr – the 1080 guy


Todd Niall / via RNZ

An Auckland businessman who threatened to contaminate infant milk formula with 1080 has rejected the Crown’s argument that he did it for money.

Name suppression has lapsed for Jeremy Hamish Kerr, who has admitted two charges of attempted blackmail relating to threats in November 2014 but disputes the Crown’s version of why he did it.

Crown prosecutor Christine Gordon QC said the blackmail letters to Fonterra and Federated Farmers were motivated by financial gain.

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Domestic 1080 terrorist pleads guilty, but we are not allowed to know who he is

via 3 News

via 3 News

The Auckland businessman who threatened to poison infant formula with 1080 has admitted two charges of blackmail.

The 60-year-old appeared in the High Court at Auckland today, and has continued name suppression.

He was arrested earlier this month following an 11-month, $3 million investigation into two anonymous letters sent to Fonterra and Federated Farmers in November last year. Read more »

DOC admits to substantial 1080 by-kill

Source/ Facebook

Source/ Facebook

Simply put, DOC rationalise continued 1080 use on the basis that it kills more pests than it does non-target species, and the resulting environment then encourages those species to recover ‘faster’.

New Zealand’s biggest pest poisoning programme killed 95 per cent of the rats it went after and more evidence shows forests are better off after 1080 drops, scientists say.

The New Zealand Ecological Society 2015 Conference is being held at the University of Canterbury this week and one focus is on the use and effects of 1080, or sodium fluoroacetate.

The toxin has been widely used for pest control in New Zealand since the 1950s – possums are a target because they spread tuberculosis – but critics say it kills more than just pests.

Last year the Department of Conservation carried out its largest poisoning operation, largely 1080 drops over 680,000 hectares, in response to a one-in-15-year beech mast season which would have fuelled a pest population explosion. Read more »


Still looking for the holy grail to replace 1080

1080 poison kills everything, including the birds it is supposed to protect.

The dirty little secret of 1080, that the government refuses to acknowledge is that the Department of Conservation is addicted to the stuff because it is so effective at killing everything. DOC doesn’t care about a few birds so longs as deer, goats, and every other four legged creature is killed…oh including possums which are actually the target species.

Researchers looking for a natural and indigenous replacement for 1080 say it is difficult to come up with a more effective pest-killer.

After an initial shortlist of six plants, a five-year programme focused on the toxin tutin, from the tutu plant, which is known to have poisoned people and killed livestock.

But the results have shown it is not as effective on rats as 1080. ?? Read more »

Let?s be brutal: it?s probably the 1080 that?s killing 2% of Kiwis every year

There is a fair to even chance that 1080, is killing Kiwi, it sure as hell kills other bird life.

The Conservation Minister says three kiwi projects will receive new funding.

$226,000 will be spent on the projects aimed at helping Kiwi thrive in the wild, Maggie Barry said.

The money from the Community Conservation Partnerships Fund would go to projects in the West Coast, Northland and the Coromandel Peninsula.

“Our national bird is declining in the wild by 2 per cent a year, with only around 70,000 birds left in isolated, fragmented populations,” Ms Barry said. ? Read more »