Is there anything the Greens don’t want to ban?


The Greens have pulled out the ban hammer again:

The Green Party has called for a temporary stop to future?deals granting?overseas water-bottling companies rights?to extract New Zealand’s?water for commercial benefit.

The Government called the request “absolute nonsense” and downplayed the impact of such deals on New Zealand’s freshwater resource.

The Ashburton District Council’s sale of Lot 9 within?its business estate, which comes with consent to abstract 1.4 billion litres of artesian water each?year, has kicked off a nationwide debate about water ownership.

It later emerged that just 15 kilometres away,?a group of businessmen were selling?a property with consent to abstract half a billion litres of water each year?to bottled-water suppliers.

In light of both deals, the Green Party said there needed to be a moratorium on such transactions so the issue could be properly debated.

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Banning Trump visit to UK causes 3-hour debate in parliament

via Reuters

via Reuters

British MPs have debated a petition to ban US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump from Britain over remarks on Muslims, but while describing his comments as “crazy” and “offensive”, most said the ban would go against free speech.

They said Trump should be allowed into Britain where his views could be challenged, a ban would give him more publicity, or it was not for Britain to get involved in US affairs.

Trump caused outrage in December with his comments that Muslims should be banned from entering the US.

He spoke after 14 people died in a shooting spree in California by two Muslims whom the FBI said had been radicalised.

His comments prompted more than half a million Britons to sign a petition calling for him to be barred from entering the country, where he has business interests. Read more »


Those Cwazy old Gweens

Three items via the tipline:

Hilarious ? and desperate ? that the Green party are soliciting people to sign their petition against asset sales at Armageddon in Wellington?yeah right ?.as if techie geeks care with their penchant for all things electronic and disposable

And the old geezer manning their stand in the Green party T-shirt and tinsel wig?just sad


and from Christchurch where the smelly hippies are having their conference….? Read more »


Do the greens have an aspirational policy around beating this record?

The Greens love to ban things, though Simon Bridges is fast getting a reputation for a meddlesome banner as well. I wonder though if they have an aspirational policy around beating this record?

Chris Grayling, the employment minister, is publishing a list of the 10 ?most bizarre? health and safety bans which have come to light since he took office just over a year ago.

Top of the list is the decision by the Wimbledon authorities to close Murray Mount after it rained, amid fears that tennis spectators would slip over.

Bans on pins to secure poppies and the halting of children?s sack races are also ridiculed.

Mr Grayling is heading a review of health and safety laws, an issue championed by David Cameron.

He appeals to councils and companies today to ?show common sense?. He said: ?We have seen an epidemic of excuses wrongly citing health and safety as a reason to prevent people from doing pretty harmless things with only very minor risks attached.

?The law does not require this to happen: people must be encouraged to use their common sense.

?Middle managers in councils and companies should not try to hide unpopular decisions behind health and safety legislation. People must acknowledge these myths and continue to challenge them.?

Other unacceptable health and safety bans highlighted by Mr Grayling include stopping pupils from using monkey bars without supervision in Oxfordshire; a ban on kite-flying on a beach in east Yorkshire; and preventing carnivals with fancy dress parades.

The decision by the All England Lawn Tennis Club to close the hill where fans gather to watch televised coverage of Centre Court attracted much criticism.

Judith Hackitt, chairman of the Health and Safety Executive, wrote to Wimbledon and the Lawn Tennis Association complaining about the decision.

?People have been walking up and down wet grassy slopes for years without catastrophic consequences,? she said. ?If the LTA was concerned about people slipping and suing for their injuries the message should have made clear the decision was ‘on insurance grounds?.?



Gas and coal-fired electricity ban repealed

Gas and coal-fired electricity ban repealedThe new Government has scrapped another Labour climate change measure – passing legislation today that repeals restrictions on the building of new coal and gas-fired power plants. But Greens co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons… [NZ Herald Politics]

Another day another silly lawe repealed.

John Key’s government is moving fast.

Well done removing this silly ban. Security if supply is paramount and it is even more silly for us to dig coal out of the ground and export it to China for them to burn in their own power plants and cop a subsiby from us as well in the form of Kyoto committments.

We have plenty of coal, we need to reef it out and burn it here.

Government reviewing Telecom's Kiwi Share deal

Government reviewing Telecom's Kiwi Share dealThe Government is reviewing its Kiwi Share agreement with Telecom. The contract was established when the company was privatised in 1990, and requires Telecom to provide phone services to remote areas at the same price as in towns… [NZ Politics]

Can anyone else see a cock-up looming?

Apparently the review is because the Minister "noticed" under-investment in the rural sector. Yeah right.?