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Great Satire on fake Twitter MP accounts

Of all the fake MP Twitter accounts I think that the fake Sue Kedgely has the best piss take.

Sue Kedgely on Twitter


Yet another Green Ban

Cat fur peltsWhat is it about the Greens that they want to control everything or ban it. Today the mad as a snake Sue Kedgely has announced she will be seeking yet another ban.

This time she wants to ban cat and dog fur from being imported into New Zealand. For some reason it is ok to import other but we get all squeamish when if comes to cat and dog fur.

It isn’t like we are importing cat and dog meat for local consumption…though I wonder what that would taste like. I’m told that dog is tasty.

Her logic, as usual, is impeccable in its absurdity;

Ms Kedgley said the European Union, Australia and the United States had all moved to prohibit imports of cat and dog fur.

“We need to do the same,” she said.

“Otherwise we will become a dumping ground for this unethical trade as markets are closed in other countries.”

Riiiight, so we will become a dumping ground for dead moggy rugs and dog mats will we? Apparently;

“Each year, more than two million cats and dogs are raised in appalling conditions and brutally slaughtered for their pelts,” she said.

“The fur is then used to make clothes, toys and trinkets. Dog pelts are even made into chew toys for dogs.”

She said there was no way for New Zealand consumers to be certain they were not buying products made from cat or dog fur.

“Most cat and dog fur is deliberately disguised and sold using false or incorrect labelling.

Ok, so let me get this straight….we will become a dumping ground for dog and cat pelts because of our huge clothing, toy and trinket factories just waiting to churn out this stuff?

Sue Kedgely is a screaming example of why Greens are economic numpties who must never get near the levers of power. She fails to understand that we don’t have any demand for the product therefore are nlikely to become a “dumping ground”.