biological gender

The school where some students are more equal than others

These days we are told to “tolerate” all kind of things. We live in an equal society yet we are forced to tolerate inequality for politically correct reasons which are actually racist. The politically correct do not hold certain cultures to the same standards as our western culture. In a nutshell, they expect less of them which is an inherently racist viewpoint. They do not value equality under the law and demand exceptions for those they consider incapable of functioning as our equals.

Now our world has regressed to the point where biological boys and girls are being told that their rights are not as equal as the rights of boys and girls who are transgender.

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Kiwi male student wants to use the girls’ bathroom

Before the new gender terminology was created by nutty academics we had only two sexes and sexual attraction to the opposite or same sex. Oh for those glorious days where we described the world as it actually was rather than through the prism of made-up genders.

In today’s world I can tell lefties that I identify as a man and they will accept it, despite the obvious biological fact that I am not. If I then say I want to use the men’s toilets they will fall over themselves to accommodate me. If I told them I was a lesbian they would accept that too, but if I then tried to go into the men’s toilets they would ask me what I was doing because I am clearly a woman not a man.

Let’s do a little thought experiment. In both situations I am biologically a woman. In both cases I am sexually attracted to women. Why is my lack of a penis only ignored in one of the scenarios?

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