Billy T James

Kiwi as

It would be hard to find someone more ‘kiwi as’ than a half Maori, half Scots who said of himself, “Half of me wants to go to the pub and get pissed, and the other half doesn’t want to pay for it.” Quote.

Billy T Jameswas a Kiwi entertainment icon, known to thousands of New Zealanders for his many television and stage appearances, plus the role of a crazed M?ori-Mexican bandito in movie Came a Hot Friday. A gifted impressionist, his affectionate and oft-debated portraits of M?ori (and many other nationalities) stretched the boundaries of Kiwi comedy. His trademark giggle is embedded in the country’s popular culture; nearly half the respondents in a 2009 Listener poll voted him our greatest local comedian.

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Go on, have a laugh

NZ on Screen have placed a nice range of home grown comedy on-line for us all to go all watery-eyed about. ?Some of it is cutting political satire (especially back then) the likes of which we haven’t seen since the ’90s. ?Somehow lampooning our politicians on TV is no longer the done thing. ? And more is the pity.

Unfortunately NZ on Screen doesn’t allow embedding videos, so for a taste of ’70 political satire, check this out. ?You’ll be treated to a wholesome sex education lesson, just in case you need a refresher. ?(Hint: ?Make sure the chair has cooled down)

Or just fill your boots.


More good news

The Bali Bombers were executed last night by firing squad. They should have fed the bodies to the pigs.

Rot in Hell assholes.


Bolger to head Govt’s ‘KiwiRail’ service (+video)Former Prime Minister Jim Bolger will head KiwiRail, the country’s renationalised rail network.
The Government took ownership of the rail and ferry assets at midnight.
Jim Bolger was prime minister of the National Government…
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I’m with Cactus on this. Jim Bolger should have his party membership cancelled, all photos of his potato head emoved from all party offices and all mention of him expunged from the record. The man is a dirty filthy socialist hugger and should be avoided.

If ever there was a name to be on the top of the list for directors to be sacked after the election then right after Mike Williams would go Jim Bolgers name.

I remember Jim Bolger once sitting in the gold covered armchair in front of the piano in Mum & Dad’s lounge. He had a crystal glass of Scotch in his hand and was quietly telling those who cared to to listen how he thought Jim McLay was agreat guy but unfortunately not really destined to remain leader of the National Party. Two weeks later Jim Bolger was the leader.

I know also how Jim Bolger caved to Winston’s blackmail over who should be given a knighthood, all for the sake of keeping himself esconced in Permier House. He shouldhave called the bastards bluff not kowtowed by him.

Jim Bolger your time is up.

Is Bolger a Labour toady?

Jim Bolger is increasingly looking like a toady of the Labour Party. After destroying them in NZ’s biggest landslide he then set about after being dumped by Jenny Shipley in cosying up to Labour. He has sucked off the Labour tit as a board representative of NZ Post and Kiwibank.

I am increasingly sceptical of where his loyalties lie.

He is now being touted as the Chairman for Michael Cullen’s Trainset. As a former National party leader I would have thought he would have known better than to suck up to Cullen for this cushy little number.

It is thought that because the crusty old bastard is an old party leader that criticism would be blunted. I think that thinking is flawed. National should attack and attack hard, kicking Bolger at the same time as Labour. The man has clearly lost his integrity.