babies stolen from teenage mothers

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Melbourne cult ‘The Family’ was started in the mid-1960s by yoga teacher Anne Hamilton-Byrne and is well-known for the haunting similarities forced on the children to make them look like siblings ?The tentacles of this cult were incredibly wide?: children who were in the cult The Family, at Lake Eildon. Photograph: Scribe Publications

The Family

‘Unseen Unheard and Unknown’

With its identically dressed blonde children and its use of LSD, The Family was one of the stranger outposts of the counter-culture. It’s got the children; it’s got the locations that are kind of dank and sinister but beautiful. It’s sort of like a Grimm fairytale.

Australia, 1987. Police swoop on a forest compound to rescue six abused children from The Family, an apocalyptic sect with the motto ? unseen, unheard, unknown. Its guru, Anne Hamilton-Byrne, a beautiful Kim Novak blonde with an obsession for cosmetic surgery, has disappeared.

For 15 years, police received reports of strange home-schooled bleach-blonde children. But it?s only when Detective Lex de Man discovers children as young as 13 are being injected with LSD that police intervene.

For devotees, Anne Hamilton-Byrne is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. They change their names, sign over title deeds and produce children with partners selected by Anne. They even adopt babies stolen from teenage mothers under her direction. At least 28 children are collected to fulfil Anne?s dream of raising a master race to survive the apocalypse.

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