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Andrew Little on the PM’s failure to discipline

Just 15 short months ago Andrew Little posted this on the Labour Party website. Quote. Read more »

The irrelevance of the Magna Carta

Andrew Little’s arrogance got the better of himself once again during question 9 in the House, 8 August 2018.

Hon Dr Nick Smith: Quote.

Does he stand by his statements on the bill in Parliament last night that the Bill of Rights was?and I quote directly?”a pretty nasty device” and “There wasn’t anything particularly noble about [it]”, given the fact that it is the founding principle of free elections of MPs, free speech of MPs, and Parliament’s exclusive right to pass laws and impose taxes?? End of quote.


All those principles are incredibly important and highly valued; just as the principles contained in the Magna Carta requiring open trials, the right to hear your accuser, and all those sorts of things, but bearing in mind that the Magna Carta was a document to entrench the power of aristocrats at the expense of peasants and poor people. We should continue to take the true historical context of these founding documents into account, and we should not be afraid to criticise the historical relevance of those documents. End of quote.

Andrew studied Law at Victoria University but obviously slept through a number of lectures if he honestly thinks that the Magna Carta was a document to entrench the power of aristocrats at the expense of peasants and poor people. Quote.

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Too Little, too late for desperate Labour leader

Andrew Little tried a settlement at the last moment in his defamation case.

It was rejected, and rightly so as it wouldn’t even have covered the legal bills of the Hagamans.

Labour leader Andrew Little upped his offer from $26,000 to $100,000 in a last-minute bid to settle the defamation claim against him by hoteliers Earl and Lani Hagaman but Mrs Hagaman rejected it as too little and too late.

Little’s offer was revealed in Mrs Hagaman’s evidence at the High Court in Wellington, during which she read out letters between lawyers for the two. ? Read more »

Little’s reputation on the line as the man he allegedly defamed is dying

Andrew Little must feel very sick about now.

He’s about to start the second day of his defamation trial, where the Hagamans are alleging that Andrew Little defamed them by essentially accusing them of corruption.

I am very interested in this case, firstly because Andrew Little elected a trial by jury and also because he is trying on the defence of a qualified privilege.

A defamation trial against Labour leader Andrew Little is about to begin in the Wellington High Court.

The action relates to comments Little made about a management contract Earl Hagaman’s company, Scenic Hotel, was awarded for Matavai Resort on Niue and a donation to the National Party during the 2014 campaign.

Earl and Lani Hagaman have sued Little for defamation and Lani Hagaman will begin her evidence today. ? Read more »

Of course he wants a new tax…socialists always want new taxes

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Andrew Little is a big fan of a new tax, he’s probably never met a new tax he didn’t like.

Labour leader Andrew Little wants a “tourist tax” charged at the border to help pay for tourism infrastructure, rejecting Tourism Minister Paula Bennett’s concerns it risked making New Zealand look like a “rip-off.”

Little said a “modest” levy would be ring-fenced to pass on to local councils to use on tourism-related infrastructure. ? Read more »

Perhaps Pete could lease them Begging Bowl Kitty?

Labour is broke, I’ve been saying it for months, but now we have proof:

Labour is putting the hard word on supports to stump up cash, even threatening to scale back the election campaign if they don’t dig deep for the party.

On Tuesday, in an emailed plea to supporters for funds, campaign manager Andrew Kirton said the party had until Friday to raise another $9179 to reach its March target.

“There’s just 179 days until election day. We’re scaling up our campaign right now and talking to more voters, recruiting volunteers, training up our organisers and candidates, and developing our advertisements and digital campaign. ? Read more »

Labour’s Little Lies

Andrew Little’s health campaign is based on a lie.

It is one where they claim that health spending has been cut in the last seven years.

Repeating one of his party’s election-year refrains, that health spending had in real terms endured a $1.7 billion cut during the past seven years?, he said last year 60,000 people across the country?had been told by their GPs to they needed a specialist appointment had been only to be “turned away” from their local hospitals.

In the Southern District Health Board 5500 people had received that message, he said.

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Labour’s housing plans are actually pipe dreams

Labour is still pushing the housing issue hard, despite the fact their campaign strategist is trying to spike an affordable housing development in his own electorate.

But have a look at these contortions in explaining their housing plans pipe-dreams:

Cities like Invercargill are now caught up in the “major mayhem up and down the country” from the housing crisis, Labour leader Andrew Little told a public meeting in Invercargill on Wednesday.

Investors cashing up from the housing bubble further north, were?looking to properties in regional cities like Invercargill, pushing up both house prices and rents for working people on reasonably low incomes here, he told a crowded Big Willys bar at the Newfield Tavern.

Though he offered no figures, Little said he was “astounded to see how quickly rents are rising in New Zealand, including Invercargill.”

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No improvement for Labour, Ardern ahead of Little in latest 1 News poll

Six months out from the election and Andrew Little is still failing to gain traction in the polls.

The latest 1 News/Colmar Brunton poll is dire reading for Andrew Little and Labour.

There’s little change for the major parties though with National steady this month on 46, Labour also unchanged on 30 and the Greens holding their ground on 11 per cent.<

New Zealand First has however slipped three per cent to eight per cent this month.

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Hooton on Labour’s leadership problems

Matthew Hooton writes at NBR:

Jacinda Ardern?s eclipse of her leader Andrew Little in the preferred prime minister stakes has occurred sooner than expected.

In the first public poll taken entirely after Bill English?s controversial move on superannuation and Ms Ardern?s elevation to Labour?s deputy leadership, Labour is at 31%, its Green allies on 11% and National on 47%.? The Labour-Green axis wouldn?t quite have the numbers to govern even with Winston Peters? NZ First, but that will certainly change as Mr Peters uses immigration, Treaty issues and broader race relations to target soft National support over the months ahead. ? Read more »