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A Spectacular Murder Rocks France.

A Spectacular Murder Rocks France.

An Affair to Remember

On the evening of March 16, 1914, Henriette Caillaux was ushered into the office of Gaston Calmette, editor of Le Figaro. . . .

Mme. Caillaux wore a fur coat over a gown strangely formal for a late afternoon business call. Her hat was modest, and a large furry muff linked the two sleeves of her coat. Henriette’s hands were hidden inside the muff.

“Before Calmette could speak she asked, ‘You know why I have come?’ ‘Not at all, Madame,’ responded the editor, charming to the end.

From her furs the visitor produced a Browning automatic pistol and fired six times. Calmette fell to the floor clutching his abdomen.

As office workers closed in, she warned them not to touch her.

?Don?t touch me. I am a lady,? Henriette Caillaux barked at those trying to restrain her. The well-dressed woman had just pumped six bullets into Gaston Calmette, editor of the right-leaning French newspaper?Le Figaro. An impassioned Caillaux couldn?t bear the politically scandalous and personally embarrassing details that the journalist had been printing about her husband. So she donned a gown, bought a pistol, and headed for Calmette?s office. Bleeding and bewildered, her?victim?muttered, ?I only did my duty,? as he was carted off to the hospital, where he died later that night.

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Smiling wife orders killing of husband because “easier than divorce” [VIDEO]



There she is. ?Isn’t she lovely?

[A] chilling video has emerged of a young wife trying to hire a hit man to murder her husband because it was ‘easier than divorcing’ him.

Julia Charlene Merfeld, 20, of Michigan in the US, has pleaded guilty to soliciting the murder of her 27-year-old husband.

An undercover police officer posing as a hit man secretly filmed two videos of Merfeld as they negotiated the killing while sitting in a car.

At one point Merfeld explains that in her opinion, murder would be “easier than divorcing” – she wouldn’t have to worry about her family’s judgment or “breaking his heart” if he was killed.

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Interesting job description

Apparently we have a “government?employed?assassin” in New Zealand.

A Kiwi former ”mercenary” is in the middle of a multi-million dollar court case between the estate of the late Australian billionaire Richard Pratt and his former high-priced mistress.

Former escort Madison Ashton told the New South Wales Court yesterday that Pratt urged her to sleep with his Kiwi bodyguard Sean Bowman because he feared the man would blackmail him.

She said Pratt told her that Bowman was a ”mercenary” who had been an SAS soldier in New Zealand, and a government-employed assassin.

How many government ordered assassinations?have?there been in New Zealand or Australia? I think Scribe has the answer – Not many, If any.