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Floyd Mayweather appeared in a cold open sketch on The Late Late Show, with host James Corden. Photo: CBS


Floyd Mayweather has a disturbing history of domestic violence

You can?t criticize Donald Trump in one breath and cajole a serial domestic abuser in the next.

Last Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel dedicated his opening monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live!?to President Donald Trump,?calling out the commander-in-chief?for his appalling defence of the Charlottesville neo-Nazis and pleading with Trump voters to admit they were wrong. It was a fairly de rigueur performance when it comes to this new wave of politically conscious late-night hosts?a choir of voices that pride themselves on calling out social and political injustices.

And then, mere minutes after giving Trump a vicious tongue-lashing, Kimmel welcomed that night?s big guest: Floyd ?Money? Mayweather, the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world. The undefeated (49-0) champion is currently making the rounds to promote his August 26 bout against UFC fighter Conor McGregor, an event that?critics have labelled a shameless money grab.

Kimmel lightly ribbed Mayweather about his reputation for throwing around absurd sums of money (Mayweather confessed to once owning a Brink?s truck to haul all his cash) and, during a particularly cringe-inducing exchange, couldn?t contain his giggles while questioning why Mayweather doesn?t receive lap dances from the entertainers at his strip club.

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A plastic sheet, padded sides and mounted on wheels: The ‘rape bed’ pervert polygamist Warren Jeffs ordered to be made for his compound. Warren Jeffs gave specific instructions on his bed, saying that it should be padded and long enough to hold him and there should be a plastic cover on the mattress to ‘protect from what will happen.’

?Heavenly Sessions?

The largest polygamist community in America is run by a madman in jail?

Warren Jeffs” is the fundamentalist Mormon leader who spent more than a year on the FBI?s ?10 Most Wanted List? for unlawful flight on charges related to his alleged arrangement of illegal marriages involving underage girls. Jeffs, accused of being married to 78 women?24 of them under 17?is one of the most manipulative criminal masterminds of the decade.

Jeffs? rise to power happened after the death of his father, Rulon Jeffs. Within days of his father?s passing, Warren married all of his father?s wives and dictatorial control over his polygamist followers ensued. He demanded women in the sect be completely subservient to men, banned laughing, and ?reassigned? wives to other men at whim.

Jeffs was eventually charged as an accomplice to rape for arranging underage marriages but fled prosecution. After a year-long manhunt, he was finally apprehended in Texas and brought back to trial. The courtroom testimony of two brave young women who escaped his reign of terror ensured he would finally be convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Even to this day with their leader behind bars, members of his polygamist cult still believe that he is the prophet chosen by God himself.

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A contemporary French print of an English wife sale.


One of the Queen’s direct ancestors escaped from eight years of marriage to a “despicable rogue” who imprisoned and tortured her for her fortune

Tragedy made Mary Eleanor Bowes the richest child in Britain. Mary was one of the wealthiest women in Britain: an heiress worth ?1 million (over ?150 million in today?s money) and raised in a life of privilege.?Yet in the late 1700s, no amount of money or status could save her from the man described as Georgian Britain?s worst husband. At a time when women had no legal rights and were not even recognised as separate beings in marriage, divorce was taboo.

This tale set in the late 1700s of a wealthy, intelligent heiress tricked into marriage with one of the worst human beings who ever lived. “Wedlock” is truly the correct title as it evokes the image of being chained, locked, stuck in a marriage. Mary Eleanor has a loveless first marriage, but her marriage to Andrew Stoney (he takes her last name as stipulated in her very smart father’s will) is truly horrific. Stoney physically and mentally abuses Mary: punching, kicking, burning, starving, isolating, etc. And then there’s the fact that a woman had no legal protection from this sort of behaviour. It was a husband’s right to treat his wife as he chose.

When a woman married, she surrendered her wealth to her husband. And such was the legal system and social mores that a man could verbally and physically abuse his wife with impunity. For eight years, Mary endured just such a humiliating fate at the hands of her second husband, the vicious adulterer Andrew Robinson Stoney-Bowes.

With the death of her fabulously wealthy coal magnate father when she was just eleven, Mary Eleanor Bowes became the richest heiress in Britain. An ancestor of Queen Elizabeth II, Mary grew to be a highly educated young woman, winning acclaim as a playwright and botanist. Courted by a bevvy of eager suitors, at eighteen she married the handsome but aloof ninth Earl of Strathmore in a celebrated, if ultimately troubled, match that forged the Bowes Lyon name. Yet she stumbled headlong into scandal when, following her husband?s early death, a charming young army hero flattered his way into the merry widow?s bed.

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Linda Susan Boreman, more commonly referred to by her onetime stage name Linda Lovelace, was an American pornographic actress famous for her performance in the 1972 hardcore porn film Deep Throat.

The Harrowing Story of Linda?Lovelace

Before home computers, before the Internet, there was Linda Lovelace. For those who may have missed the 1970s, Lovelace starred in ?Deep Throat,? the first ?adult? film to receive mainstream distribution.

Typical porno flicks of the time were sleazy, hurriedly shot and poorly lit. ?Deep Throat? was comparatively better, and even had an unusual comic plot. Lovelace was unable to achieve satisfaction in the traditional matter because of ? how to put this? ? A physical anomaly. Without going into detail, consider the film?s name.

That was humorous, perhaps. But there was nothing funny about her real life. Lovelace later revealed that she was abused by her husband and forced not only to appear in this film but to perform acts of prostitution, as well.

Ask 100 people to name a porn film and its star and 99 of them will probably come up with Deep Throat and actress Linda Lovelace.

Released in 1972 Deep Throat was the first porn film to be shown in ordinary cinemas and played several times a day every day for 10 years at the Pussycat Cinema chain in America.

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Yeah, because violence and vandalism is ok if you are a road maggot


To anyone else this looks like an incident of road rage, vandalism and violence…but because it was a chick on a bike it is ok?

A female cyclist exacted her revenge on a catcaller in a van who pestered her at a junction by chasing after him and ripping off his wing mirror.

The incident in central London was caught by a GoPro camera attached to the helmet of a nearby moped rider.

As the trio of vehicles all stop at a red light on a junction with Tottenham Court Road, one of the men inside the van can be heard asking: ‘Alright, want my number?’ ? Read more »


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A photo from the movie. Angelina?s case has been turned into an award-winning independent film, Looking for Angelina.

A photo from the movie. Angelina?s case was?turned into an award-winning independent film, Looking for Angelina.

Angelina Napolitano

One of the most important murder trials in Canada. Angelina Napolitano murdered her husband with an axe and was sentenced to be executed…

Although it had sparked unprecedented worldwide media frenzy,?Angelina?s story was virtually unknown to the general public and was the first case in Canadian history to use the Battered Women’s Syndrome’ defense. Napolitano killed her husband on April 16, 1911 after claiming being abused by him for a long period of time.

Angelina Napolitano was a married immigrant woman who was in an abusive marriage. Angelina was subject to regular beatings from her husband and legal recourse in her situation was futile as the courts of the time tried their best not to involve themselves in the private lives of citizens. At this time, the generally accepted norm was that husbands could treat their wives as they seemed fit and occasionally ?correcting? them was not uncommon. However, even this common practice was taken to extremes when on one occasion Angelina?s husband, Pietro?Napolitano stabbed her nine times with a pocket knife. Angelina was a mother of four and pregnant with a fifth child when her husband started to force her into prostitution because of the family?s financial difficulties.?After many arguments over the matter, many of which were violent, Angelina killed her husband with an axe while he was sleeping.

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Alan Duff has had enough

Alan Duff always speaks plainly, this time he is speaking plainly on the blame game over Moko’s death.

Back in NZ – and only Auckland – last week it seems as if I never left France.

Except for one major difference, the negative first: a young Maori couple from Taupo convicted of torturing then killing a child under their care. And not one Maori leader stood up and said anything.

There’s an awful pattern here and if we keep staying silent then the pattern will keep repeating itself. Maoris are more in need of learning parenting skills than are non-Maoris and that applies to a lot of Pacific Island parents too.

No, it’s not racist. It’s a fact. Don’t go into the whys and wherefores. Just look at the kids murdered, beaten up, sexually abused.

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Newshub reporter blames Women?s Refuge, CYF, Tolley and Government for Moko?s death

Apparently it is everyone else’s problem except the ratbags who bashed him to death and his drop kick mother who was so hopeless she had her kids taken off her.

No, it is the fault of Women’s refuge, CYF, Anne Tolley and the government.

Baby Moko deserves accountability –?and that means the Women’s Refuge and Child Youth and Family (CYF) need to take some blame for his death.

Moko was beaten behind closed doors and these agencies were basically on the front door step.

We all know that the callous and vicious abusers are truly at fault and deserve everything the justice system can throw at them. What they did is truly inexplicable.

But at the same time, ‘the system’ is there to protect our children — and the system failed.

The agencies involved owe Moko — and New Zealand — an explanation of why they failed him.

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Maori whingers cry racism and ignore facts of child abuse


After Maori Television ran a balanced article about our cartoon (above) some fools have rushed off to the Human Rights Commission having a whinge that it was racist. The Human Rights Commission has issued a press statement but not bothered to inform me as the publisher of their investigation. Looks like another kangaroo court style approach.

The Human Rights Commission has confirmed it is dealing with a cartoon by BoomSlang published on the Whaleoil website through processes defined by the Human Rights Act.

?We are constrained in what we can say about the cartoon as we have received complaints and are considering our response in accordance with processes defined by the Human Rights Act,” said Human Rights Commission Chief Mediator, Pele Walker.

On top of that the Maori Party’s Marama Davidson?Fox is also having a whinge.

M?ori Party Co-leader Marama Fox says: “the recent publication by right wing blogger Cameron Slater of a severely racist cartoon is another strong example of why we need these important roles”.

“Using the issue of child abuse to convey racist commentary is both repulsive and hateful. Child abuse is a whole of population issue that affects people of all backgrounds,” she says.

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Photo Of The Day


Forever Young

Electra, Texas?1985

She was a pretty girl, thin, with a spray of pale freckles across her face and light brown hair that curled just above her shoulders. The librarian at the high school called her ?a quiet-type person,? the kind of student who yes-ma?amed and no-ma?amed her teachers. She played on the tennis team, practicing with an old wooden racket on a crack-lined court behind the school. In the afternoons she waitressed at the Whistle Stop, the local drive-in hamburger restaurant, jumping up on the running boards of the pickup trucks so she could hear better when the drivers placed their orders.

Her name was Treva Throneberry, and just about everybody in that two-stoplight North Texas oil town knew her by sight. She was never unhappy, people said. She never complained. She always greeted her customers with a shy smile, even when she had to walk out to their cars on winter days when the northers came whipping off the plains, swirling ribbons of dust down the street. During her breaks, she?d sit at a back table and read from her red Bible that zipped open and shut.

There were times, the townspeople would later say, when they did wonder about the girl. No one had actually seen her do anything that could be defined, really, as crazy. But people noticed that she would occasionally get a vacant look in her blue eyes. One day at school she drew a picture of a young girl standing under a leafless tree, her face blue, the sun black. One Sunday at the Pentecostal church she stumbled to the front altar, fell to her knees, and began telling Jesus that she didn?t deserve to live. And then there was that day when Treva?s young niece J?Lisha, who was staying at the Throneberry home, told people that Treva had shaken her awake the previous night and whispered that a man was outside their room with a gun?which turned out to be not true at all.

But surely, everyone in town said, all teenage girls go through phases. They get overly emotional every now and then. Treva was going to turn out just fine. She didn?t even drink or smoke cigarettes like some of the other girls in town.

Then, that December, just as the Electra High School Tigers were headed toward their first state football championship and the town was feeling a rare surge of pride, Treva, who was sixteen years old, stopped working at the Whistle Stop. She stopped coming to school. ?She disappeared,? a former classmate said. ?And nobody knew where she went.?

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