Bludging terrorist ratbags bugger off

Here’s hoping they won’t turn up here.

The family of radical preacher Abu Qatada have left Britain for good after finally dropping their marathon battle to stay in the country.

Abu Qatada’s wife and five children left their taxpayer funded home in north-west London and were driven to Heathrow Airport by officials from the Home Office just after lunchtime.

They then boarded the 5.05pm American Airlines flight to Amman, where Qatada is currently awaiting trial of terrorism charges.? Read more »


Cushy millions?

Tapu Misa wasn’t at Matthew Hooton’s BBQ but it looks like several of those who were have had a quiet word in her ear?because?she delivers up this drivel:

As I’m sure will be heard many, many times in the coming weeks and months – especially if Shearer is truly the anointed David – he was dodging bullets to deliver aid to starving millions in the world’s most dangerous hotspots while Key was making his cushy millions from foreign exchange.

Really? I mean really?

David Shearer certainly isn’t some impoverished do-gooder who helped people out of the goodness of his heart. His mast job for UN saw him safely esconced in mansion with guards in Amman Jordan and was reportedly earning, by his own words, nice tax free US Dollars.

Certainly his property portfolio in Auckland resembles that of another property millionaire and the former leader of Labour, Helen Clark. He certainly isn’t a?broken-arse on struggle street. Not to mention a couple of nice trusts there plus the not inconsequential gilt-edged UN pension scheme.


Some Questions about Mark Ford?

  1. Is it true that Mark Ford is being paid for his Chief Executive’s role at Watercare, but also his role as Chairman of ARTA.
  2. How much money does Mark Ford actually end up getting in his pocket -is it the Watercare salary only, or Watercare + ARTA?
  3. And if yes, is it true this is as much as $700,000 per annum?
  4. Is it true that Mark Ford has been assiduosly courting the Auckland political left and right over the better part of a decade with acts of patronage?
  5. For example, is it true that Mike Lee (now chairman of the ARC) was employed by Watercare in 2001-2002 when Lee failed to get elected to the ARC in 2001, only to return when a by-election occurred 7 months later?
  6. Who else in Auckland or NZ politics has benefitted with Watercare patronage? Richard Worth’s daughter is also alleged to have gotten a nice PR number at Watercare in 2006.

Mark Ford is the Chairman of ARTA, the organisation that controls Auckland Transport (excluding state highways). But who funds ARTA? The Auckland Regional Council, whose Chairman is Mike Lee. Who else serves on the ARTA Board? Mike Williams, ex Labour Party President.

Mark Ford is rumoured to be good friends with Rodney Hide (a Newmaket neighbourhood connection). But Mark Ford also sits on the Bruce Jesson foundation (Jesson was a prominent Alliance Party member, ARC politician and left-wing theorist in the 1990s). Who else sits on the Bruce Jesson Foundation with him? Interestingly, it’s Mike Lee, Jane Kelsey, Joe Atkinson, plus also Gary Swift, the General Manager of Finance at Watercare.

  • Do Watercare contribute financially or in kind to the Bruce Jesson Foundation?
  • What other political organisations have Watercare offered financial or in kind support to in the last six years?

Is Mark Ford too political and too close to the action to make objective judgments about Auckland’s transition towards a Supercity?

I suggest you join the dots and come to your own conclusions.

Due diligence on Super City agency frontrunner

Due diligence on Super City agency frontrunnerMark Ford, chief executive of the region’s water wholesaler Watercare Services, is the frontrunner to chair the agency to design Auckland’s Super City. The appointment of the five-member Auckland Transition Agency was put on hold… [NZ Herald Politics]

There are some questions being raised about the suitability of Mark Ford to head up the transition team for the Super City.

Firstly there is the conflict of interest issue with being the head of Watercare, which is likely to take over the other water providers in the Super City then there are some other intriguing questions about this man and some of his business practices and connections.

You may have also seen that Bob Harvey has come out in support of Mark Ford in recent days, basically saying he is a good man for the job. Well someone ought to ask Mr Harvey; and Watercare;

  • Why it is that in about the year 2000 Watercare bought several hundred books written by Mr Harvey?
  • What did they do with those books?
  • Are they still sitting in boxes in the company’s basement?
  • And did Watercare buy any of Mr Harvey’s books in the past 5 years?

Yes there appears to be further intriguing questions that one may want to ask Mr Ford. This blog will keep you posted.


Water chief targeted in smear claim

Water chief targeted in smear claimA senior Auckland public official tipped to oversee the Government’s Super City plans is being smeared in an anonymous document circulating in the city. Mark Ford, the chief executive of Watercare Services, is believed to be the… [NZ Herald Politics]

There is an active smear campaign going on around water in Auckland. The Herald reports that at least two others have received the smear documents. I believe the smear has gone wider than that because this blogger was also emailed the documents.

There is someone out there who is in all sorts of a lather about a non-event. I think perhaps they need to put the cap back on the flagon well before sitting down at the computer and typing this tosh up again.

One thing is for sure, they don’t like Richard Worth for some reason. Though I have no idea of the relevance of the alleged connection between an Internal Affairs Minister and Water Services??? There isn’t even a conflict so why bother even raising it.

Clearly a nutjob conspiracist.