Ex Green party leader blackmailing Fonterra

What is it with these so-called Green virtue signalling bastards who think that blackmail and blockades are valid methods for discussing changes to private businesses.

A protest to stop Fonterra from burning coal in its factories is underway in South Canterbury.

Five people, including former Green Party leader Jeanette Fitzsimons, have chained themselves to the gate of the Clandeboye Dairy Factory.

She said Fonterra is the second biggest user of coal in the country, and they have been trying for some time to get the company to switch to wood chips. ? Read more »

1080 blackmailer gets nearly nine years in prison

The greedy bastard who wanted to blackmail Fonterra to promote his own poison business has today been sentenced to nearly nine years in prison.

1080 blackmailer Jeremy Kerr will spend eight?years and six months behind bars after?his blackmail attempts?cost businesses and the Government $37 million.

The 60-year-old had the country on high alert in 2014 after he posted two letters to Fonterra and Federated Farmers threatening to contaminate baby formula milk powder with 1080 poison, unless the Government agreed to stop using it by March 2015.

It was revealed on Wednesday that Kerr’s blackmail attempts had cost Fonterra, Federated Farmers, Foodstuffs, police, the Government and other dairy companies?$37?million in investigation and increased security.

The substantial loss prompted the Crown to ask Justice Geoffrey Venning to consider the top end of the?maximum penalty possible -?14 years imprisonment. ?? Read more »


Rod Jenden smashes Herald reporter Michael Botur back right in the face


The other day I highlighted a shabby blackmail attempt against Wet & Forget founder Rod Jenden by NZ Herald journalist Michael Botur.

Well Rod Jenden isn’t one to take such threats lightly and so on his blog he has published the email correspondence and the audio and to cap it all off he is offering a “Blackmail Special”.

I think Michael Botur may have played the wrong game with Rod Jenden.

The Streisand Effect is working in reverse of what he clearly intended…and not one of the media outlets he shopped the story to have run it. ? Read more »

Being clever about forcing your ideology onto a commercial business [ Dirty Islam ]

These women did not need to use force to bring a business to its knees. They used social media and a clever campaign using humour instead. Perhaps we can call it Dirty Islam as they are spin doctors without a doubt. Thanks to them a Danish Supermarket chain have been forced to change their rules for staff in order to allow Muslim women to wear their symbols of oppression, forced on them by a medieval ideology that has as its main goal the subjugation of any new country that they move to. What these women did is advertising terrorism and you will see it used again and again in western countries everywhere until we are all one large Islamic State and your daughters will be forced to wear their horrible hijabs because you will no longer live in a ‘ multi cultural ‘ society but an exclusively Islamic one.

NOTE: The sympathetic spin of the article. There is no? sympathy for the business who has been blackmailed into changing how they do business by a slick social media campaign.


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Kiwi blackmailer failed to get Canadian teen to perform lewd acts


…but he may have managed to do it with others

A Manawatu man has been charged with blackmailing a Canadian teenager he met on the Internet.

The 35 year-old convinced the 16-year-old girl from London, Ontario to send him intimate pictures. Read more »


Face of the day

Alastair Thompson

Alastair Thompson

To be fair, Alastair Thompson has many reasons for his intense dislike of Cameron Slater as he has been exposed a number of times on Whaleoil for his dodgy dealings.

However he has now resorted to making things up in order to try to get his revenge. Actually that is too polite. He is defaming Cameron with statements that he knows very well are lies.

It is one thing to hit your opponents by exposing facts, it is quite another to deliberately defame them.

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Fairfax go on media charm offensive for Graham McCready

McCready is suffering the consequences of his actions.

Normally people are discharged from bankruptcy after three years but Mr McCready said he was pursuing early release primarily so he could renew his relationship with his two adult daughters – aged 37 and 40 – who both live in Canada and who he has not seen for 20 years.

Bankruptcy prevented him from travelling and was stopping him from getting on with his life.

Far be it from me to deny McCready his insights and regrets, but if he couldn’t be assed to go see them for 20 years, and (my presumption), they haven’t taken the time to come here, I’m afraid that I see this as nothing more than a cynical ploy.

The boy has form – being convicted for blackmail being one of the list of colourful events in his life. ? Read more »

We can add alcoholic to his titles now

Bankrupt (twice over), convicted blackmailer, fraudster, serial litigant and general ratbag Graham McCready is often erroneously labeled by a compliant media as a “retired accountant”.

Finally the truth comes out and we can add alcoholic and former engineer to his title. And it turns out accountant is no where near accurate.

McCready traces his love of a scrap back to his school days. An address on freedom of speech was banned by the principal. He wrote a second speech about butterflies, but tore it up on stage and delivered the forbidden homily instead. “I got a standing ovation. That was the start of it, and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

A career with the air force brought him both a trade as an engineer, and a serious drinking problem. He says alcohol cost him his marriage to Sylvia, a woman he met in Canada.

“It lasted 20 years. It’s a miracle she stuck around as long as she did.”? Read more »

A quick summary of facts

1. ?”I have made full disclosure” — Len Brown

2. ?James Bews-Hair is fired, leaving only two names to pick from as the source of threatening texts

3. ?”There are 3 more women [that Len Brown has cheated on Shan with] that I know of” — Cam Slater

4. ?Len Brown cancels public engagements, spin weasels cease talking to press.


Impertinent questions ? Read more »

Am I a bottom feeding ratbag blackmailer?

No matter how much Len Brown’s spin weasels tried to personalise this Sex Scandal by attacking the messenger, the story really isn’t about me.

It never was, never has been, and it never will be.

I’ve spent all week trying to prevent what is happening now. ?It basically comes down to this:

Had Len Brown stood down, there would be no need to dig deep and test the veracity of his assertions.

More importantly, there would be no need to bring other people into the public eye.

In spite of huge pressure from my supporters who would like to see more blood on the floor, I’ve concentrated for days on sending overt and coded messages to Len Brown that the game is up.

I’m sad to say, he’s too stubborn. ?And as a result the process has progressed to the point where some, not all, of his other affairs will hit the media in the near future.

I have to say Len, either you are as thick as two planks or you have been getting dreadful advice. ? Read more »