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Rudman finds his funny bone, slaughters some sacred cows

It is not often I agree with Brian Rudman…about twice in the last year.

However his article about mowing of berms is hilarious.

One-time Rodney dairy farmer Penny Webster got us into this berm-cutting mess as chair of Auckland Council’s strategy and finance committee. What’s her way out? Trucking a herd of cows into town?

Indeed, as Mrs Webster is a one-time Act MP and Auckland Federated Farmers president, perhaps the entrepreneurial possibility of grazing the urban “long-acre” was her masterplan all along. Not only was there lush grass going begging, but there were spin-off advantages.

Anyone who’s tripped around India knows the traffic-calming effects of randomly wandering cows on city streets. Once drivers realised a half-tonne of meandering beast could be lurking behind every parked car, hooning down Ponsonby Rd would rapidly become a thing of the past.

If urban New Delhi can accommodate – and milk – a herd of 40,000 cows, why not Auckland?

With a cow or two on every street, Mrs Webster could also rethink Auckland Council’s grandiose – and expensive – green recycling plans. Instead of wasting millions of dollars on manufacturing, distributing and then regularly collecting 440,000 new greenwaste recycling bins, how much more planet-friendly to feed our food scraps to friendly Doris or Matilda at the front gate.? Read more »

Donnelly resigns as NZ high commissioner

Donnelly resigns as NZ high commissionerNew Zealand’s High Commissioner to the Cook Islands, Brian Donnelly, has resigned due to ill health seven months after his controversial appointment. At the time, Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters admitted he shoulder tapped… [NZ Herald Politics]

Uh Oh! Winston’s patsy in Rarotonga just resigned ostensibly for ill-health. I wonder if it actually has anything to do with the focus that is likely to come on Winston’s relationship with off-shore accounts domiciled in the Cook Islands?

We are in for interesting times I feel.

Cunners will be shaking in his boots

David Cunlifffe must be getting real nervous as Craig Foss continues to publish his newly obtained OIA documents.

Today’s installment is an email that shows that good friend of and soon to be boss of Ray Lind, the husband of Annette King, sees fit to email the Minister to suggest a bevy of people for ministerial appointment to the board. If this isn’t totally inappropriate for a board member to be communicating directly with a minister and not through the Chair of the Board then what on earth is?

Hausmann email

He even helpfully suggests to the Minister at this time it is Pete Hodgson, a couple of ways to try to remove the democratically elected Chair by gerrymandering the the whole process plus he even had the temerity to suggest someone called Mr Ian Wilson as deputy Chair. This is the same Mr Ian Wilson who went on to Chair the critical review (at least in the final version) of the HBDHB.

Oh dear, this is getting embarrassing for Cunners….he may well go down by the end of the week. It certainly looks like Peter Hausmann was almost certainly a plant and snitch in the board and bears quite a great deal of responssibility for its so-called dysfunctionality.

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The Whaleoil Chicken Saga continues

Aracauna Hen: SilverwingWe have had the chooks now for a couple of weeks, the eggs are just rolling in. How ever the kids have really wanted an Aracauna chicken. These little suckers apparently, though not on the evidence thus far, lay green-blue eggs.

So off onto Trademe we went, is there anything you can’t get on Trademe?

Sure enough Aziz is selling Aracauna hens. We bought it and then waited for the system emails, early on Saturday morning Miss Whaleoil wanted us to call Aziz to arrange pickup. We called and Aziz agreed to meet us and since he lived in Papatoetoe he suggested we meet somewhere easy to find. No problem then he suggested…..

Aracauna EggsKFC Papatoetoe, the Whaleoil clan roared with laughter and duly went off to pick up “Silver-wing”…I thought Roast was a better name but got the death-stare from miss Whaleoil.

Aziz duly roared up and brought out a box in the carpark of KFC….the chicken certainly looked very nervous.

When we got home we had a minor escape on our hands in letting Roast Silver-wing into the coop…the other four decided to scamper out….so now they are free-range.

Miss Whaleoil and Pink-BeakFortunately they toddle off back to the coop once the sun goes down. Now they get to run around each day.

Miss Whaleoil is the designated and self appointed egg collector. She loves her job and every day she comes in beaming with the eggs.

She also has to change the straw and fill up the food and water containers, boy chickens slurp up a ton of water.

They love slugs and snails and worms so the garden has been scavenged clean of slugs and snails.

The only one unhappy about this whole chicken thing is the bloody dog, much more hassles from her and I’ll re-home her!!!



Brenden SheehanWhaleoil scores!!!! Brenden Sheehan (Breasel) has quit as Botany Labour Candidate.

Whaleoil 1 -? 0 Axis of Weasel

The Labour list, I hear, is out, perhaps that is the reason? why
Breasel has quit rather than another “sick relative”. What chance his
family member’s illness was contrived in the face of Labours bad
polling and Sheehan’s likely rotten list ranking?

Mind you with predicted power outages this winter Brenden is probably hoping to cash in. Sucks to be a relative of his but.

So Breasel has gone. Rumors are flying that Raymond Huo, a Chinese lawyer, will run in Botany.

Huo – who describes himself as a Highly Unique Oriental – has close links to disgraced Labour candidate Stephen Ching and acted on his behalf – from what I hear on a pro bono basis, although that has yet to be confirmed – when Ching was mired by allegations of corruption and sleaze.

It sounds like Labour have gone from mook to crook in Botany.


National's case just got stronger

EPMU president selected as Labour candidateEngineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union (EPMU) president Don Pryde has been selected as Labour’s candidate for Clutha-Southland.
Mr Pryde, 49, lost out to party official Clare Curran in getting the nomination for the Dunedin…
[NZ Politics]

It looks like National’s case against the EPMU being an eligible third party just got stronger with Don Pryde the national President of the EPMU being selected to stand for Labour in Clutha-Southland.

Obviously bussing the members in worked this time.

Auckland City Councillor resigns…….

Auckland City Councillor resigns postCity Vision councillor Cathy Casey has resigned as Auckland City Council’s child and family advocate in protest at her opponents’ lack of action on a child poverty report.
Citizens & Ratepayers councillors on the community services…
[Auckland News]

Ooops, sorry for the headline, in my excitement I thought the useless twat had actually resigned from everything, instead she is just have a bloody whine over poor kids.

Yawn…just exactly did she achieve while she was toadying to Hubbard in the last counci?

Last night on the tiles

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of being entertained on the town by Bridget Saunders and Rodney Hide.

We met up at Shanghai Lil’s. If you haven’t been there before imagine a Chinese Opium Den missing only the pipes or hookahs. There is however incense burning and host is legend Billy Farnell fussing over the guests. The atmosphere is spectacularly restful…I could have stayed there all night lazily drinking and enjoying conversation.

After Shanghai Lil’s we went on the the Basement for the Opening showing of “On The Conditions And Possibilities Of Helen Clark Taking Me As her Young Lover“. It is part of the NZ International Comedy Festival. Now I don’t normally “do” shows. I find them a yawn but Bridget screamed at me down the phone and sent me an email calling me a homo if I didn’t attend. Attending with Rodney was a bonus.

The play itself is an adaptation from a book of the same name by Richard Meros, who actually seems to have an alarming knowledge about Helen Clark.

Right I have been grandiloquent enough. The show was fucking outstanding and outrageous at the same time. It mercilessly mocks all sides of the political spectrum and uses a huge amount of images of the Dear Leader, some of which i think have been nicked from the Whaleoil gallery of Dear Leader. That’s fine that is why I created the gallery so we can use images that are Really truly Helen rather the faux-tograph that is the official portrait.

I don’t think they could have chosen a better actor than Arthur Meek, he played the dweeby and enthusiastic Richard Meros brilliantly. The one liners and multi liners are hilarious as was the silly woman two rows in front with the Betty Boop laugh.

Using a Powerpoint presentation as a key part of the play I have got to say t is the first PP presentation I haven’t gone to sleep in.

The play is funny, seriously funny, more than LOL funny and slightly less than ROTFLMAO funny, but funny nonetheless…Hmm perhap LMAO funny.

It is very hard to choose the best lines as there were so many, but this one sticks out.

“She is the first elected female Prime Minister of New Zealand for god’s sake she can do what she likes! Deconstructing absurd socio-sexual paradigms is meat and two veg to this woman. She has made a career out of proving people wrong. Women have no place in parliament, MMP can’t work as a system, You can’t do Waimate to Christchurch in under an hour and a half.”

It was attended by a veritable cast of stars, Rodney, Bridget, Te Radar, Michael Hurst and of course me.

I highly recommend attending and I will be going again on Friday night so if any bloggers fancy a night at the theatre, this is well worth the effort and will be $20 well spent.

Not being a arty-farty type I give this play a 9 out of 10, why not 10, well that would be perfection and there can only be one.

After that we went back to Shanghai Lil’s and Rodney bolted. I caught up with Grant Chilcott and reminisced with him and Billy about some old parties and hijinx we all got up to when I was a kid working at the Hyatt.

Finally TVNZ covers the HBDHB

<Report slams Hawke’s Bay DHB over conflict | HEALTH | NEWS |

Finally TVNZ cover the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board scandal. Unfortunately fro King, Hausmann and Lind the reportage wasn’t helpful and in distinct contrast to Hausmann’s and Ken Douglas’ crowing about exoneration. I for one would like to see the TWO draft reports because if this report is an exoneration I shudder to think what the other two look like.

The whole saga began with concerns board member Peter Hausmann was too heavily involved in preparing a contract possibly worth up to $50 million, while knowing that Healthcare New Zealand, the private company he also runs, was frontrunner to win it.

A DHB worker blew the whistle when she discovered some emails, confiding in then acting CEO Ray Lind, the husband of former health minister Annette King.

That later raised eyebrows because Hausmann was appointed to the board by King whose husband has now left the DHB and works for Hausmann.

The report avoided dealing with the politics of that but slammed Hausmann’s failure to fully reveal his involvement which it described as “unusual”.

And Hausmann wasn’t alone. Fellow board member Peter Dunkerly is also criticised for taking part in discussions about pharmaceutical contracts while failing to adequately reveal his extensive shareholding in pharmaceutical companies.

Some are more concerned about what has been left out of the report, with claims a first draft much tougher on Hausmann has been watered down.

The only way the stench of corruption can be expunged is a full Commission of Inquiry.

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Another Day, another email

The emails just keep flooding in about the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board.

The sacked members of the board have issued a press release.


The former board members of the Hawke?s Bay District Health Board expect the review panel?s report, due out on Monday, will be a ?whitewash?.

Based on comments made to date, both inside and outside Parliament, they suspect the report will fail to address many of the key issues and ignore evidence given in the Board members? submissions.

Comments made under Parliamentary privilege this week indicated that the final report will be radically different from the first draft.

?This whole process reeks of political interference,? the former Board members said today.

?Based on comments made by Mr Hausmann earlier today, it appears that he has been given advance notice of some of the report?s content. It now seems clear that this exercise has been nothing more than a drawn-out, pointless, whitewash,? the former Board members said.

?There seems little doubt now that the only way the public will get full disclosure and accountability on this matter is for the Auditor General to investigate. We will continue to ask him to do just that.?

The purpose of the report was to review the conflict of interest concerns surrounding Government-appointed Board member Peter Hausmann and the way in which the Board, the chief executive and senior managers handled those conflicts.

?We?ve always maintained that the conduct of Mr Hausmann, chief executive Chris Clarke and certain senior managers in managing the conflicts of interest was, and remains, unacceptable for a publicly accountable entity,? said the former Board members.

– ends –

Yes, unfortunately for Cunliffe the original draft report will be seeing the light of day on or about the same day he reaches for his bucket of whitewash.

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