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Planned Parenthood’s dirty little secret



Planned Parenthood has been in the news this year for selling off the parts of aborted babies as well as aborting a certain way to best preserve the organs that they were harvesting to order. Like most businesses, Planned Parenthood is a supply and demand organisation so they set up their clinics ?where there is the most demand for their abortion services.The organisation was created in 1916 and now 100 years later, the taxpayer-funded organisation performs over?300,000 abortions per year making it the United States largest abortion provider. New Zealand’s current population is four and a half million so at Planned Parenthood’s current rate they would wipe out the entire 2016 population of New Zealand in a little over 15 years.

Rapper and TV personality?Nick Cannon is not?backing away from his claim that Planned Parenthood is committing ?genocide? against black people, insisting further that the abortion provider promotes ?population control.?

According to the?2010 census, some 79 percent of Planned Parenthood?s abortion facilities are?located?within walking distance of black or Latino?neighborhoods.

…According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, some 30% of all abortions in the United States are performed on black women, and another 25% are performed on Hispanic women.

…approximately 13 million black children have been killed before birth since Roe v. Wade, representing a population decrease in the black community of nearly one quarter. Almost 40% of all black pregnancies currently end in abortion.

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No frangers, 100% effective and increases libido: Sounds like a win/win/win situation to me

Any contraceptive solution that doesn’t require frangers, is 100% effective AND increases your libido sounds like a miracle, too good to be true.

A contraceptive injection for men has been shown to be almost 100 per cent effective, and may also increase libido.

The hormone-based jab is designed to lower sperm counts by acting on the brain’s pituitary gland.

Over a year-long trial, nearly 96 per cent of couples relying on the injection to prevent unplanned pregnancies found it to be effective. During this time, only four pregnancies occurred among the men’s partners.

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Let’s talk about sex, baby. Actually, just sex, no baby.

One of the single biggest causes of poverty is having kids, and then even more kids once already in the poverty trap.

One of the unintended consequences of a generous welfare system is that it actually encourages more children…the more you have the more money the government throws at you.

New Zealanders need to talk about more actively encouraging some parents to stop having children, the Social Development Minister says.

Discussing how the State could intervene to tackle child neglect and abuse, Anne Tolley told TV One it was “very difficult” to stop negligent parents having more children but the country needed to have the discussion.

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I think Shelley Bridgeman is right, we should give contraception to stupid people

Shelley Bridgeman’s article in a newspaper yesterday was a breath of fresh air.

Finally someone is prepared to say what many have been thinking…that stupid people should be encouraged to stop breeding.

Yesterday’s headline caught my attention: “Free contraception suggested for pre-teens“. It was reported that “[s]enior academics at the University of Otago have called for a free contraceptive programme to be made available to teens before they become sexually active”. Part of the rationale for this is that teen pregnancies place significant costs on individuals and societies.

It’s an interesting idea and one that could get some people thinking about what other pregnancies might place significant costs on individuals and societies. This very question was addressed three years ago when it was revealed that: “[w]omen on benefits – including teenagers and the daughters of beneficiaries – will be offered free long-term contraception.”

This announcement was not well received: critics said “the measure borders on state control of women’s reproductive choices”. The Greens co-leader Metiria Turei reportedly said that “providing free contraception is not the role of the state”.

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Pope Francis knows you use condoms

Pope Francis is the best thing to happen to the Catholic Church for a long time. ?The man appears to walk the talk, is genuinely humble, and pragmatic to boot. ?I’ll reserve my judgement on him until I see him make real changes to deal with pedophile and child abusing clergy, but until then, the signs are of a worldly man.

The Vatican has conceded that most Catholics reject its teachings on sex and contraception as intrusive and irrelevant and officials pledged not to “close our eyes to anything” when it opens a two-year debate on some of the thorniest issues facing the church.

Core church doctrine on the nature of marriage, sexuality, abortion and divorce isn’t expected to change as a result of the debate that opens in October. But Pope Francis is well aware that the church has lost much of its relevance and credibility in today’s secular world and he is seeking to redirect his ministers to offer families, and even gays in civil unions, a “new language” that is welcoming and responds to their needs.

The Vatican on Thursday issued the working document for the synod discussions, which in itself marked a sharp change from past practice: The Vatican sent out a 39-point questionnaire seeking input from ordinary Catholics around the world about their understanding of, and adherence to, the church’s teaching on sexuality, homosexuality, contraception, marriage and divorce.

At least they are starting a dialogue. ?A bit of a social and spiritual census, if you like. ?But talk is cheap. ?Yet I have some hope that this pope may actually drive some practical change, if he’s allowed to do so. ? Read more »

The “Brown Method” gaining popularity

Len Brown’s rushed withdrawal process in lovemaking seems to be making a come-back world wide.

The Daily Mail reports:

Charliegh Avent never has to remember to take the Pill. She and husband Paul don’t have a supply of male contraceptives in their bedside cabinets either.

In fact the couple, who’ve been together for seven years, don’t make any sort of special preparations before they make love.

Because they’ve chosen to rely on the oldest contraceptive system there is: the withdrawal method, in which the man withdraws from the woman’s body just before climax occurs.

In an age when there have never been more options to prevent pregnancy, it would be easy to assume that Charliegh’s approach is rare. ?? Read more »

Too bloody right

Perhaps Paula Bennett can hire this woman?

She’d certainly get my vote for bureaucrat of the year.

Mothers in some large problem families should be taken to the doctors for advice about contraception to stop them having children, a senior government adviser has said.

Louise Casey, the head of the government’s troubled families programme, said that women in problem families have to accept that having another child “might not be the best solution”.

She suggested that instead of having more children they should “do something for themselves” such as “getting a job” or “improving their health”.

Imagine the howls of outrage from the left-wing if you dared suggest the feral underclass be fixed.

She made the comments as new figures showed that the lives of 14,000 of England’s most disruptive families have been turned around under the ?650million programme, a ten-fold increase in the past year.

England’s 120,000 problem families cost taxpayers an estimated ?9billion a year in benefits, crime, anti-social behaviour and health care.

Previous research has suggested that many of them are larger-than-average families. Miss Casey is leading a scheme to turn their lives around after they were blamed for the riots in 2011.

Top ignore the bleeding heart liberals and get on with it.

Perhaps the Herald might like to run a Two Kids Max campaign? But then Simon collins would have nothing to write about.

Paid Parental Leave – A highly flawed concept

? Taranaki Daily News

Gordon Brown uses some plain provincial speaking to deride the poster child for picking the pockets of taxpayers for paid?parental?leave:

Ultimately though, this debate comes down to the highly flawed concept that somehow, the rest of us have to pay women for having babies. It’s their choice, surely? It seems not. Once again, we are being flogged by some for not doing enough for working women.

One Sunday paper even had the issue as a lead story on the front page and used the example of a journalism graduate who now had a 15-month-old child. The poor dear was complaining that the entry-level pay wasn’t enough to make it worth her while to actually get a job, what with the cost of childcare.

Somehow this was the Government’s (our) fault. Naturally there was no mention of a dad or a partner – she was “on her own”.

She also said she got pregnant (despite the free contraception we supply) while studying journalism, so presumably that wasn’t in the plan. It’s only a short leap of logic to imply that that would somehow be the Government’s (our) fault as well. Maybe there could be a work scheme for the unemployed so that someone could actually get the pill from the packet, get a glass of water and administer it to those poor dears who can’t manage it for themselves?

Is Rick Right?

Rick Santorum has said some crazy things in the past but is he right?

On birth control:

“One of the things I will talk about, that no president has talked about before, is I think the dangers of contraception in this country…. Many of the Christian faith have said, well, that’s okay, contraception is okay. It’s not okay. It’s a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be.” (Speaking, Oct. 18, 2011)

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