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Hooton on Evil

Matthew Hooton writes in the NBR about the evil of Helen Clark. Why his clumns aren’t online is beyond me and the weekly traipse up to the Howick Stationers is a bore. However todays column made the fee for the whole NBR worth it.

Everyone should read at least the summary of this week’s Foreshore and Seabed report, for a timely reminder of the true nature of the regime defeated last November.

From 1999, Helen Clark set about controlling all sources of public discourse in New Zealand.

Clark ultras were progressively appointed throughout the public service, including even the upper echelons of the police, or moved into influential roles in state broadcasting.

Actors, artists and screenwriters, who normally play an important subversive role in society, were purchased with taxpayer indulgences and prime ministerial patronage.

This march through the institutions created a left-wing fog so thick that, even today, the public still perceives a mostly positive picture of Ms Clark’s nine grisly years in power.

That fog is lifting and historians will eventually assess Ms Clark to have been a political monster in the mould of Nixon or Muldoon.

Perhaps Matthew is prone to some hysterics but in the cold light of the truth that has emerged from the dark days of Helengrad we can see that there is some accuracy in his opening gambit.

From the outset, Clark’s regime had a bloodlust for the politics of personal destruction. Whether Peter Doone, Roger Kerr, Kit Richards or “hater and wreckers” Pita Sharples and Tariana Turia, anyone who opposed its agenda was viciously smeared.

Her government stole money, passed retrospective legislation to cover up its crimes, defended criminal wrongdoing by its ministers, outlawed effective criticism of the regime in election year, lied shamelessly even on trivial matters and brazenly removed basic legal rights even from its allies.

Thus, while most intelligent people didn’t care whether there was GE corn in New Zealand, the Clark Government said it did care, and insisted there wasn’t when it knew there was.

Government PR budgets were brought under the control of party activists like Clare Curran, and taxpayers’ money used for pledge cards and other propaganda as if it were party funds.

Whenever caught, Ms Clark would smear anyone from the auditor-general to the charity to which she sent a fake painting. Where necessary, she’d change the law to declare what she had done to be legal.

Again a little theatrical, yet somehow very accurate. We can see a picture of true evil starting to appear.

Against such competition, it’s difficult to identify the most evil act of the Clark years, but the Foreshore & Seabed Act probably takes the title.

This was legislation introduced to Parliament by attorney-general and Clark puppet Margaret Wilson to overturn a unanimous Court of Appeal decision in which she herself was the losing party.

The decision did not award ownership of anything to anyone, being merely jurisdictional.

Nor did it invoke potentially-contentious Treaty law, instead resting entirely on the ancient common-law doctrine of aboriginal title.

If Ms Clark and Ms Wilson disagreed with the decision, they could have appealed to the Privy Council, but they decided not to because they were then trying to abolish that right for everyone else.

Instead, immediately – just four days after the Court of Appeal decision – they announced legislation to blatantly deny a group of New Zealanders the right to explore their common-law property rights in court.

It was a despicable attack on the rule of law and due process, strongly opposed on principle by the business community and a wide cross section of the community, including me.

Inded it was a despicable act, robbing a whole section of our population from recourse before the courts purely on the basis of race. A more racist act in the history of New Zealand would be hard to find. What can Goff do to undo the damage.? All indications thus far on Goff though are that he is contuniing at least with the politics of persaonal destruction, not the least for himself by running dirty little sting and pimping operations. However Matthew Hooton disagrees.

Today, Labour still struggles with these truths, absurdly claiming its hand was forced by Bill English and Don Brash.

In fact, when Ms Clark and Ms Wilson decided to legislate, Bill English’s National Party was dying in the polls and Dr Brash was merely his disloyal finance spokesman.

The Orewa speech was more than six months away; the Iwi/Kiwi billboards two years.

Before it can be redeemed, Labour needs first to be honest about its past. It must admit that it alone was responsible for the outrage, and that it knew what it was doing was wrong, but that it did it anyway.

After the excesses of Muldoon, Jim McClay became National’s leader. Mr McClay proved to have no hope of ever becoming prime minister but he valiantly began the process of eliminating the Muldoon legacy from his party. History judges him kindly.

Like Mr McClay, Phil Goff will never be prime minister but history too will judge him kindly if he uses his time as leader to distance his party from the disgrace of the Clark years.

If Goff is Labour’s McClay then that makes it highly likely that David Shearer is Labour’s John Key.

David Shearer – Leadership Challenge?

I have described David Shearer as Labour’s Clem Simich, but could he really be Labour’s John Key. Watch this interview and listen carefully.

Note how he says Phil Goff is not internationally successful (a strange claim for a former foreign minister!)

And he says “not right now” about wanting to be leader.

New MP has message for Labour

New MP has message for LabourNew Mt Albert MP David Shearer has wasted no time in sending a clear message to his party that it must move with the times, generate new ideas, recruit fresh talent, take risks and listen to New Zealanders. [Stuff Politics]

A week ago I dubbed David Shearer the Clem Simich of the Labour party and today he proved my point by announcing he was elected to deliver a message to his party echoing Clem’s exact same purpose for becoming an MP in 1992.

I wonder perhaps if David Shearer will be more successful in delivering his message than Clem Simich was in delivering his?


Labour's Mata Hari has history

According to National Party sources, Neelam Choudary, has approached numerous National MP’s with camera in hand asking to have a photo taken with them and unprompted made light of her Labour party affiliation and said “but we are all friends around here”.

There are unconfirmed reports that she also made specific requests of National MPs an introduction to John Key, non of these requests for introduction have been as explicit as Phil Goff’s request, on her behalf, for a meeting with the most popular Prime Minister in living history.

Further Whaleoil can now reveal that Neelam Choudary has been an integral part of the Daivid Shearer campaign in Mt Albert. She is credited with running the “Get out the Vote” for the Indian community.

Exhibit A:

Masquerading as an ordinary Mt Albert voter from “Manukau”, she had this comment on the Mt Albert by-election.

The Waterview Motorway and Super City issues will play a vital role in the by- election. A number of Mt Albert residents are unhappy with the government’s decision to construct a combined surface tunnel through the communities to save cost.

Labour is in a strong position to retain the Mt Albert seat.

Besides, this constituency has had the benefit of strong and able representation by former prime minister Helen Clark. It is vital that the constituents bring a strong candidate who will represent them best in parliament. Labour’s David Shearer has the potential to be a good lawmaker and has experience with people.

FYI Phil Goff, a Zardozi is not a see through garment, it is an embroidery technique common in Indian fashion. More on Phil goff’s dishonesty later.

Does David Shearer know something we don't?

David Shearer is a WomanDavid Shearer is full of surprises. Firstly we found out that he thinks privatising the army is a bang-up idea and I must say I can’t disagree with him on that one. He also supports out-sourcing peace-keeping.

Then yesterday we found out that Phil Goff’s honey trap girl was working on his campaign team and he is a friend of hers on Facebook.

Finally the best kept secret of the campaign so far.

David Shearer is actually a woman!!!

So we have had the previous member for Mt Albert who was a woman but talked, walked and looked like a man and now we have the prospective MP for Mt Albert who talks, walks and looks like a man but is in fact a woman.

Go figure.

David Shearer wo/man of mystery.

How to buy an election with Taxpayer funds

Labour are desperate to win in Mt Albert and the TV One poll hs thrown them. They are now faced with an uphill battle to motivate the troops this week after a poll that suggested that they didn’t have to do any more to win. That leaves the prospect of a lower turnout than expected because some supporters may well not bother because they think that David Shearer will win hands down. If that coincides with appalling weather and Green voters switching back to Greens because they think Shearer is safe then it could be all on for the weekend.

Meanwhile Labour’s spending continues unabated. Not only have they promised over $3 billion of taxpayers money for a tunnel that they can’t afford nor deliver, they have also spent up large on the campaign directly.

I have taken the liberty of estimating conservatively how much has been spent by Labour of their own money but more importantly how much of taxpayers money they have spent to ensure victory in Mt Albert.

Item Cost Paid By
Collateral (7 items)  $21,000 Labour Party
Staff $35,000 Labour Party
MP travel  $50,000 Parliamentary Services
Staff  $10,000 Manukau City
Polling  $55,000  Labour Party
Focus Groups $20,000 Labour Party
Vehicle use  $6,000 EPMU
Offices  $5,000 Labour Party
Hoardings  $8,000  Labour Party
Total $210,000  

As you can see this is quite some amount and far in excess of the $50,000 allowed under the law. The interesting amounts are the costs paid for by the Manukau City Council (more on this later), EPMU and Parliamentary Services.

Labour has literally thrown their caucus at this campaign.  Even Russell Brown has inadvertantly shopped out of town Labour MP’s canvassing the electorate.

They knocked on doors too. The weekend before last, I came out my front door to find Labour MPs Grant Robertson and Maryan Street visiting every house in my street. That’s old-fashioned campaigning of the kind that is possible in an electorate race, where you actually stand a chance of making direct contact with a significant proportion of voters

It is very difficult to see quite what was so important for an MP from Wellington Central and a List MP from Nelson had yo do in Mt Albert that they also had time to go door knocking. 

Not only that we know for sure that Darren Hughes from Otaki, Trevor Mallard from Wainuiomata and Taupo, Annette King from Wellington, Parekura Horomia from Gisborneand other out of town Labour MP’s have traipsed the streets in support of David Shearer the candidate from Amman, Jordan.

Even most of the Young Labour tossers who were campaigning on Sunday outside the National Party function were from Wellington.

Labour quite simply is spending huge amounts to ensure they win. David Shearer had better come in more than 5000 in front of Melissa Lee or else it may well be seen as a moral loss let alone a financial loss. I wonder if they will fight as hard for Horomia’s seat when he chucks it in shortly.

Massacre in Mt Albert?

Lee’s blunders hurt National in Mt Albert, poll showsThe by-election battle for Mount Albert this Saturday could have been a much closer affair than is now predicted, according to a special ONE News Colmar Brunton poll [TVNZ News Politics]

I was shocked to hear last night TVNZ describe a masscacre in Mt Albert.

My first thought was OMG! David Bain has run amok in celebration of conning the jury.

Still I think TVNZ’s poll is flawed. I can’t pinpoint why I think that but the feedback from people on the street simply doesn’t match the poll results.

Though in one respect the result isn’t surprising when you consider that Labour is throwing literally billions of dollars they don’t have at winning this seat. For them and for Phil Goff it is a must win.

Now the interesting thing about the poll is that TVNZ also included party vote stats even though that doesn’t come into play. What that says is that the people of Mt Albert, though they are supporting David Shearer personally they are more supporting National in general.

And after attending a meet the candiates meeting last night I am now left with the impression that David Shearer is the Clem Simich of the Labour Party. He is supposed to be delivering a message to Wellington that like Clem’s will never get there.

He appeared completely disinterested in all aspects of the night, at one stage when I was filming I thought he had fallen asleep, though given the poll results I think him and his flown in team think the battle is all over.

Why hasn't David Shearer resigned?

Labour’s polling in Mt Albert isn’t giving David Shearer any sense of comfort.

Despite being parachuted in by Phil Goff just two months ago to compete for the Labour nomination for Mt Albert, Shearer’s wife and children remain in Amman, where Shearer was based as the UN coordinator for Iraq.

Shearer has not yet resigned from his UN post, but remains on leave to contest the election. He’s retained his own golden parachute back to Jordan in the event that Melissa Lee pulls of an upset win in Mount Albert.

The UN website still has Shearer listed as the Deputy Special Representative.

My information suggests he hasn’t resigned his post. He has said he wants to bring his family back to New Zealand. He won’t do that unless he gets a job as an MP.

Has David Shearer lied to the media and the people of Mt Albert when he said he had resigned his position?

Shearer and Norman can't get their spin straight

The local rag in Mt Albert has sent some questions to the candidates and my, my aren’t the answers illuminating. The candidates were asked;

1) If elected, what will you specifically do to help those who lose their homes due to the government’s new option for the Waterview connection?

2) Do you support increasing the amount of high density housing in the electorate?

3) As the local MP, how would you work with local bodies and other agencies to help improve local amenities like the Mt Albert shops and train station?

Shearer and Norman, despite all their rhetoric over Waterview simply haven’t had the gumption to match the rhetoric with any action.

Russel Norman, Green

1) I support building lots more state houses and will pressure the government to ensure there’s other housing options available for affected residents. And we need to ensure proper compensation for those left living with a motorway in the backyard.

2) I support planned high-quality medium-density housing along transport routes, especially near the quieter electrified train line. We also need more greenspace to accompany any medium density housing projects.

3) I would stay in close contact with all the relevant agencies to ensure we get it right, that the train station and shopping centre are upgraded urgently, with better links between the platform and shops. Central government needs to stump up with funding to improve the sewage system.

David Shearer, Labour

1) I will work to make sure residents are properly consulted and compensated if their homes or livelihoods are affected; to reduce the environmental impact and disruption and increase public transport.

2) Good quality high density housing around transport hubs can create strong communities. I don’t support shabby shoe-box developments or those that destroy the character of existing neighbourhoods. I will work with communities to find housing solutions that best suit their needs.

3) We are kicking off a campaign to find out people’s priorities for improving our local shopping areas and train stations. We need to invest in our shopping centres so they become real community focal points. We need to clean up graffiti and upgrade our train stations together with commercial areas.

So the both of them have admitted finally that there is not one thing that either of them can do about Waterview and Russel Norman is so out of touch with this urban electorate he thinks he supports putting “lots more state houses” into Mt Albert. In case he hadn’t noticed there isn’t any spare residential land available for his grand plans of socialised housing.

David “Blackwater” Shearer of Baghdad also shows just how out of touch he is with the local environment. I’m not sure anyone support “shabby shoe-box developments” except well perhaps teh Labour Party that dopesn’t want a motorway that will remove “shabby shoe-box developments” otherwise known as state housing.

Only a vote for Melissa Lee will deliver Mt Albert residents a member in Government. A vote for either of the other two will be a wasted vote.

Labour's strategists head scratching in Mt Albert

Labour's strategists head scratchingLabour’s strategists have called for all hands to help in the battle for Mt Albert. Today they received more bad news. David Shearer is barely in front of Melissa Lee despite Trevor Mallard’s smear campaign for which he is yet to apologise.

My deep throat Labour sources tell me that the latest polling from multi-national polling company UMR shows that David Shearer is polling at 36 per cent and Melissa Lee is just behind on 34% despite all the mudslinging by Labour.

Labour’s strategists are said to be panicking and called for a full turnout. Expect all of Labour’s out of town MP’s to be campaigning on the taxpayers tit.

We could be looking at another Onehunga here. No wonder Labour/EPMU functionaries are lying to constituents telling them it is illegal not to vote.

David “Blackwater” Shearer will be in real trouble if there is any dirt out on him that lands in the final week.