Andrew Kirton

Labour trying to hide the fact they are the Nasty party

Labour are trying to hide the fact they are the Nasty party.

A directive has been issued telling candidates and MPs to cleanse their social media accounts. I wonder what Andrew Little is going to do about his employers are parasites social media stuff up?

Labour Party candidates have been urged to clean up their social media profiles by removing potentially embarrassing pictures or comments about the party.

The directive by Labour’s general secretary Andrew Kirton was accidentally sent by text message to a Newstalk ZB reporter. ? Read more »

A fine example of an impartial press in New Zealand


Andrew’s come in to replace Tim Barnett’s shameful reign.

It appears someone is very glad to have Andrew back.?? Read more »

Face of the day

Newly appointed Labour Party general secretary Andrew Kirton grew up in Taumarunui.

When Cameron Slater makes politicians look good or bad he is called a spin doctor and what he does is called dirty politics. When today’s face of the day, Andrew Kirton, attempts to do the same thing he will be doing the job Labour have paid him to do. His spinning will be called public relations.

A public relations man, with ties to former Prime Minister Helen Clark, has been appointed Labour’s general secretary.

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