Auckland District Court

Human Wrongs Commission continues to protect rights of convicted kiddy fiddler [UPDATED]

A convicted pedophile has managed to continue to keep his name and details secret despite there being no record of a permanent name suppression order.

The?Office of Human Rights Proceedings continues to battle the Sensible Sentencing Trust in protecting the rights of pedophile criminals over the rights of victims and the larger community.

A convicted paedophile has won his case to keep his identity a secret after the Sensible Sentencing Trust obtained leaked details of his offending and posted them online.

The man was convicted in 1995 of offending against two girls in 1975 and 1977. He was sentenced to 12 months in prison.

In 2009 an employee of the police unlawfully accessed his criminal record and supplied a copy of it to his employer. The details were leaked to the Sensible Sentencing Trust (SST). ? Read more »

Convicted tax cheat, fraudster, bankrupt ratbag fails to front at court

Graham McCready failed to turn up to court today, blaming cancelled flights out of Wellington.

When are the courts going to stop entertaining these self represented ratbags who waste endless hours of court time?

John Banks will return to Auckland District Court tomorrow to face a private prosecution over a charge of filing a false election return.

The matter was adjourned today after the man taking the prosecution, Graham McCready, was stranded in Wellington airport after his flight was cancelled due to bad weather.? Read more »

Another good judge

People waste the court’s time all across the country, still more refuse to perform jury duty. Finally a judge has seen fit to deal to one such time waster who was taking diabolical liberties with the court.

He was supposed to be doing his civic duty and sitting on a jury – instead, James McAllister has been sentenced to prison for 10 days.

The engineering consultant was given the jail term yesterday after refusing to take the juror’s affirmation at the Auckland District Court on Wednesday.

Judge Nevin Dawson said McAllister had approached the bench to say he couldn’t sit on the jury because he was “busy at work”.

The judge did not accept the excuse and told McAllister to take his seat in the jury box.

But when it came time for the jurors to take the oath or affirmation, McAllister refused both. ? Read more »

Interesting Finance Industry Figures

The problem with name suppression is that it can lead to aspersions being cast upon people who are innocent and because one person is afraid of his own name then people in a whole indutry can get smeared with crimes. Take the road rage guy;

The prominent financial industry figure accused of a hit and run road rage incident has lost his bid for name suppression but will appeal the decision in the High Court.

The man appeared at the Auckland District Court yesterday and is charged with wounding with reckless disregard.

Judge Greg Davis granted the man interim name suppression until the appeal is heard in the High Court.

The man is alleged to have driven his car over another man during an incident on Mt Eden Rd in September.

He is smearing a great many people by continuing to hide from his own name.

Fortunately we can help eliminate a great many from the suspect list by narrowing down the list to just those top finance industry figures who work for an interesting company.

The reaction

Whale Oil may appeal convictions
New Zealand Herald?-??15 hours ago?
Blogger Cameron Slater is likely to appeal his conviction and fines and costs of nearly $8000 for breaching suppression orders. Slater was convicted of nine?

Slater guilty of suppression breaches
New Zealand Herald?- ?17 hours ago?
Whale Oil Blogger Cameron Slater has been found guilty on eight breaches of suppression orders and one of identifying a victim. Slater was found guilty by

Blogger fined for name suppression breaches
National Business Review?- ?17 hours ago?
Controversial blogger Cameron Slater has been convicted on eight charges of breaching name suppression orders and one of identifying a victim in a sex case.

Blogger guilty of breaking suppression
TVNZ?- ?18 hours ago?
Prominent political blogger Cameron Slater says he will continue to break name suppression laws, despite being found guilty of the offence at Auckland

Whaleoil blogger fined
Newstalk ZB?- ?2 hours ago?
There’s hope the penalty handed down to Cameron Slater for breaching name suppression rules will act a deterrent to others. The blogger has been fined $750

Bloggers not above the law – academic
Radio New Zealand?- ?2 hours ago?
A legal academic says a judgement in the case of blogger Cameron Slater shows bloggers are not above the law. Slater, who writes the Whale Oil blog,

Whale Oil ‘not finished yet’
3News NZ?- Simon Shephard – ?14 hours ago?
An Auckland judge has delivered a blunt message to bloggers – the internet is no place to hide from the law. The remark by Judge David

Blogger fined for defying court order to withhold defendants’ names
Monsters and ?16 hours ago?
Wellington – A New Zealand blogger was fined Tuesday for identifying sex offenders whose names had been suppressed by judges when they appeared in court.

Cameron Slater’s Court Appearance
Voxy?- ?Sep 13, 2010?
Blogger Cameron Slater is back in the Auckland District Court at 10am today to contest a name suppression order. Mr Slater’s legal counsel has argued there

Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater guilty Clio Francis – ?17 hours ago?
Controversial blogger Cameron Slater has been convicted of illegally identifying several high profile New Zealanders protected by

Name suppression ? the judges findings and how to do it properly?…
By Lance Wiggs
Whale Oil failed in his case (at least so far) and is up for some eight thousand of dollars in fines and fees. To me it was clear that his actions were breaching the law, but it’s the considered opinion (Thanks Kiwiblog) of Judge Harvey?…
Lance Wiggs –

Whale Oil ‘not finished yet’ | Scoop News
Despite being convicted of breaking several name suppression orders today, Cameron Slater says his crusade is not over.

Whaleoil on trial for breaching name suppression orders – Audio?…
Marcus Lush talks with the Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Otago, Andrew Geddis, about blogger Cameron Slater being on trial?……/Default.aspx

Whale Oil convicted on nine suppression charges – GrownUps New Zealand
Get News News and information on GrownUps – New Zealand’s Best 50+ Community Site.…

Slater guilty of suppression breaches
New Zealand Herald
Whale Oil Blogger?Cameron Slater has been found guilty on eight breaches of suppression orders and one of identifying a victim. Slater was found guilty by?…

Conceptually Mr Slater, you’re done like a large oily whale?…
By ethicalmartini
Having said that, I’m not at all surprised that?Cameron Slater was today found guilty on eight charges of breaching suppression orders. He knows he did it; we know he did it and now Judge David Harvey in the Auckland District Court has?…
Ethical Martini –

Whale guilty on 9 out of 10 charges | Kiwiblog
By David Farrar
Judge Harvey has found?Cameron Slater guilty on nine of the ten charges relating to name supression. The judgement is here ? Police v Slater. I’ll do a fuller post tonight or tomorrow analysing it n depth, and especially any?…
Kiwiblog –

K1W1: Name Suppression Activist/Blogger fined MORE than sex offenders
By Jax
As we all know by now,?Cameron Slater got fined a total $6750 today for breach ing name sup pression orders on this here web site. Most right-thinking peo ple would agree that the name sup pres sion orders should never have been made in?…

K1W1 –
Cameron Slater, Whale Oil blogger – Post your opinion – Opinion?…
Maggie Barry talks to Whale Oil blogger?Cameron Slater & Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Otago about the judge’s verdict handed?……/Default.aspx

Cameron Slater’s Court Appearance
Cameron Slater’s Court Appearance Blogger?Cameron Slater is back in the Auckland District Court at 10am, Tuesday 14th of September.

cameron slater whaleoil flensed ? The Standard
cameron slater whaleoil flensed. This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 at 4:03 pm and is filed under . You can follow any responses to this?……/cameron-slater-whaleoil-flensed/

Cameron Slater’s Court Appearance
Mr Slater has campaigned against name suppression for nearly a year, using his blog to highlight the stupidity of the current law.…/6748961-cameron-slaters-court-appeara…

Don’t forget to Vote Slater for Albany this weekend when your voting papers arrive.

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest

Reminder: Seven days to go to court

Name Suppression

Cowards hide behind the Burqa of Name Suppression

I am back with my lawyer today racking up the charges preparing for the 25th.

Ok it is time for all those out there who support my stance on name suppression to assist with the legal bills. I appreciate the months of loyal support as I await the slow wheels of our Justice system to turn. Now I need your cash support, no matter the size, every bit helps, to help with the fight.

It is time to ban the Burqa of our Legal System – Stop Pedos and Sex Offenders from hiding under the burqa.

In just 7 days (25 August) I appear in the Auckland District Court to defend these charges.

I need help to pay the legal bills. The next few days are hectic as I prepare my defence with my lawyer Gregory Thwaite.

My Kiwibank account number, opened this morning for donations is 38-9010-0764240-01, you can also use the online Chipin widget below or on the side bar.

Any surplus funds raised will be donated equally between the RSA Welfare Fund and the Ex-Vietnam Services Association, in honour of those who fought for our rights to freedom of speech.

So far I would like to thank:

In the interests of transparency I have used names where I have them, but only the first name or last name.

Anonymous – $100.00
Anonymous – $25.00
ISAACS – $25.00
MCANENY – $30.00
HUMPHREY – $250.00
BURNEY – $250.00
BOOTH – $200.00
CULLEN – $20.00
VAN DER LOEFF – $20.00
Tim – $7.50
KAYE – $20.00
Anonymous – $25.00
CHAMBERS – $20.00
Cavanagh – $20
Foster – $20
Macpherson – $20
Maureen – $10
Lindsay – $10
Penman – $70
Parsons – $50
Haines – $10
Shorland – $100
WHITE – $200
Young – $50
Kirsten – $25
Stevenson – $100
McDonald – $5
Fowler – $20
Simon – $5
Aaron – $75
Justin – $50
Cummings – $30
Don – $100
Richard – $100
Arnold – $20

The Mendacity of Bob Harvey

Just two weeks ago Bob Harvey was attempting to protray himself as the great conciliator when he appeared on Close up with the Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams. Since then though Bob Harvey has become the Wally of Waitakere and now Whaleoil can reveal to readers the utter mendacity of Bob Harvey.

He has been playing for all to see the role of conciliator all the while in the background at council meetings exhorting  people to revolt. Arriving in the Whaleoil Tipoff Inbox was the Notes on the Extraordinary Council Meeting of 17 April. This meeting occured just 4 days after he appeared on Close Up playing Mr Nice Guy and clearly lying to Rodney Hide.

These notes show Bob Harvey making a speech where he;

  • Accuses the media of dumping on him
  • describes himself as acting wise and as a mediator
  • says a new council comprised of Remuera and Paritai Drive people must be stopped
  • describes the role of Local Boards as nonesense
  • says the Auckland Bill is being written by boffins in Wellington
  • describes the battle against the proposals as “a war that needs to be taken to the streets” and “Maori need to take to the streets also”
  • he is investigating legal options for redress

Those don’t sound like the actions or words of a wise man nor of a conciliator. They sound more like someone on a warpath. Other speakers at the council meeting were;

Tony Mayow – Chair of Community Waitakere, who is upset that all the work of making Waitakere an Eco-City would be for nothing and that “Rodney Hide has gutted the report”. He “Fears Rod Deane as he is for privatisation” and asks that people bombard MPs with email.

Vanessa Neeson says she would march and take a pitchfork if she had one.

Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse also thinks the council should fight and suggests all councillors become activists.

Richard Northey an Auckland City Councillor was also at the meeting to agitate.

Labour's Dirty Tricks ramping up on Super City

When you read letters to the editor in your local rag or in the Herald in coming weeks complaining about the Super City proposal for Auckland, know one thing, that it is an orchestrated and coordinated campaign by the Labour Party to drown out support for the proposals.

This is ironic considering that it was Labour that set the terms of reference for the Royal Commission, it was Labour that setup the Royal Commission and Labur that appointed their patsy commissioners and now it appears that Labour doesn’t want a bar of the Super City proposal. The very same Royal Commission that reccomended against a referendum.

Whaleoil has received via the Tipoff email the following email from former MP Jenny Kirk exhorting Labour supporters to start the campaign.

From: Jenny Kirk

To: undisclosed-recipients:

Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2009 1:06 PM

Subject: SUPERCity letters needed]

I reckon its about time Labour people started up a new topic in the Herald and SST letters – what don’t you like about the Super City proposals ? ? ?

Please get some letters in soonest. Not only to the Herald and SST but also into ALL your local community newspapers – the North Shore Times, Western Leader, South Auckland Courier, and whatever …………..

[WOBH: snipped out NZPA article]

My personal comment : The Mayors of Auckland are NOT the Auckland region’s residents and ratepayers ! Nor can they speak for the whole region and its diverse and varied communities.
A few suggestions to start off your letter-writing :

The National-Act Government should seek a mandate from Aucklanders before fundamentally restructuring local government in Auckland.

Section 49 of the Local Government Act 2002 provides for a poll of electors to be held before reorganisation of local government occurs.

If the National-Act Government has the courage of its convictions, it will seek a mandate for what they are proposing rather than simply ramming changes through by special legislation.

National promised in its election manifesto that it would consult with Aucklanders when the recommendations of the Royal Commission were known. It has not honoured that promise.

The Royal Commission consulted widely and undertook extensive analysis over 18 months before making its recommendations. These were changed fundamentally by National in a week without further analysis or consultation, even with key players in local government.

A referendum would force Mr Key and Mr Hide to consider the acceptability to Aucklanders of all their recommendations, rather than just forcing them through.

The reorganisation has been estimated to cost every Aucklander $550 extra in rates, yet those who are expected to pay aren’t even being consulted about the changes.

It should be a case of no taxation without representation.

Aucklanders have the legal right to have their voice heard by referendum. That should be respected by National and Act rather than subjecting Aucklanders to their bullying tactics.

We have one chance to get Auckland’s new governance structure right. That means taking the time it needs for Aucklanders to participate in the process, have their voices heard and for a reasonable level of consensus to be achieved.

For many Aucklanders, the current proposals look like a jack up between National and Act leaders, Mayor John Banks and a small but powerful business elite.

Under the law, Aucklanders have the democratic right to voice their opinions over major changes to their city that they will be required to pay for.

This should not be overridden by central government arrogantly legislating that right out of existence.



The Three Stooges

Check out these three stooges. Sainsbury cons the Clown of Campbells Bay, Browneye Bob and Aortic Len into the indignity of eating on national television.

Chomp, chomp, chomp, mmm the buns aren’t delicious but having the camera focus on this lot making fools of themselves certainly is.

What a bunch of weirdoes. Just nowhere in the same league as John Banks.


Bring on the SuperCity

Auckland is set for a supercity, or so says the NZ Herald according to its investigations this morning.

Bring it on, it’s high time we amalgamated the seven councils and one regional council into one voice for Auckland.

Even better – we would be getting an executive Mayor, one that would have ultimate authority to get things done.

Of interest to me was the likely lineup of Mayoral contenders.

Andrew Williams, the Cock from Campbell’s Bay was described as “odd and abusive” by the Herald. I’d go further and say is mental, a cock and a fool. Oh dear, how sad, too bad. That Goose is well and truly roasted.

Bob Harvey is an old Labour man, and I’m unsure whether to emphasise the old or the Labour party more. He’s probably due for retirement anyway.

Len Brown
of Manukau City is a great guy. He’s a hard worker, in touch with the community, and an all round nice guy. But if he had a massive heart attack only months into the role of Manukau City Mayor, he wouldn’t be a starter for the Auckland Regional Mayor. Len would only be one heartbeat away from a by-election, and Auckland deserves an executive Mayor who is stronger than that. Outside of Manukau, he wouldn’t be that well known either.

Mike Lee – competent and hardworking, but let’s face it – he was from the Alliance. Mike Lee in charge of a greater Auckland with executive power would be too much of a risk, and would be an RMA leftie lawyer’s wet dream.

So that leaves John Banks. Executive experience, strongly connected to the National Government, the most senior politician in Auckland, and having a fantastic second Mayoral term, John Banks would have to be in the drivers seat as the best choice for Auckland. He’s also the only centre-right politician in the line-up, so meets the ideological test as well.