ad-free Whaleoil subscription

We have the Helmet, Gorget, Pauldron, Upper Vambrace, Breastplate, Cowter, Lower Vambrace and Gauntlets

Thanks to the wonderful Whale Army, subscriptions have provided Whaleoil with half the suit of armour we need to take on the MSM. In fact, we are already 17 subscriptions above 50% of the subscription goal we set ourselves for the year.

I don’t like to mess around and since we achieved 50% of our yearly goal three months early why don’t we complete the yearly goal three months early as well? My challenge to us all is to get the full suit of armour by September.

I promise that once we hit the yearly target I will stop doing promos for the rest of the year and any further increases can occur at a slower more relaxed pace because we will then have a solid base on which to continue to grow.

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An example of shameless self-promotion using a tactical kitten

Here at Whaleoil we have enlisted the help of a military kitten.

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Donald Trump’s video messages to Whaleoilers about Cam

Our good friend Donald Trump took time out of his very busy schedule to record a?couple of brief messages for Whaleoilers about Cam.

We all know that Donald Trump knows a winner when he sees one. In fact, he thinks you should sign up for a Whaleoil subscription today for the low, low price of ONLY $2.30 a week

It’s an investment in the future of New Zealand’s largest New Media company.

NO FAKE news on Whaleoil (apart from these videos LOL)

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Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Moderator speaking

Hi Folks.

It has been a long time since we have taken the opportunity to speak to you in a post, but it is probably necessary to just go over a few things. ?You can always read the rules, of course. ?Links to the rules are posted twice a day in General Debate and Backchat (7am and 6pm). ?We really are proactive in keeping them in front of you at all times.

Since the ad-free membership, some people feel that ad-free should also include some degree of amnesty from commenting mistakes, lighter moderation or even no moderation for those who are paying for the ad-free access service. Read more »

Want to join the Whaleoil chapter?


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The winner of the NZV8Hotlaps $299 voucher is…


Today I did the draw for the NZV8Hotlaps $299 voucher using an online random number generator.

I entered the total number of subscriptions we had achieved by the 11th of March and the generator randomly selected a number from within that range.

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LAST day to subscribe if you want to be in the draw to win a $299 NZ Hotlaps voucher

Today is your LAST chance to subscribe to Whaleoil if you want to be included in the draw for a $299 NZ Hotlaps voucher. Please help us to hit the half-way mark of the annual subscription goal we set ourselves?THREE months ahead of schedule.

Half a set of armour

We only need 19 more subs to achieve 50% of our yearly goal.

Some of you started the process but are stuck in no?man’s land. If your subscription wasn’t completed and is sitting in pending these are the steps to follow:

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Five reasons why you shouldn’t subscribe to Whaleoil

A subscription to Whaleoil isn’t for everyone.

You shouldn’t subscribe if……

  1. You have no need for speed and your idea of living life dangerously is bringing in the wheelie bin in your dressing gown and slippers.

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Just how frozen is Cam’s face?

Cam’s face is actually much better and he is having acupuncture to help unfreeze it after both a severe infection and Bells Palsy. When you watch Cam racing around the racetrack with Whaleoil sponsor?NZV8 Hotlaps you have to wonder if half his face is still frozen or if he has nerves of steel.

What Cam experienced is what is up for grabs in our subscription competition. Everyone who has subscribed by the 11th of March goes in the draw to win a $299 NZV8Hotlaps voucher.


Five reasons why a subscription to Whaleoil is a really good idea

1. Because it makes you a member of an exclusive club comprised of people of great discernment, intelligence, taste and good looks. We are a modest bunch who believe in free speech, democracy and the right to bear arms.

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