Charter School Investigation: Vanguard Military School – the students

Student comment on Vanguard Military school's facebook page.

Student comment on Vanguard Military school’s facebook page.

The students of Vanguard have strong feelings about their school. I will let their own words tell you just what they think of Vanguard Military School and whether or not it is a system that works for them.


Vanguard Military school students

Do you prefer this school to other schools you’ve been to?

If yes why? If no why not?

Yes because I actually learn things and I can excel in my subjects. It’s more disciplined and I like P.T

Yes, because it is strict which keeps your mind set in place.

Yes, because I want to join the forces and this school being a Military Prep School provides a great basis/foundation for my career in the near future.

A student from Vanguard Military School is accepted into the Navy. PHOTO-Vanguard Military school facebook page

An ex student from Vanguard Military School who has completed his basic training for the Navy. PHOTO-Vanguard Military school facebook page

Because I am doing so much better at this school and I feel like I kinda fit in here also I feel like people care if I’m passing and want to help me pass.

Yes because I am starting to be more responsible and getting taught more discipline.

Because it provides me with the discipline to succeed.

Yes because I am actually learning things and I feel like I have a purpose.

*NOTE Out of 23 responses not one student responded no.

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Charter School investigation: Vanguard Military School Part One

In my new series investigating Vanguard Military School, I once again ask the questions and report back the answers without spin. Today’s article is based on my interview with Vanguard chief executive, Nick Hyde.

Vanguard Military school’s impressive NCEA results were not included in the newspaper article.

Within ten minutes of arriving at Vanguard, I had been told the bad news and the good news.

The bad news:

The day before my interview with Nick, The Herald published Auckland schools’ NCEA results and left? Vanguard Military school off the table. Vanguard was the only school out of the approximately 80 schools in Auckland that was left off.

The good news:

Vanguard achieved a 96.2% pass rate at NCEA Level 1 and a 100% pass rate at NCEA Level 2.

Both these results are well above the average for secondary schools across the country and a result like that after only one year of operation is unarguably newsworthy. When the omission was brought to The Herald’s attention they told Nick that it was because they hadn’t been provided with a full set of data. Vanguard confirmed that NZQA who hold all the results had sent them to the Herald. The Herald then updated the table on line to include Vanguard’s results. It was of course far too late for the paper version which had omitted Vanguard’s results from its table.?

Our results put us at 11th in Auckland at level one and 1st equal at level 2. Many people out there in the public domain would have been very keen on seeing our school measured against other schools. I have harped on about trying to make Vanguard a top ten school in Auckland over a five year period. To be 11th after the first year in one area and first equal in another is totally outstanding.

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Albany Twister video

Various video from Albany of the tornado.



The Bullying Confirmed

The Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams can’t stand the heat that I am applying to him in Albany. I blogged the other day that he had laid a complaint with the Police and now he is trying to have me struck off as a candidate in Albany Ward.

North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams has laid a police complaint against Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater and wants him struck off as a super city council candidate for using his campaign to “stalk” him.

This is interesting. Andrew Williams wants to interefere with the democratic process in Albany because he is upset. That’s a little different from the comment he put on Facebook the other day.

Andrew Williams two-faced on democracy?

Andrew Williams two-faced on democracy?

So on September 17 a 05:40am Andrew Williams is for people giving it a go, and now facing increasing pressure in Albany Ward he wants to instruct the Returning Officer to have me struck from the ballot. This is all a bit like his stance on Whenuapai Airport when firstly he was for it, then at the last minute against it. The man can’t lie straight in bed.

Slater, who is running against Williams in the Albany ward, has labelled the mayor a “coward and a bully” and says police have told him they will not be pursuing the matter.

The Whaleoil blogger sees his opposition to Williams as a civic duty – “He doesn’t deserve to be a councillor. It’s a duty of every citizen to do what they can. I’m being a candidate to make sure he doesn’t get elected.”

Andrew Williams though, doesn’t like being held to account and he won’t front in person, preferring to keep his bullying online.

Early this morning he was abusing former Mayor of North Shore George Wood and his sister, rather rudely on George’s own Facebook page.

Andrew Williams abuses George Wood and his sister

Andrew Williams abuses George Wood and his sister

Andrew Williams is a coward and a bully. He sets the Police on to me because he can’t take the pressure. This man deserves to be hounded from office in disgrace. He also lies when he says to the reporter;

“He stands up at a meeting and says ‘I will not urinate on a tree, I will not use a credit card in a Takapuna bar, I will not send drunken texts’.”

“What he has put in his candidate profile is harassment. His whole campaign is focussed on attacking me.”

I have nt stood in public meetings and said that, I have stood in public meetings and offered?policies?and platforms that are different from everyone else. Those comments are from my candidate statement and they are promises which I can easily honour. At least Andrew Williams has read them and knows that I stand against his normal council practices. My candidate statement was checked with Dale Ofsoske and he changed only one word, he rang me to check that I was ok with that. It is a pity that Andrew Williams can’t act in a manner that is becoming of a mayor and public official with the same level of professionalism as Dale and his staff.

His bullying has now extended to arranging the dismissal of a person his?fantasist?paranoiac?mind think is running a conspiracy to get him. I have met Gary Holmes just 4 times and all have been at candidate meetings. Andrew Williams appears in very good company with other?fantasists?Simon Ewing-Jarvie and?Stephen?Wilce. He has admitted to meddling in the North Harbour Business Association, again in a late night ramble on a Facebook page.

Andrew Williams admits to meddling in NHBA affairs

Andrew Williams admits to meddling in NHBA affairs

The man is clearly feeling the pressure. Just the other night he was rambling to himself in the third person. As you can see in the space of just a few days he has abused beneficiaries, other candidates including Linda Cooper, now an ex-Mayors sister, essentially calling her ugly, and now he is calling me a nutter, clearly an inference to my battle with depression. Not only that he appears to have meddled in the affairs of a business association in order to get even with some one I am supposed to be working in collusion with. His paranoid delusions are very clearly affecting him, either that or the recycling bin is going to be very full outside one house in Campbells Bay.

I wonder if perhaps as part of his cosy deal with Len Brown to be Deputy Mayor he got some polling done by UMR in Albany and the results are not what he would have liked and so he is now attacking the two leading candidates with his nasty, spiteful bully-boy antics.

Well, the reason I stood was to stand up to the bully, and I won’t be cowed by his threats. There is a way to end his reign of terror on the North Shore and that is to Vote Slater for Albany to keep the Clown out.

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest

Andrew is unsure, well sort of, maybe

Fresh from his (now deleted) Facebook attack on me, Andrew Williams is somewhat confused as to who he will vote for. I actually confronted Andrew about his attitude towards people on benefits, but he ran and hid behind Penny Bright’s skirts. He said he didn’t want to talk to me. The man is a thorough coward, and a bully who won’t say to peoples faces what he sprays on the internet.

One way of reading this Facebook wall post is him announcing the combined ticket of Brown and Clown.

Andrew William is confused

Andrew William is confused

He’s only pretty sure he’ll vote for himself, well if he isn’t sure then the voters can’t have much confidence. He’s very impressed by what he has heard from himself….knock me down with a feather he is hearing voices in his head, surely not the man to be trusted with the kitty at the bowling club let alone a ward councilor seat. Nice to see Bewildered Andrew thinks he has one all the debates so far. Must be all that handwringing and obsessive compulsive behaviour he exhibits on stage that’s doing it.

On another note Len Brown and Andrew Williams were all nudge, nudge, wink, wink, back slappingly happy with each other last night at the North Harbour Business Association candidates meeting, they even left together almost arm in arm.

Brown’s speech was dreadful, he stood on stage and hid behind the lecturn which was almost as tall as him (short in other words) and then launched into a speech made up of UMR focus group weasel words. He told the gray haired audience that it was great to be speaking to youth in Albany, he spoke about how “we” have to get broadband and fibre to business to innovate, which I pointed out to the audience when it was my turn to speak that if Len actually knew Albany rather than ran Labour Party UMR focus grouped weasel words then he would have known that Albany Business Area has haf fibre to the premises since it was built, that was why Sky, Prime and 3 data centres were sitting less than 500 metres from us. Len Brown also got hammered on his position on Maori Wards. This was made even worse when two maori candidates stood up and said tokenism wasn’t the way to go, they were giving it a go, same as everyone else and that was all that was needed.

Colin Craig spoke well, if Banksie wasn’t standing I’d actually consider voting for him. As for the rest of the candidates, well, mediocrity, same old stuff as before. Tell you what voters if you keep voting for the people who have been there forever you will keep getting what you have always got.

Vote Slater for Albany, end the reign of bullies.

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest

Two more "other" people

Carol “Caropotamus” Beaumont and Darren “Private Dancer” Hughes have now clearly defined themselves as ?other people?. Now the Onehunga line is open we can expect to see Carol on the train rather than using a state paid taxi for transport into the city. It is only fair since she is such an advocate fro public transport.

Darren Hughes should be offered the opportunity to say how often he has used the train in the last year, or if he also believes that ?other people? should use public transport. Bet he is a frequent user of taxi chits for sure.

I see also that another advocate for “other people” to use public transport but not a user herself is buggering off after?achieving?nothing. Farrar is right about his comments about the Snapper card comment, I was there and videoed the meeting. I filmed for over 40 minutes and out of the waffle there was nothing useable at all. In the end I couldn’t be bothered editing it.

All these advocates fro public transport never seem to use it themselves. I was asked a question the other night in front of 50 people at an Albany Ward candiates meeting about public transport. Before I answered I asked everyone for a show of hands for those who took public transport to get to the meeting and not a single hand was raised including the the person who was asking all us candidates to commit to spending millions of dollars?completing?an underground rail loop so that, apparently, “other ?people” can use it.

At the same meeting Len Brown and his deputy nominee Andrew Williams both committed to spending $4 billion of “other peoples” money in order to deliver rail to the North Shore. They are liars and thieves in even suggesting such an appalling waste of money. For the same money you could build 3 bridges and deliver better roads.

It is high time that we started holding politicians to account for what they advocate. Len Brown puts out a video of him sitting on a train, I want him to tell us how often in the past 3 years as mayor he has used public transport. I bet it is able to be counted on one hand.

As I pointed out to the meeting on Thursday, not a one took public?transport, and not a single candidate did either, only two candidates were honest, me and another. We don’t advocate public transport and we aren’t hypocrites.

Vote Slater for the Albany Ward.

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest

The reaction

Whale Oil may appeal convictions
New Zealand Herald?-??15 hours ago?
Blogger Cameron Slater is likely to appeal his conviction and fines and costs of nearly $8000 for breaching suppression orders. Slater was convicted of nine?

Slater guilty of suppression breaches
New Zealand Herald?- ?17 hours ago?
Whale Oil Blogger Cameron Slater has been found guilty on eight breaches of suppression orders and one of identifying a victim. Slater was found guilty by

Blogger fined for name suppression breaches
National Business Review?- ?17 hours ago?
Controversial blogger Cameron Slater has been convicted on eight charges of breaching name suppression orders and one of identifying a victim in a sex case.

Blogger guilty of breaking suppression
TVNZ?- ?18 hours ago?
Prominent political blogger Cameron Slater says he will continue to break name suppression laws, despite being found guilty of the offence at Auckland

Whaleoil blogger fined
Newstalk ZB?- ?2 hours ago?
There’s hope the penalty handed down to Cameron Slater for breaching name suppression rules will act a deterrent to others. The blogger has been fined $750

Bloggers not above the law – academic
Radio New Zealand?- ?2 hours ago?
A legal academic says a judgement in the case of blogger Cameron Slater shows bloggers are not above the law. Slater, who writes the Whale Oil blog,

Whale Oil ‘not finished yet’
3News NZ?- Simon Shephard – ?14 hours ago?
An Auckland judge has delivered a blunt message to bloggers – the internet is no place to hide from the law. The remark by Judge David

Blogger fined for defying court order to withhold defendants’ names
Monsters and ?16 hours ago?
Wellington – A New Zealand blogger was fined Tuesday for identifying sex offenders whose names had been suppressed by judges when they appeared in court.

Cameron Slater’s Court Appearance
Voxy?- ?Sep 13, 2010?
Blogger Cameron Slater is back in the Auckland District Court at 10am today to contest a name suppression order. Mr Slater’s legal counsel has argued there

Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater guilty Clio Francis – ?17 hours ago?
Controversial blogger Cameron Slater has been convicted of illegally identifying several high profile New Zealanders protected by

Name suppression ? the judges findings and how to do it properly?…
By Lance Wiggs
Whale Oil failed in his case (at least so far) and is up for some eight thousand of dollars in fines and fees. To me it was clear that his actions were breaching the law, but it’s the considered opinion (Thanks Kiwiblog) of Judge Harvey?…
Lance Wiggs –

Whale Oil ‘not finished yet’ | Scoop News
Despite being convicted of breaking several name suppression orders today, Cameron Slater says his crusade is not over.

Whaleoil on trial for breaching name suppression orders – Audio?…
Marcus Lush talks with the Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Otago, Andrew Geddis, about blogger Cameron Slater being on trial?……/Default.aspx

Whale Oil convicted on nine suppression charges – GrownUps New Zealand
Get News News and information on GrownUps – New Zealand’s Best 50+ Community Site.…

Slater guilty of suppression breaches
New Zealand Herald
Whale Oil Blogger?Cameron Slater has been found guilty on eight breaches of suppression orders and one of identifying a victim. Slater was found guilty by?…

Conceptually Mr Slater, you’re done like a large oily whale?…
By ethicalmartini
Having said that, I’m not at all surprised that?Cameron Slater was today found guilty on eight charges of breaching suppression orders. He knows he did it; we know he did it and now Judge David Harvey in the Auckland District Court has?…
Ethical Martini –

Whale guilty on 9 out of 10 charges | Kiwiblog
By David Farrar
Judge Harvey has found?Cameron Slater guilty on nine of the ten charges relating to name supression. The judgement is here ? Police v Slater. I’ll do a fuller post tonight or tomorrow analysing it n depth, and especially any?…
Kiwiblog –

K1W1: Name Suppression Activist/Blogger fined MORE than sex offenders
By Jax
As we all know by now,?Cameron Slater got fined a total $6750 today for breach ing name sup pression orders on this here web site. Most right-thinking peo ple would agree that the name sup pres sion orders should never have been made in?…

K1W1 –
Cameron Slater, Whale Oil blogger – Post your opinion – Opinion?…
Maggie Barry talks to Whale Oil blogger?Cameron Slater & Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Otago about the judge’s verdict handed?……/Default.aspx

Cameron Slater’s Court Appearance
Cameron Slater’s Court Appearance Blogger?Cameron Slater is back in the Auckland District Court at 10am, Tuesday 14th of September.

cameron slater whaleoil flensed ? The Standard
cameron slater whaleoil flensed. This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 at 4:03 pm and is filed under . You can follow any responses to this?……/cameron-slater-whaleoil-flensed/

Cameron Slater’s Court Appearance
Mr Slater has campaigned against name suppression for nearly a year, using his blog to highlight the stupidity of the current law.…/6748961-cameron-slaters-court-appeara…

Don’t forget to Vote Slater for Albany this weekend when your voting papers arrive.

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest

Is the fix in?

I’ve been thinking about the strange change in Andrew Williams over the past several weeks.

I think that Andrew Williams is me, but for the mayoral elections, baiting for reactions.

His role would appear to be one of resignation for losing in the mayoral race but also as the baiter to get John Banks to react to his over-bearing antics all the while Len Brown sits serenely watching the carryon gaining the benefit of the mayhem.

Has Len Brown promised Andrew Williams the deputy mayoralty in return for?playing?the clown in the mayoral campaign? Or is it far more venal than that, promised him a board position on a CCO when Williams fails in his bid in Albany?

Remember this is a man who has very few?demonstrable?skills and the lightest CV of any 51 year man I’ve ever seen, with the exception of the latest list of Labour party selection candidates.

Len Brown and Andrew Williams were talking in hushed tones this morning, all chummy like at the Chamber of Commerce mayoral debate this morning.

Of course Len is having to really on someone who introduced him last night as “Mayor…Len…Bankssssh”.

Len Brown hasn’t had a stellar record in choosing?proposed?deputies, having once preferred Sue Bradford and even considered Judith Tizard. Time for ALL mayoral aspirants to declare their preferences for deputy mayor.

Len Brown needs to come clean on his apparent cosy deal with Andrew Williams. In the end it won’t matter because there simply aren’t enough brown people ?committed enough to vote for Len Brown to out weigh the deluge of votes john Banks will?receive?from North, Central and East Auckland. At least john banks is well advised and won’t bite, making this tactic by Len Brown and Andrew Williams futile.

Of course the good folk of Albany can stop this all happening by voting Slater for Albany and tossing Andrew Williams on the electoral scrap heap.

Vote Slater - Vote for Whaleoil, not Well Oiled

Vote Slater - Vote for Whaleoil, not Well Oiled

Green Jobs explained

People ahve been banging on in public meetings in Albany about green this and green that and green jobs. It’s all just too confusing so I thought I’d do some?research?so voters in Albany can understand what is meant by “Green Jobs”.

“Green Jobs” is another of those weasel phrases that people like Grant Gillon and Andrew Williams spout ad nauseam. It is definitely something that other people should always be doing, and certainly not what they about. But still it is a vexing issue.

Green Jobs” aren’t. Simple.

Myth: Everyone understands what a ?green job? is.

Fact : No standard definition of a ?green job? exists.

Myth: Creating green jobs will boost productive employment.

Fact 2: Green jobs estimates in these oft-quoted studies include huge numbers of clerical, bureaucratic, and administrative positions that do not produce goods and services for consumption.

Myth: Green jobs promote employment growth.

Fact 4: By promoting more jobs instead of more productivity, the green jobs described in the literature actually encourage low paying jobs in less desirable conditions. Economic growth cannot be ordered by national governments or by the United Nations (UN). Government interference in the economy ? such as restricting successful technologies in favor of speculative technologies favored by special interests ? will generate

Myth: Government mandates are a substitute for free markets.

Fact : Companies react more swiftly and efficiently to the demands of their customers/markets, than to cumbersome government mandates.

Still confused, I sure am, so let’s see a short little video that?succinctly?explains what “Green Jobs” are all about, or not as the case maybe. This’ll explain it?properly.

This video also explains how bio-fuels work. Just when you think you have found the solution you find yourself un-plugged. Green jobs, no one wants them, no one needs them, tell anyone who mentions green jobs to take a bus.

More confirmation of fracas at Castor Bay

Social Media is becoming the undoing of the Clown of Campbells Bay. Another Mayoral candidate has posted on his Facebook page about his bizarre behaviour at Castor Bay. Andrew Williams version of events sent in an email to me is becoming untenable by the minute. I can’t wait for his press release. It will follow the form of all alcoholics in denial, blaming everyone but themselves.

Simon Prast comments on fracas at Castor Bay

Simon Prast comments on fracas at Castor Bay on Facebook

Andrew Williams behaviour was appalling, he must quit the race.

To get rid of Williams – Vote Slater – Albany

Keeping the Buggers Honest and Sober.