A Road Safety Initiative That Might Actually Work?

In Backchat on Saturday, Huia, one of our long time commenters, made some comments about her lovely day spent wandering about the sunny climes of the Coromandel. Part of that was the following observations and thoughts about motorcyclists.

Stopped off in Coromandel on the way back and it was humming, very busy. 
Headed home met several motor cyclists with a death wish, they seemed to be going for a track record by sitting on the white line leaning into our lane on corners. We were lucky (and so were they), no heads in helmets stuck on the truck anywhere which was good, because its a massive job to clean up when that happens.

Your wheels might be legal, but your head won’t care when you get clobbered.

Funny that Huia should make this observation just a couple of days after the ACC announced that they are instigating a new road safety initiative aimed at motorcyclists, in the form of a cashback allowance for riders who have completed their Ride Forever courses.

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Do you know who “Mr X” is? You might think you do, but you don’t


Even before?the Williams v Craig defamation trial, Mr Colin Craig outed himself as the mysterious “Mr X”. ?”Mr X” was “interviewed” by an “interviewer”. ?And it turns out Mr Craig also played the role of the interviewer.


Colin made up the interview from scraps of conversations he remembered having with other people, some of whom he’s named. ?Simon Lusk was one of them – even?mentioned in court by Mr Craig as one of the sources of inspiration for this Mr X “literary device” (fancy word for “making stuff up”). Read more »

Will the HBRC cut funding to the Dodgy Socialist Dam?

Chairman Fenton ?Jong-un? Wilson reckons the dodgy socialist dam can?t be stopped.

[T]he council?s acting chairman Fenton Wilson said regardless of how any new councillors viewed the project, there was little any new council body could do until the critical Supreme Court case now in play was resolved.

That concerned the land swap where 22ha of Department of Conservation land on the dam site was being exchanged for 170ha of private land.

The Court of Appeal overturned a decision allowing that to happen and DOC and the Hawke?s Bay Regional Investment Company were appealing against that decision in the Supreme Court.

An outcome of that decision was not expected until next year.

?The Supreme Court decision has a very wide-ranging impact, not only upon the dam project but for other DOC land swaps proposed around the country.

?That includes the relocation of Franz Joseph village due to natural hazards ? it can?t happen without approval on that land.?

Wilson dismissed any talk about the election result requiring a moratorium on the dam?s construction.

?The decision had already been made by the council and we have a large institutional investor waiting in the wings for the court case to be resolved. The dam had been dealt with prior to the election.?

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What is it with mid-life crisis and two wheels?

Mid-Lifecrisis mcc

If they don’t don the Lycra Force Field, they think that a few millimetres of cow hide will keep them safe.

Motorcycling’s million-dollar men have been revealed by ACC, and they’re not the young bikies you might expect.

The top five most expensive crash claims all involve middle-aged male riders, racking up a combined bill of around $5.6 million.

Fifty-three motorcyclists died on our roads last year — the highest number since 1998.

But for those bikers who survive a serious crash, the older you are, the more expensive you become.

“The largest?volume of claims we get are, in fact, [from] your 15- to 24-year-olds,” according to ACC’s Senior Injury Prevention Programme manager (motorcycles), Carey Griffiths.

“But the most costly claims are for the older riders because they’re on the open road, they’re going faster, they earn more so their compensation claims are higher.” Read more »


Dodgy Socialist Dam to be paid for by ACC?


via DOC

ACC has declined an Official Information Act request from RNZ News that sought information it held regarding its possible investment in the Hawke’s Bay dam.

It is understood ACC may invest in the dam, after cornerstone investors Trustpower and Ngai Tahu pulled out, saying the risks were too high and the rewards too low. Read more »


Watching the Media party and Labour scoff rats over Kiwibank is hilarious


The Media party and opposition politicians really don’t know what to say about the government’s announcement yesterday that Kiwibank was selling down 45% of Kiwibank to the Super Fund and ACC.

The fact that it was Sir Michael Cullen announcing it meant that rat-swallowing was the order of the day.

You see the left-wing have been telling us for years that the reason Bill English was able to steer us through the global financial crisis was because of the brilliant state of the books that Michael Cullen left them in.

They can’t hardly start attacking this scion of the left and hero of Clarkism now can they? ? Read more »

I’d say the dodgy socialist dam is poked

Things are not looking that good for the dodgy socialist dam in Hawkes Bay.

Regional ratepayers may get to have their say on whether or not they want to buy $43.1 million worth of water from the Ruataniwha water storage scheme.

In a meeting to be held next Wednesday, councillors will be asked whether or not they want to adopt the recommendation that the decision in principle to enter into a 35-year water user contract be open to a special consultative process through an amendment to council’s Long Term Plan 2015-2025.

This public consultation u-turn comes in the wake of advice sought by council from Audit New Zealand after a heated debate last month on whether or not the buy-in was significant under the authority’s Significance and Engagement Policy.

“Given the advice from the Audit Office it is recommended that council publicly consults on its ‘in principle’ decision through the Draft Annual Plan process.

“This paper recommends that council acknowledges the significance of the change to the levels of service and carries out public consultation as an amendment to the Long Term Plan 2015-2025.”

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Almost half a billion dollars to transform ACC. How much will it be when it’s done?

The Government has announced a revamp of ACC.

Work is underway on a $450 million programme to modernise and bring greater transparency to the Accident Compensation Corporation — after it lost public trust and was judged inefficient.

After Cabinet signed off on the overhaul late last year, the corporation today announced that the first stage of its mammoth transformation programme had kicked-off.

ACC Minister Nikki Kaye said the five-year work would transform the corporation — and New Zealanders’ interactions with it.

“Too much of ACC’s time and energy has been consumed on managing claims for relatively minor injuries.

“By freeing up staff to spend more time with people with complex injuries, ACC will be able to focus on those with the greatest needs.” ? Read more »


The entitle-itis is strong in this one

The Dunedin victim of a “horrific” mauling by three Irish wolfhounds has had another blow after learning she will not be compensated for lost income.

The woman was attacked about 6.30am on December 2, leaving her with injuries over much of her body.

The most serious was to her right leg, where little remained of her calf muscle.

Before the attack, the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, worked two part-time jobs to supplement her benefit income, but the injuries left her unable to work.

Thinking it would be a formality, she asked for compensation from ACC for lost income, but was shocked to learn they would not give her compensation on top of her benefit.

Instead, she was told by an ACC staff member it would take a dollar off her benefit for every dollar she received in compensation – which in her situation meant she would be no better off than if she received no compensation at all.

The entitlement is strong in that one! ?Plug her into the national grid and we’d all get lots of free energy. ? Read more »


Holidays are dangerous, can’t wait for the Greens to call for a ban on summer

Summer holidays are dangerous and full of injury.

I can’t wait for the Greens to suggest a ban on summer holidays.

Last year, it received 3554 claims for Christmas Day and 4037 claims for Boxing Day, totalling $5.4 million.

Figures obtained by RNZ show last year there were 154 claims for Christmas tree-related injuries, 30 accidents each relating to Christmas presents and Christmas lights and six ham-related injuries.

Ham-related injuries?

ACC spokeswoman Stephanie Melville said it was easy for people to get carried away at Christmas parades. With hordes of families, excited kids and lots of activity and merriment, it was easy for folk to be distracted by all the festive fun.

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