Black Lives Matter

The racism of Black Lives Matter founder Yusra Khogali

You know they’ve lost the argument and the plot when they use racism to fight alleged racism.

Truth Revolt reports:

While the news media continue to either suggest or openly declare that President Trump and his administration are white supremacists, they ignore the blatant racism of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorist movement.

A BLM leader in Toronto recently posted on Facebook that white people are ?sub-human,? that blacks are “superhuman,” and that the white race could be wiped out “if we had the power to.”

Heat Street reports that Toronto BLM co-founder Yusra Khogali argued that black people are the superior race because white people possess ?genetic defects? that make them lesser humans.

?Whiteness is not humxness, in fact, white skin is sub-humxn,? she wrote, using the gender-inclusive “x” construction favored by identity politics fanatics. ?All phenotypes exist within the black family and white ppl are a genetic defect of blackness.? ? Read more »

The pushback against political violence in America has begun

I read every day now about violence inside America from various groups,?Black Lives Matter, Muslim activists, so-called Anti-fascist groups like Anitfa?and others. An indication of the anger inside America in reaction to all this violence can be seen in this e-mail sent to me by Jack Daly.

Dear Patriot Friend,

By now you?ve heard about the young thugs who?viciously attacked and brutalized my teenaged son because he expressed support for Donald Trump.

These dreadlock-wearing punks shrieked ?F*** Donald Trump? in this gentle boy?s face over and over again as they cornered him, and cast repeated insults about white Americans.

Barack Obama has many blacks, Muslims, and illegal aliens feeling they have the right to attack Trump supporters, cops, businesses, white kids ? anything and anybody ? without going to jail or getting deported.

?Black Lives Matter? mobs chant,??What do we want?? Dead cops!? When do we want them?? Now!?

So in New York, Muslim radicals bashed cops in the head with hatchets and meat cleavers.? Hordes of thugs, vandals, and looters trashed Baltimore, Charlotte, and Milwaukee.? Black Nationalist snipers stalked and murdered five cops in Dallas and shot six in Baton Rouge.? It?s anarchy.

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That made me choke on my breakfast cereal

It turns out that breakfast cereal giant Kelloggs is not just a business that dislikes conservative politics and didn’t want its advertising dollars to be spent on a popular conservative New Media News site. I wondered at the time why they politicised their actions instead of just quietly removing their advertising. Why would they want to damage Breitbart I wondered. Well, it turns out that Kelloggs has a lot more to hide than just the use of palm oil that was produced using child labour.

The institutional left?s funding behemoth W.K. Kellogg Foundation has partnered with and given major donations to George Soros?s Open Society Institute and the Tides Center as part of its massive push to promote a far-left agenda.

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is the nonprofit arm of?cereal and sweets giant Kellogg?s…

…is the seventh largest?philanthropic foundation in the United States.

…In recent years, however, the focus of the Foundation has drifted away from just helping children toward promoting left-wing political issues.

The W. K Kellogg Foundation even gave one million dollars to?support ?the controversial work of the racist, hate group, Black Lives Matter.

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The rise of anti-whiteness

We can look at the elephant in the room because Overton’s Window has changed


Overton’s Window refers to the range of acceptable topics that can be discussed politically. The window is changed not when politicians change their ideas but when ideas change in the society that elects them. The Left wing is particularly good at changing the window. Gay marriage is a good example.

?Consider gay marriage, a subject once so far outside the mainstream that less than 20 years ago, Republicans and Democrats united to pass the Defense of Marriage Act to define marriage under federal law as the union of one man and one woman. Now? That view is such an anathema that it?s difficult to get ? or retain ? a job in entire sectors of the economy if you openly hold to the traditionalist position on marriage.

Donald Trump has been able to address some of the subjects that were unacceptable to discuss previously because American society has changed and is now more receptive.Progressives until recently controlled societies views on subjects like Islam, immigration, border control and groups like Black Lives Matter.It was socially unacceptable to criticise any of these three. Being white was something to be ashamed of and being patriotic or nationalistic was viewed as racism.

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Black lives matter f-all to Black Lives Matter

We see the same in New Zealand, to a lesser degree.? Where Maori will rear up against a cartoon about child abuse instead of rearing up about child abuse.

Are the Police Racist?

An example of media not doing their homework

The below article contains impartial data analysis and demonstrates three things:

  1. Jumping to conclusions can get you into trouble.
  2. The media don?t generally do their homework. Perhaps that’s because the?under-researched?narrative sells more copy while in-depth analysis/research takes time and effort.
  3. We mostly follow our preconceptions.

The data below speaks for itself, and by reading the data analysis minus the rhetoric hopefully we all can draw our own conclusions based on facts.?

I got to thinking about the issues of race regarding the recent tragic police shootings, both the shootings of police and the shootings by police. The best data is from the Washington Post, which has a detailed site listing all of the people killed by police, which begins in 2015 and goes to the present. I thought I?d analyze their data…

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The wonky logic of Wrongly Wrongson

A dog barks next to a canine car in Mexico City, July 18, 2013.REUTERS/Edgard Garrido (MEXICO - Tags: SOCIETY ANIMALS) - RTX11SI1

A dog barks next to a canine car in Mexico City, July 18, 2013.REUTERS/Edgard Garrido (MEXICO – Tags: SOCIETY ANIMALS) – RTX11SI1

Martin Bradbury, or as we ?humorously refer to him here at Whaleoil – Wrongly Wrongson, has found a new passing car to bark at. Now that the Black Lives Matter movement in America has reached peak insanity, ?with the racial hatred of whites and police at an all-time high, he wants to bring it to New Zealand.

When you include a justice system that is racist and imprisons Maori offenders disproportionately I think we have passed a threshold for a determined #BrownLivesMatter campaign to shake Pakeha NZ out of its ignorant John Key trance.

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Only the lives taken at the hands of cops or white people matter


Jay Stalien ?-PHOTO Facebook

An African-American police officer has written an emotional post on Facebook based on his experiences as a black cop in Florida. He works in the city of Riviera Beach that is known for its significant rate of black-on-black crime. He concludes that?only the lives taken at the hands of cops or white people matter to most black people and, after reading what he wrote, I agree with him.

I have come to realize something that is still hard for me to understand to this day. The following may be a shock to some coming from an African American, but the mere fact that it may be shocking to some is prima facie evidence of the sad state of affairs that we are in as Humans.

I used to be so torn inside growing up. Here I am, a young African-American born and raised in Brooklyn, NY wanting to be a cop. I watched and lived through the crime that took place in the hood. My own black people killing others over nothing. Crack heads and heroin addicts lined the lobby of my building as I shuffled around them to make my way to our 1 bedroom apartment with 6 of us living inside. I used to be woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of gun fire, only to look outside and see that it was 2 African Americans shooting at each other.

It never sat right with me. I wanted to help my community and stop watching the blood of African Americans spilled on the street at the hands of a fellow black man. I became a cop because black lives in my community, along with ALL lives, mattered to me, and wanted to help stop the bloodshed.

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