I have a better idea, just close the Ballet Bludgers down

One of the biggest bludger groups in New Zealand is moving to a new home while their home base is quake strengthened.

The Royal New Zealand Ballet is “firmly committed” to Wellington and will continue to hold performances in the capital despite its performance venue closing for earthquake strengthening.

The St James Theatre, which houses the ballet, will be closing for about a year to undergo earthquake strengthening.

Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency spokesman Aaron Alexander confirmed the strengthening would start about this time next year. ? Read more »

Local community tells bludger to stop moaning and to try and fit in

In a refreshing article on Stuff they have provided balance by doing an article that gives the other side of the story other than the story of an embittered bludger.

Western Community Centre manager Neil Tolan says the Nawton community has plenty of positives after it was branded a “hellhole” by a disgruntled resident.

A Nawton community advocate is sticking up for his suburb after it was described by an disgruntled Aucklander as a hellhole.

…Auckland beneficiary?Teri Standen went public on Thursday to say she?had been?living in Nawton for five months after accepting a $3510.50 Housing New Zealand relocation grant, but would rather live in a caravan in Auckland.

Standen said there are gangs?in the area, her 12-year-old son has been?bullied at school and she won’t let her 19-year-old daughter walk home from the bus stop.

“Unfortunately, the good things in communities don’t get the spotlight they deserve,” Tolan said in reply.

“Elliot Park is pumping every night with sports teams training and?families?down here watching. Our local shopping centre, our custodian there does a massive job polishing bins and making sure car parks are there for disability people. Teachers are working late at night. There is a real pride.”

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Herald pimps poor again, and fails to research their bludging backgrounds

The NZ Herald has joined Radio NZ and John Campbell in highlighting the plight of bludgers.

They have taken a slightly different approach trying to make the situation appeal to the long suffering taxpayer.

A group of Auckland families are facing a bleak Christmas in cramped motel rooms that are costing taxpayers thousands of dollars each week.

The Herald visited a motel in South Auckland today where several tenants been housed under the Ministry of Social Development’s emergency accommodation scheme.

Hazel Waipouri and her two granddaughters have been living in a single-bedroom unit at the motel, which the Herald has agreed not to identify, for four months now.

She said the room was costing taxpayers more than $1000 a week.

“It’s terrible, traumatic, bad. We’re stuffed in one room, we’re all getting sick,” Waipouri said.

Despite the cramped conditions, Waipouri said she had no complaints about the motel’s management. ? Read more »

More on John Campbell’s pimping the poor story

John Campbell is paid a large six figure salary. He has an army of ?researchers, yet he didn’t discover that his poster child for homelessness is a ratbag, a drinker, a dope smoker, has plenty of money for Sky and pay per view fights along with tattoos, is connected with gangs and it turns out now an inveterate?liar.

Ministry of Social Development spokesperson Kay Read said in a statement the family was not eligible for a state home until 2017.

She said it had given Ms Murray significant help since May, much of which she did not need to pay back.

When it came to emergency housing, the cheapest accommodation option was not always best, Ms Read said – due to transport, schooling, medical, housing availability and other factors.

She said Ms Murray had been repeatedly evicted due to her behaviour and, while she had a high-priority rating, there were a limited number of landlords willing to take a chance on her or properties that met her needs.

“We keep on working to find a permanent home for the family, and to ensure they’re getting all the support they require to stabilise their situation, despite these challenges, because her son needs a stable home.”

Ms Murray said she had never been evicted.

She lied.? Read more »

John Campbell pimps the poor and fails again

The problem with bludgers, governments and civil servants is they think everything can be solved by the application of plenty of other people’s money.

When that coincides you get situations like this:

Work and Income is paying $2300 a week for a family waiting for social housing to stay in a motel.

Tuaine Murray, her husband and her son, who has a disability, have been living in motels for most of the year, while they wait for a Housing New Zealand property.

Ms Murray said the $2300 per week was for a unit at the Allenby Park Hotel in Papatoetoe.

Initially the money had to be repaid, but now the government is paying for it.

They were recently placed in emergency housing at the motel after stints at various other motels and the Manurewa Marae.

Ms Murray said she desperately needed a Housing New Zealand house, because they were struggling to get a private rental and were at the mercy of Work and Income.

She said the room did not have a functioning oven or a laundry. They could not go on living with these conditions and needed more stability, she said.

“We can’t really carry on doing this. It’s really hard. We’ve been doing it for such a long time … We can’t keep doing this to my son.”

The Allenby Park Hotel has been charging Ms Murray and her family a premium – the normal rate would be slightly more than $1700 a week.

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These bludgers need to get a job not whinge about ‘entitlements’

Frank Underwood was right. Entitlements are the problem, not the solution. The problem is people seem to think they are entitled to things. You are entitled to nothing.

These bludgers need to get a job,?not look for entitlements.

Beneficiaries have been threatened with trespass notices as they wait in line outside a south Auckland Work and Income (WINZ) office.

Police have been called the past two weeks after more than 60 people allegedly threatened staff.

Every Friday morning for the past six weeks, there’s been an unusually long line outside the Clendon Work and Income office.

That’s because Auckland Action Against Poverty (AAAP) has started helping beneficiaries there get what they are entitled to – but their presence has caused a stir.

“The staff of the Ministry of Social Development are intimidated by the behaviour of the crowd here,” police told Newshub. ? Read more »

Is benefit fraud a NCEA course?

If benefit fraud is an NCEA course this women seems to have got at least a “merit”. With points deducted only for getting caught.

A Kapiti woman who fraudulently claimed $131,371 in social welfare benefits?has been sentenced to 10 months’ home detention.

Georgina Harry-Anne Marama Kelly Kraus , also known as Georgina Huriwaka, 39, pleaded guilty in the Porirua District Court on Wednesday?to 30 charges of using a document fraudulently.

Huriwaka, a traffic controller,?first applied for a domestic purposes benefit on January 8,?2010. ?On the form she advised?she?had separated from her husband.

Over the next five?years she continued to claim a benefit despite still living with her husband. The couple had another baby in 2013.

She did not declare her earnings from the fulltime work she started in May, 2015. ? Read more »

Job offer: No whingers wanted

Why is this a story?

He didn’t say no gays, no blacks, no women. All he said is he doesn’t want whingers.

A Mosgiel man has advertised work for a pest controller on Trade Me with some explicit points about the type of person he wants to employ.

“Mustn’t be a whinger,” he writes in the job ad.

Duane Trafford runs Mosgiel-based pest control company, Predator Contracting LTD.

He needs more staff to run the company and has laid out the type of person he wants to employ in clear language.

“I am looking for possumers…not pig hunters…not people that tried hunting once…and thought they liked it…and thought they were having a midlife crisis..and decided they needed to get out of the office…..but Possumers……!!! ? Read more »

Bludgers will be bludgers

Some people can never make a positive change in their life.

More than 200 beneficiaries who accepted a $3000 grant to work in Christchurch have been forced to return the money.

The?3K to Christchurch scheme was introduced?July 2014 in an effort to?help?Work and Income job seekers relocate for full-time employment.?They were offered?a one-off $3000?payment.

Figures released to RNZ showed?one out of every 10 who took?the grant had to give money back. ? Read more »

Knock me down with a feather, I agree with Soper

Barry Soper took off his pink-tinted glasses for just a moment and managed a semi-literate article about bludgers and the indolent.

Over the past couple of weeks a bloke, who some have no doubt written off as a whinging Pom, has appeared on telly telling us kiwis are lazy.

They can’t be bothered turning up for an interview to work at his little flooring company for twenty bucks an hour and if they do turn up, they don’t last in the job. They’d prefer after a couple of days, in his rather indelicate words, to grab a slab of beer and go off on the piss.

The job’s not that taxing, a bit of elbow grease may be required. A 24 year old former supermarket checkout operator saw the item and she’s now gainfully employed learning a trade and earning better money than she could ever have thought of by sweeping groceries past the bar code.

So what’s wrong with our young, have they lost the ability to work?

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