Get ready to pay, comrades: No plastic bags for you!

Stuff and nonsense reports on the latest government brainfart. $100K fines for plastic bags. quote.

Quote:[?]The Government announced in August plans to phase out single-use plastic shopping bags, later opting for a ban after feedback that included 9000 submissions.End of quote.

Is that all it takes to get something banned? Yet if you want something unbanned you have to hold a nation wide referendum.

Quote:Ministry for the Environment documents confirm rule-breakers could be fined up to $100,000, depending on the seriousness of the offence.

A spokeswoman said they were “working to get the word out” in time and would work with retailers first. Court action would be a last resort, she said.End of quote.

Translation: Do as we say or else.

It is of interest to note that the fine for reckless use of a firearm is a maximum of $3000. So we have a government that thinks that reckless selling of plastic bags is significantly worse than the reckless use of a firearm! quote.

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Do it Twitter, I Double Dare you

Twitter has said that it will remove Trump from the social platform if he becomes too ” unruly. ” Their stance is not unsurprising given their ongoing campaign of censorship of conservative voices which has created an exodus to Gab. Trump’s campaign team have credited their social media campaign with helping them win the election so it is not surprising that the left-leaning business would now look for any possible excuse to take away Trump’s communication with his massive following.


Trump?s Twitter account now has 16.2 million followers, and his Facebook account has 15.6 million likes. His Instagram account has 4.2 million followers. Between the three, that?s 36 million people his personal social media accounts reach.

?The success to our social media platforms comes directly from then-candidate, and now President-elect of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump,? Scavino told?Breitbart News. ?It is all Mr. Trump and his messaging. Whether Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram platforms, Mr. Trump is directly involved with our social media messaging. He loves communicating with the American people, and he loves seeing what is going out.?

Scavino informed?Breitbart News that there was not some boardroom of political consultants pre-testing talking points for tweets and Facebook and Instagram posts before they went out. It was him, Trump and his iPhone, that led the way in making this happen.

?Our social media platforms?and the way they were operated?is without question, historic,? Scavino said. ?It has never been seen before, and it will never be seen again. We didn?t have a massive team?just a few of us working on all of his social platforms. We did not have videographers, producers, or social media managers responsible for handling each platform.

…That occasionally led to some criticism of some of the posts, but Trump?s victory on November 8 speaks for itself.

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Another perspective of France’s intentions regarding the Burqa and the Burkini

The below article is another perspective of France’s intentions regarding the Burqa and the Burkini. It is not arguing right or wrong but attempts to explain the French perspective. Only you the reader can decide whether the French perspective is moral or not.

This goes back to the philosophical issue of the tolerance of intolerance, or more broadly of whether objective moral truths exist or not. Western democracies, such as France, have self-determined that there are objective moral truths in the universe, of which include concepts of non-intervention (on the person, and when possible); of personal freedom; and of religious freedom.

The problem, however, is that western democratic philosophies don’t have room in them for unlimited freedom or tolerance. Some things may not be tolerated. This is lost on many observers of western democratic philosophy, especially the uninformed who see the Bill of Rights and incorrectly assume that the protections and tolerances they afford are unlimited (which is not the case; there are many exceptions in place, both legally and ethically, concerning the rights laid out in that particular document). As an example relating specifically to religious tolerance, even a “deeply held” religious belief in the spiritual power of snake handling is not protected in the States because of the great risk untrained professionals have, both towards themselves and others, of injury when handling snakes.

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Facebook banned her for criticising Islamists but she got the last laugh


Censorship ?and bans on social media continue?to be an issue for ?conservative and libertarian’s?writers.It is one of the reasons why I have left Twitter and moved to Gab. ?Shireen Qudosi is a writer based in California and is a Muslim activist against Islamism.When facebook banned her for showing screenshots of a private conversation she had with editor Javed Ali she fought back. She had shown it to illustrate the abuse she was receiving from him ?but Facebook banned her anyway.

My Facebook silencing was temporary. I had the ability to fight back, but many people don?t.

You don?t wake up one day and decide you?re going to take on a 1400-year-old religion.

If no one in their right mind would ever want to earn their living as a writer, being a Muslim activist against Islamism is an even less desirable lifestyle choice. This isn?t something you do for fame or fortune. This is a calling, an acknowledgement that your conscience doesn?t allow you to do something else.

Critique of Islamic doctrine is easy; it?s all there in black-and-white. Helpfully, authorized translations of Islamic texts on Sharia law are widely available in English. The most apologists and clueless ideologues can do is pretend they don?t exist.

Arguing with Islamists and their fellow-travellers, however, is a lot tougher. Islamists work within the open societies of the West to create a more favorable climate for Islamic ideology. Now, they work comfortably alongside a new generation of Muslim Americans who are more stridently leftists.

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Tweet of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 4.11.58 PM

For those of you who do not use Twitter or follow the gay conservative provocateur and journalist Milo?Yiannopoulos, he has been banned permanently from Twitter. Milo has a MASSIVE Twitter following. Twitter have banned him before for short periods of time but this time they claim it is for good. The twitter hashtag #FreeMilo is now trending.

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Time to ban tractors

Waiting, waiting… for Greens to say we must ban tractors, or add roll cages, helmets, or something. ?Now that would make an excellent Member’s bill

?A man is dead after a tractor rolled on a rural property at Te Akau north-west of Hamilton.

St John Ambulance communications team manager Brett Tobeck said the incident occurred just after 11am.

“A tractor has rolled on a man in his 40s near the gateway of the address.” he said.

Emergency services are still at the scene.


Do the greens have an aspirational policy around beating this record?

The Greens love to ban things, though Simon Bridges is fast getting a reputation for a meddlesome banner as well. I wonder though if they have an aspirational policy around beating this record?

Chris Grayling, the employment minister, is publishing a list of the 10 ?most bizarre? health and safety bans which have come to light since he took office just over a year ago.

Top of the list is the decision by the Wimbledon authorities to close Murray Mount after it rained, amid fears that tennis spectators would slip over.

Bans on pins to secure poppies and the halting of children?s sack races are also ridiculed.

Mr Grayling is heading a review of health and safety laws, an issue championed by David Cameron.

He appeals to councils and companies today to ?show common sense?. He said: ?We have seen an epidemic of excuses wrongly citing health and safety as a reason to prevent people from doing pretty harmless things with only very minor risks attached.

?The law does not require this to happen: people must be encouraged to use their common sense.

?Middle managers in councils and companies should not try to hide unpopular decisions behind health and safety legislation. People must acknowledge these myths and continue to challenge them.?

Other unacceptable health and safety bans highlighted by Mr Grayling include stopping pupils from using monkey bars without supervision in Oxfordshire; a ban on kite-flying on a beach in east Yorkshire; and preventing carnivals with fancy dress parades.

The decision by the All England Lawn Tennis Club to close the hill where fans gather to watch televised coverage of Centre Court attracted much criticism.

Judith Hackitt, chairman of the Health and Safety Executive, wrote to Wimbledon and the Lawn Tennis Association complaining about the decision.

?People have been walking up and down wet grassy slopes for years without catastrophic consequences,? she said. ?If the LTA was concerned about people slipping and suing for their injuries the message should have made clear the decision was ‘on insurance grounds?.?



Why disarming a population is evil

xperts-agree-on-gun-controlThere is talk once again about banning this and banning that because some criminal arse has used some weapon to commit a crime. The simple fact is this, a ban only disarms the innocent, the criminals remain armed. Once disarmed there is little you can do to resist, criminals or thieves or an out of control government.

Gun Control should mean only one thing, hitting what you aim for.

Join an organisation, resist bans. Ask the government to police criminals not the innocent.

National Shooters Association


Council of Licensed Firearms Owners

National Rifle Association of New Zealand

Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand

New Zealand Antique and Historical Arms Association

New Zealand Deerstalkers

Pistol NZ

New Zealand Service Rifle Association

International Military Arms Society