Andrew Becroft

No, just no


The left-wing’s latest cause celebre is to lower the voting age despite all the evidence to the contrary that young people simply don’t vote.

Their reasoning, if you can call it that, is that if we let them vote earlier then they will form a good habit about voting. I’m not kidding, read it:

Lowering the age to 16 gives us the best chance to ingrain voting as a habit. Many teens aged 16 to?18 are still?at school and can be given a forum to discuss and debate ideas and opinions.

Arguments against the move?seem to focus on a so-called lack of full development and apparent tendency for teens to simply mirror their parents’ thoughts. ? Read more »

Another Judge that needs sacking

Any Judge that quotes “The Spirit Level” while?pronouncing?that hugs and cuddle for criminals is?preferable?to being tough needs to be sacked, forthwith.

The head of the country’s Youth Court has warned that New Zealand’s “world-leading” youth justice system is under threat from those who want it to be “tougher”.

Judge Andrew Becroft told a seminar on youth issues at Auckland University yesterday that calls for tougher sentences, which had led to constant changes in the adult justice system in the past 20 years, had “thankfully” not touched youth justice.

But he said the youth justice system was also “under threat from a simplistic call for more toughness”.

“You ask yourself: where does the toughness end? What sort of toughness is considered sufficient?

…The judge said he now saw “pockets of a third-generation permanent underclass throughout New Zealand”.

“That’s not to say that everyone who is poor or disadvantaged offends, but it’s a hugely high risk factor. That’s one of the reasons why 79 per cent have a care and protection history. That really worries me.”

He referred to the recently published book The Spirit Level which showed that countries with the highest inequality, including New Zealand, also had the lowest levels of child wellbeing and other measures of social cohesion.

If Justice Minister Judith Collins is making a list, then she should put Judge Andrew Becroft on it.