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Will Twitter Terrorist Tiso apologise now?

The first mass action instigated by Twitter Terrorist Giovanni Tiso has resulted in what is likely to have been a massive settlement in favour of John Tamihere.

This of course has emboldened Twitter Terrorist Tiso to go on more wonky jihads against advertisers.

Mediaworks will today apologise unreservedly to former talkback host John Tamihere for the way it handled his departure from RadioLive following a controversial interview during the Roastbusters scandal.

Mr Tamihere sued the media company – which operates TV3 and a string of radio stations – in December 2013 alleging defamation and breach of contract.

He said he had been made a scapegoat following a public backlash to an interview with a female caller who claimed to be friends with one of the young men accused of boasting online about their sexual conquests of underage girls.

The case had appeared destined for a lengthy period of litigation until a surprise settlement was agreed on Friday.? Read more »

NOTICE: Cameron Slater on with Willie and Ali at 1 pm


Willie and Ali will host Cam on their show on Radio Live between 1 and 3 pm today. ?UPDATE : only between 1 and 2, sorry

Listen Live Online.

“A dyke, a bore and a clown”, is this a call to bring back the muppet?

Bruce Russell has caused outrage this afternoon on holiday talkback by asking caller if they thought the changes at 7pm on TVNZ to replace Close Up and Mark Sainsbury with a new show called Seven Sharp and hosted by Alison Mau, Greg Boyed and Jesse Mulligan.

I was listening in the car when he asked callers about it…as best I can recall, I haven’t managed to get the audio yet but I believe he said something along the lines of the show is “populated with a dyke, a bore and a clown” and indicated it wasn’t something he would be interested in watching and asked caller what they thought.

Well it went off…the txts started flowing and Dannews was the first to tweet about it:? Read more »

Marriage Equality Matters

The Campaign for Marriage Equality has released this video in support of Marriage Equality.

‘Marriage Equality Matters’ features celebrities, media personalities, respected community leaders, sports people and everyday New Zealanders who all support marriage equality, and the campaign to extending equal marriage to all. Featuring:

Tamati Coffey (TV Presenter) and his partner Tim Smith
Anika Moa, Hollie Smith, Boh Runga (Musicians)
Rachel Hunter (NZ’s Got Talent Judge/Supermodel)
Brooke Howard Smith (TV Presenter) his partner Amber Peebles (Radio DJ)
Nigel Latta (Psychologist)
Danyon Loader (Olympian)
Jason Kerrison (Musician)
Jason Fa’afoi (TV Presenter) and his partner Anna and their son Charlie
Pearl McGlashan (Actress)
Ali Campbell (Musician)
Alison Mau (TV Presenter)
Orene Ai’I (Rugby Player)
Dame Cath Tizard (Former Governor General)
Mike King (Talkback host/Comedian)
Oliver Driver (Actor/Presenter)
Richie Hardcore (DJ)
Turumakina Duley (Tattoo Artist)
Amy Usherwood (Actress)
Nick Dwyer (Radio DJ)

Why can’t Nikki Kaye do something useful?

Ali Mau is getting married. Except she isn’t. She is getting civil unioned, because New Zealand doesn?t allow same sex marriage.

The tragedy for Ali is she cannot marry the person of her choice. She could marry her first cousin though, as long as her cousin is male. That is a whole lot more?yuck?than two chicks getting married.

The lesser tragedy is Nikki Kaye is promoting an expensive, meaningless gay pride event that will do nothing to allow Ali to marry Karleen and cost us all a heap of money that we don?t have.

Instead she could take the no cost approach of introducing a bill allowing Ali to marry her lover, giving Ali the same rights that most of New Zealand have.

What a pity they can’t marry

The disingenuously suggests that Alison Mau and her ?girlfriend are set to marry:

Television personality Alison Mau is engaged to marry dance instructor girlfriend Karleen Edmonds, whose family is said to be thrilled about the news.

Mau this week revealed that she proposed to her partner – who she has been seeing for the past two years – just over a week ago.

Ms Edmonds is the director of top Auckland dance school Broken Beat Dance Syllabus, based in Meadowbank, Auckland.

In a statement released this week, the couple said: “We’re excited to be taking this next step in our lives together and want to thank all our family and friends for their unanimously positive reaction to our plans.”

At Ms Edmonds’ home in St Heliers yesterday, her father – who did not wish to be named – said the family was very happy about the news.

Unfortunately they won’t be getting married. They can currently only have a civil union, which is a terrible shame.

It is bizarre that we allow first cousins to marry but two gay people. It is time for Marriage Equality.?Alison?Mau and Karleen Edmonds should be able to be married.