Annette King

Give her the knife, tell her to do the honourable thing and then print a book about it!

Labour are such a bunch of miserable pricks.

After decades of service they are emailing people to get them to sign a book so they can give it to Annette King.

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King out, Princess in

How does Jacinda Ardern winning a safe seat lead to Annette King falling on her sword?

Ele Ludemann writes

Last week Labour deputy leader Annette King said suggestions Jacinda Ardern should replace her were ageist:

Ardern?s win in Mt Albert prompted fresh speculation Little should replace his steady pacemaker King with the crowd-pleasing sprinter Ardern as deputy for the home straight to the election.

There is sense in that. But King can not see it. King?s response was a quite astonishing and vociferous defence of her turf.

She claimed the talk around Ardern was ageist. She even went a little bit Trump, accusing media of having a vendetta against her.

Speaking to the Herald she questioned what Ardern could offer that she did not, other than relative youth. . .?

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Bill English is “gutless”?

While Andrew Little is cycling in the South Island Labour are using Wes Craven’s dental nurse to put the hits in.

The 69 year old old bint who is deputy leader has called National and Bill English “gutless” for not standing in the Mt Albert by-election.

Labour is ready and keen to talk about the problems facing electors in Mt Albert despite the gutless decision of Bill English not to front a National candidate there, says Labour Deputy Leader Annette King.

“English is running scared from his first test as a leader. He clearly doesn?t want another bloody nose after the Mt Roskill defeat.

“We are more than ready for another contest and relish the chance to talk to people in Mt Albert about how Labour can help them deal with the problems around rising crime, health, public transport and housing affordability.

“It?s typical of National. They don?t like building houses, so they don?t have a Housing Minister. They don?t like by-elections so they don?t run in them. ? Read more »

Wellington’s worst kept secret is out and Little looks like a dork

Paul Eagle has always been the heir apparent to Annette King in Rongotai.

Less than three months after becoming Wellington’s deputy mayor, Paul Eagle is eyeing up a seat in Parliament.

Eagle said he was considering calls from Labour Party members to contest Rongotai, the Wellington electorate seat long held by the party’s?deputy leader, Annette King.

She?has announced she will stand as a list-only candidate in?the 2017?general election, in the interests of “renewal” and so she can focus on her health portfolio.

Eagle, 44, was?appointed Wellington deputy mayor when Justin Lester won the mayoralty in October.

“I’m honoured to be asked whether I will put my name forward and I’m talking about it further with my family, the party leadership and members,” Eagle?said on Sunday.

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Of course Labour are unimpressed, but then you look at them

Labour are unimpressed with Bill English’s re-shuffle, but what were they really going to say? A brilliant move? Great promotions for hard work?

Of course not, they were always going to moan like unpaid whores.

Labour’s reaction to Prime Minister Bill English’s new cabinet is that it doesn’t signal the fresh approach that had been promised.

“This is not the rejuvenation Bill English promised,” said Labour’s deputy leader Annette King.

“It’s underwhelming, it’s a combination of the conservative, vindictiveness and mateship.”

Ms King says there’s just one new minister in the cabinet and three new ones outside it.

“And he’s demoted his rivals Judith Collins and Jonathan Coleman,” she said. ? Read more »

Annette King goes list only, who will step up?

Annette King has gone list only for next year’s election. On current polling that is a dangerous position to be in, unless of course, she wants a fast exit rather than another three years in opposition.

Longstanding Labour MP Annette King will stand as a list-only candidate in 2017 – a step that opens up her Rongotai seat for Labour leader Andrew Little should he decide to stand there.

King told the Herald that after 24 years she had decided “with some sadness” not to stand in the electorate again in 2017.

She hoped to be health minister in the next Labour government and would stand on the list, but it was possible she would leave if Labour was still in Opposition.

Little, a list MP, has lived in the Rongotai electorate for years and said he would consider standing in the seat.? Read more »

Hooton wonders who NZ’s Trump is

Matthew Hooton wonders who NZ’s Donald Trump is:

?Who is our Donald Trump??

It?s a question with which political pundits will bore voters over the 10 months to New Zealand?s election.

Top of the list will be Winston Peters, who, at 71, is just a year older than Mr Trump and is planning his last and most audacious attempt to become prime minister. There are of course parallels. On immigration, globalisation and using hyperbole to make a point, it may even be more accurate to describe Mr Trump as the US? Mr Peters. Both run shambolic yet somehow effective political machines.

However, having first entered Parliament in 1978 when Jimmy Carter was in the White House, and having served as deputy prime minister, treasurer and foreign minister, Mr Peters is not even close to being Mr Trump?s anti-politician. Besides, he ultimately lacks the necessary malevolence. The Peters grin is no Trump scowl.

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The Nasty Party is back


It must be coming up to election time again?because the Nasty party is out in force.

Annette King seems to be leading it this year.

David Farrar writes:

And Labour wonder why they keep losing elections and their vote share is at a 90 year low.? Read more »

NZ petulance towards Fiji continues

The attitude of NZ politicians towards Fiji has not improved if the interviews given by Paula Bennett and Annette King on Paul Henry are anything to go by.

The neo-colonial big brother attitude still pervades which is what Fijian PM Frank Bainimarama highlighted in his speech yesterday.

Fiji feels aggrieved by their treatment from New Zealand in the past decade, and statements like those by Bennett and King prove his point.

The Fijian Prime Minister’s slapdown at an event intended to honour John Key has been met with disapproval from MPs across the political divide.

Both Labour’s deputy leader Annette King and National Minister Paula Bennett vented their views on Paul Henry.

Fiji’s?Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama made a?lengthy speech on Thursday justifying the military coup and?his ban on some New Zealand journalists.

King said it was insulting to Prime Minister John Key, especially occurring on such an international stage in front of media.

“Take what has happened in the past. Forgive, you don’t forget, move on. He didn’t. And?I?think to have our Prime Minister being insulted while he grandstands is just not?acceptable.”

Fiji had?”made progress” in their democratic?governance,?but freedom of press and human rights were the main issues to look at in Fiji, King said.

“To continue with the blacklists against journalists is unacceptable, and they have not reached what we would find an acceptable democracy.”

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Labour lied, no one was surprised

For weeks the Labour party has been pushing (see above), what has turned out to be a lie, that the government has made health cuts. They even set up a dodgy, lying website for their campaign.

We highlighted it several times, including figures from?the?Rotorua area that showed they were lying.

Now travel, lifestyle and fitness blogger, David Farrar, has compiled some real numbers to show that their claims were outrageous lies.

Labour have been going on for months claiming that health funding has not grown to keep up with our population and inflation. They cite a figure of $1.7 billion of under funding on this basis.

I made the mistake of assuming their figure was correct,?and not checking up on it previously. I just assumed someone else would have.

But as I had some spare time last?weekend I went through the Vote Health expenditure for the last decade. I then got the CPI figures and the resident population figures. And put them into the table below. ? Read more »