New Zealand’s anti-Fascists are trouble looking for a place to happen

New Zealand’s anti-fascists look at the world through Nazi tinted spectacles. A few days before their scheduled anti-Fascism march with no New Zealand Fascists available for them to rail against and attack they made some up. After all, where is the fun in virtue signaling how righteous you are if you don’t have an evil enemy to destroy?

First, they accused their chosen victims of the crime of White Pride on the flimsiest of pretexts. They then forced the harmless and newly formed Auckland University European culture group to shut down by using death threats and threats of violence. ?After that success, drunk with power they were emboldened to go after a new European culture club at AUT. This time lacking even the flimsy pretext of a slogan that contained a couple of words the same as an old Nazi one they simply declared them to be up to no good and coordinated an attack against them.

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It doesn’t take much to be called a Fascist and silenced these days

I popped over to the Stand Against Fascism facebook page to take a look yesterday. Within less than an hour, a member was asking the administration to block me because I was a Fascist and he posted a photo of Cam and me at the Canon Media Awards night to prove it. Within a few minutes of his request, the entire debate between myself and others had been wiped from the page.

What had I done to be silenced and called a Fascist? Was I violent or did I threaten violence? Nope. Did I claim that one race was superior to another? Nope. Did I say that because I disagreed with their viewpoints that they shouldn’t have the right to express them? Nope.

I actually don’t mind that they removed my comments from their page as they do not have to allow freedom of speech or debate on their page if they don’t want to. What I object to is being called a Fascist because I disagreed with their point of view. The rhetoric being used on the page was that it is okay to use violence against Fascists so by calling me a Fascist they were making me a target for violence.

Have a look and judge for yourself how low the Fascism club bar is these days.

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AUSA guide to shutting down and silencing Europeans on Campus


Step one:?Get a political organisation to put a complaint about the target group on a public forum to get the outrage started. This works particularly well if you are wanting to smear a group as being a Fascist group when the complainant already has an anti-Fascism?event planned in a few days time.

Screenshot-Whaleoil From We are the University (Akl) facebook page

Step two: Jump in boots and all and declare that you are taking action. Use an exclamation point to show that you mean business and to indicate what a serious situation it is.

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Alt-left protestors use violence and fire to take away others freedom

The event was canceled out of safety concerns after protesters hurled smoke bombs, broke windows and started a bonfire [AP

Popular Breitbart Editor and speaker Milo Yiannopoulos who is currently completing his Dangerous Faggot speaking tour has faced increasing levels of violence at Universities around America. Universities should be bastions of free speech but they are breeding grounds for activists who resort to violence and fire to silence views they disagree with. Alt-left activists who ironically call themselves anti-fascists are attacking Milo’s venues. By their actions, they have shown themselves to be the only real fascists on campus.

Their goal is not?to just stop Milo from speaking and to stop those who bought tickets from listening to him, their goal is to make it too dangerous for Universities to host him as a speaker. The Dangerous Faggot Tour has become a dangerous tour for a Faggot that has opinions that violent alt-left activists want silenced.

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