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A warning for Wellington

Kate Hawkesby gives Auckland Transport a serve and issues Wellington with a warning. quote.

Quote:So Wellington’s getting rid of roads and cars, and ideologically popping everyone onto public transport – in an ironically titled “Let’s get Wellington Moving” campaign. The irony being that Wellington’s usually at a standstill due to the buses not working or bus drivers striking.End of quote.

Yep. Don’t blame the motorist. quote.

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Kia kaha, St Heliers

Right on! Auckland Transport has become an arrogant dictatorship and the good people of St Heliers have had enough. If you think calling AT an arrogant dictatorship is a bit harsh, even Phil Goff is calling for them to pull their head in. Quote.

Auckland Transport did not front a public meeting about safety improvement in St Heliers last night partly out of fear for the safety of staff.

More than 600 locals, many of them elderly, overflowed from two meeting rooms at the St Heliers Community Centre and booed when they heard AT had turned down an invitation to attend and explain itself.

[?]Tamaki MP Simon O’Connor said AT should not be implying the people of St Heliers are thugs and to be pushed around.
He said its failure to turn up was an affront to locals and to democracy, saying AT is accountable to the people and should front the community.

Last night’s meeting overwhelmingly opposed AT’s plans to increase the number of raised zebra pedestrian crossings in the seaside suburb from three to 15, build a new traffic island, widen part of Tamaki Drive and remove 40 car parks to improve safety.

Peter Jones, the chairman of the St Heliers Business Association, said the loss of 40 car parks represented 19 per cent of the 250 car parks in the village and caused serious problems for businesses competing with the Eastridge and Sylvia Park shopping centres.

[?] One man at the meeting said every car park in the village is worth $200 an hour to local restaurants. That meant $8000 a week or $3 million a year being sucked out of restaurants.

[?] One young man got up to speak in favour of the changes, saying he did not want to be living with the consequences of being hit by a car in future. End of quote.

A newspaper
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Council to drivers: No car parks for you!

No soup for you!

A 33-unit apartment building has been built in Auckland without any car parks, which developers say is the way of the future, but local businesses say it will just lead to more congestion.

The Daisy Apartments opened in Kingsland this month, Stuff reports, but tenants will not have any internal parking and will be forced to use the street.

Developers Ockham Residential have said this is the way of the future, and that major transport hubs are less than 100m away.

If they think everyone is going to give up their cars for the bus or a bike, they’re dreamin’.

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Simon says bike lanes good for retailers. Yeah, for some ….

Pierre and Marie Curie with their bicycles.

Simon Wilson: Karangahape Rd is Auckland’s best road for bike lanes so why are retailers scared of them?

Bike lanes will bring a host of new opportunities to Karangahape Rd, but still there are retailers who don’t get it. So now we need a new “bright minds” organisation to help the mayor and Auckland Transport get good work done well.

Translation: We need some propagandist outfit to teach these uppity retailers of the errors of their ways.

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Road Maggots Call Disaster As AT Proposes Massive Cycling Cuts

A proposal to slash this year’s budget for cycling projects in Auckland from $65 million to about $6.5 million over the next two years is a disaster for the city, says youth group Generation Zero.

Disaster? This is great news if true. Far less money for cycle lanes road maggots never use anyway.

[…]”This would be a disaster for T?maki Makaurau and an abandonment of a successful programme to increase the number of people on bikes, increase safety, and reduce congestion.” says Generation Zero Auckland Director Leroy Beckett.

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Labour thinks a rail link in 15 years time will solve airport traffic issues now

You really have to wonder about the thinking department of Sue Moroney:

Battling traffic to and from?Auckland Airport is?like travelling in?a third world country, Labour’s transport spokeswoman Sue Moroney says.

Moroney said the latest grind of traffic and roadworks around the airport was a national embarrassment and showed the city was crying out for a train line or light rail service.

Increased?congestion heading into the?peak Christmas and summer holiday period has caused major headaches for travellers, with reports of people missing flights after being stuck in traffic for multiple hours.

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Well now, this is refreshing. Now all Phil Goff has to do is match the rhetoric with deeds

Phil Goff is playing the tough guy.

He’s ordered council officers to do what they are told.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff is laying down the law with council bodies, telling their highly paid bosses to be more open and accountable and instructing Auckland Transport to lift its game on public transport.

Goff has also told the council’s investment arm to ensure Ports of Auckland are clear there will be no further reclamation or wharf extensions into the Waitemata and the time has come to look at reducing or removing cars altogether from the waterfront wharves.

The messages to the six council-controlled organisations (CCOs), and copied to council chief executive Stephen Town, are contained in draft letters of expectation. The letters, much tougher than in the past, will be discussed by councillors at Thursday’s finance committee before being finalised.

Last night, the new mayor told the Herald that a clear message he heard on the election hustings was the term ”council-controlled organisations” was a misnomer. ? Read more »

Mike Lee is right and Phil Goff is wrong

It is almost never that I agree with Mike Lee but in this case he is right.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff supports a blogger joining the Auckland Transport board after leaving two councillors off the board.

Last week, Goff announced two council appointments on the board would remain vacant for now to look at the best form of accountability for Auckland Transport and other council-controlled organisations.

He was not convinced having councillors on the board – Mike Lee and Chris Fletcher have been board members for six years – and subject to secrecy provisions was the best form of accountability.

Patrick Reynolds, of the Transport Blog, has applied for an observer role on the board, despite the blog stating it “is not associated in any way with Auckland Transport”.

Reynolds is seeking a customer focus committee board observer role – a non-voting and unpaid position.

In a letter to the board, Reynolds said he was a highly engaged customer and commentator on Auckland Transport issues who believed his “other side of the counter” perspective would be extremely valuable.

“There is now significant commonality between our aims and official AT policy. We are highly aligned with AT,” Reynolds said.

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Goff gives Hulse the arse card; appoints one of his South Auckland mates as deputy

Phil Goff has replaced one of the architects of rates increases as his deputy with a member of the Terrible Ten who voted for rates increases under Len Brown.

New Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has confirmed the badly kept secret Bill Cashmore will be his deputy, while also announcing the council’s committees will be overhauled to cut down on meetings.

An official announcement on Thursday confirmed speculation National Party member Mr Cashmore would be picked for the No. 2 spot over two-time deputy mayor Penny Hulse.

Mr Goff – a former Labour Party leader – told reporters he hoped the appointment of Mr Cashmore – who ran unopposed in his largely rural Franklin seat – would send a message to Auckland’s farmers that they were still part of the super city.

“He has a reputation for getting things done. He’s a straight shooter,” Mr Goff said.

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Council commits $11M so road maggots can enjoy the ladies of the night too


Auckland Council sure knows how to blow millions and for so few people as well.

Auckland Transport and Auckland Council today revealed plans for proposed changes to Karangahape Rd and are inviting feedback from the public.

The proposal includes a protected cycleway on both sides of the road. It will span the length of the road and part of Upper Queen St.

Other plans include improvements for pedestrians, peak-hour bus lanes, bus-stop relocations, changes to parking, upgraded street lighting, street furniture, cycle parking, opportunities for outdoor dining and street activities and rain gardens, trees and landscaping. ?? Read more »