A Na?ve Idiot investigates: Auckland Peace Action

After receiving a cryptic message from a person or persons unknown, I put my amateur detective skills to the test. ?????

Who or what was Auckland Peace Action? What was their connection to notorious international terrorist network, Antifa? Had I really been supporting Nazis by vocalising my support for free speech? 

Was nonviolence really the one true way to peace, or had Gandhi conned us all? I knew I had to follow this rabbit hole as far down as it went. ?
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ANTIFA attacked him, Americans are supporting him: He is Based Stickman

ANTIFA is a violent anti-Fascist organisation that has at multiple protests in America gotten away with attacking peaceful protestors that they have labelled Nazis and racists. They come prepared with their faces covered and with weapons and I read a number of reports where the people who were attacked state that the police did not intervene and left them to the mercy of these violent anti-Fascists who use pepper spray on people as well as their fists and also kick people as they lie helpless on the ground. Their intimidation tactics are designed to make people too scared to stand up for what they believe in.

Almost overnight though one man became a hero to many when he fought back and defended the people who were being attacked by the black-clad ANTIFA mob. He came prepared for their pepper spray wearing a gas mask and he carried a shield and a flag pole. Memes have been created and videos in his honour and almost $46,000 has already been raised to help him defend himself in court because he was arrested and charged for defending himself and others from the violent ANTIFA protestors who were attacking his group.

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New Zealand’s anti-Fascists are trouble looking for a place to happen

New Zealand’s anti-fascists look at the world through Nazi tinted spectacles. A few days before their scheduled anti-Fascism march with no New Zealand Fascists available for them to rail against and attack they made some up. After all, where is the fun in virtue signaling how righteous you are if you don’t have an evil enemy to destroy?

First, they accused their chosen victims of the crime of White Pride on the flimsiest of pretexts. They then forced the harmless and newly formed Auckland University European culture group to shut down by using death threats and threats of violence. ?After that success, drunk with power they were emboldened to go after a new European culture club at AUT. This time lacking even the flimsy pretext of a slogan that contained a couple of words the same as an old Nazi one they simply declared them to be up to no good and coordinated an attack against them.

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The pushback against political violence in America has begun

I read every day now about violence inside America from various groups,?Black Lives Matter, Muslim activists, so-called Anti-fascist groups like Anitfa?and others. An indication of the anger inside America in reaction to all this violence can be seen in this e-mail sent to me by Jack Daly.

Dear Patriot Friend,

By now you?ve heard about the young thugs who?viciously attacked and brutalized my teenaged son because he expressed support for Donald Trump.

These dreadlock-wearing punks shrieked ?F*** Donald Trump? in this gentle boy?s face over and over again as they cornered him, and cast repeated insults about white Americans.

Barack Obama has many blacks, Muslims, and illegal aliens feeling they have the right to attack Trump supporters, cops, businesses, white kids ? anything and anybody ? without going to jail or getting deported.

?Black Lives Matter? mobs chant,??What do we want?? Dead cops!? When do we want them?? Now!?

So in New York, Muslim radicals bashed cops in the head with hatchets and meat cleavers.? Hordes of thugs, vandals, and looters trashed Baltimore, Charlotte, and Milwaukee.? Black Nationalist snipers stalked and murdered five cops in Dallas and shot six in Baton Rouge.? It?s anarchy.

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We have to ban all face masks asap

When watching the ironically?named anti-fascist group Antifa violently attack people with pepper spray and wooden flag poles it hit me like a ton of bricks. Every protest where there is violence there are face masks.

People have the right to freedom of speech and the right to protest but they should not have the right to hide their identity while protesting. There is no good reason for hiding your identity, there are only bad reasons. Hiding your identity is a neon sign warning that you intend to do something illegal.

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