Loony left stir up racial hatred

UK politician George Galloway has a history of being a complete tosspot.

He went to Iraq and licked Saddam Hussein’s boots, a man whose poison gas killed thousands.

And now he is basically giving the green light for Jews to be attacked in Bradford.

Far left MP George Galloway has declared the town of Bradford an ?Israel free zone? on a video?uploaded?to YouTube today.

Mr Galloway, who has represented the town since winning a by-election there is 2012, has said Bradford should boycott Israeli goods, academics and even tourists.

In his speech he said: ?We have declared Bradford an Israel free zone. We don?t want any Israeli goods. We don?t want any Israeli services. We don?t want any Israeli academics, coming to the university or the college.

?We don?t even want any Israeli tourists to come to Bradford if any of them had thought of doing so. We reject this illegal, barbarous, savage state that calls itself Israel. And you have to do the same.? ? Read more »

Poppy Day Shame

Is it any surprise that children collecting ?for the UK version of poppy day need bodyguards?

Poppy sellers are to be given ?minders? after the collectors were subject to a string of vile attacks last year.

In an unprecedented move, teenage volunteers will be chaperoned as they raise money for the Royal British Legion in Bradford.

Last year there were a spate of assaults on those asking for the donations, which go to help the families of soldiers who have been injured or lost their lives.

Three young collectors were attacked in Bradford whilst raising money for the Poppy Appeal? – one of whom was just 13.

This year the youngsters will be accompanied by older members of the Royal British Legion and ex Armed Forces.

Collecting for soldiers in Bradford would be almost as difficult as staying safe in a catholic orphanage.

Successive governments in Britain have encouraged the mass immigration from every country with a ‘stan‘ at the end of its name to the point where Bradford is now Bradford-istan. A radical Islamic demi-state in the middle of the old industrial north. A town where war memorials are ritually defaced and sharia law is the defacto system.

Huge swathes of the midlands and north have become Crapistan.

Barry Matthews gets it right

Container-cell contentmentCorrections boss Barry Matthews has defended shipping container prison cells, saying they are warm, roomy and prisoners “couldn’t get out of them with a sledgehammer”. [Stuff Politics]

Readers of this blog know that I have about as much time for Barry Matthews as Phil Goff has for appearing on Close Up with me. However today Barry Matthews has it dead right.

Asked what prisoners thought of them, he replied: “I’m not interested in what prisoners think.”

Good stuff. Perhaps he has had some rather unpleasant close encounters with his minister to put some steel into his back bone.


The first of what one hopes is a long march through the bureaucracy

Fat, busyboy, beachball Cindy Kiro is stepping down and not a tear will be shed at her departure.

Now to start the long march through the civil service.

Top of my list would be Barry Matthews who must surely be close to expiring the confidence of his minister.

Second on my list is Howard Broad, after the unfortunate motorway incident on Friday and a week of coppers letting prisoners go the tumbril must surely be drawn up in front of his office.

Labour's Corrections Legacy Lets another Crim Loose

Labour’s silly Corrections policies and security classifications for prisoners has allowed a dangerous criminal to escape custody.

Arai Hema was classified as low risk despite serving an 11-year sentence for the rape of a 16-year-old Napier girl and the attempted murder of 76-year-old Bruce Butler, who attempted to intervene.

This classification allowed him out on a work detail and he then escaped.

The Minister should once again call Barry Matthews in to explain why she should retain confidence in his ability to run Corrections in a manner that the Government and the Public who pay his salary expect.

So while Phil Goff is upset about the cancellation of a silly seminar and wants law changes to enforce the Higher Salaries Commission to listen to politicians, something his Government had none years to do, another dangerous prisoner is on the run.

Labour really needs to get its priorities right instead of maintaining its attitude of entitlement.

Who needs a Boris-ing?

With the Executive being sworn in today I think it is time to compile a list of candidates for Boris-ing.

It is time for a clean out so I nominate the following for immediate Boris-ing. Feel free to add your suggestions and why in the comments.

  • Mike Williams, his multiple positions are untenable with the new government.
  • Howard Broad, Helen’s patsy in Police HQ.
  • Lyn Provost, Helen’s spy in Police HQ.
  • Barry Matthews, CEO of Corrections, couldn’t run a bath let alone a department.
  • The NZTA board comprising Mike Williams, Alick Shaw, Gary Moore and Christine Caughey. They are all Labour stooges.
  • Diane Yates, another Labour lickspittle appointed to boards with no skill set apparent.
  • Anyone David Cunliffe appointed
  • Any appointment made in breach of the cabinet manual in the three months prior to the election

What on earth does it take to fire Barry Matthews

Barry Matthews at Corrections has more lives than tha herd of cats. He used up another one today.

Just weeks after confidential files were left lying around for a blogger to pick up, today there was another escape. Fortunately he has been recaptured after making it to Auckland overnight.

I ask again, What does it take for this guy to go?

This is the man who left INCIS in ignominy, bolted off to a cushy job on the West Australian Police but screwed that up as well and got himself named in a Royal Commission into Police Corruption and then came slinking back to NZ and scored the Corrections job which could hardly be described as a stellar job there either.

Put this man’s name right near the top of the list of senior civil servants to DCM the day after the election.


Go bloggers!

Bloggers rule the world.

Yesterday Bomber had his five minutes of fame when he obtained a secret file on Corrections worst and dimmest crims under lock and key that was left somewhat stupidly on a park bench.

Bomber is continuing to release details from Tumeke.

Barry Matthews is humilated. Just what does this veteran putz have to do to get his sorry ass fired. Good god he has more lives than a herd of cats.

One thing about this episode is to prove once and for that the little wolrd inhabited by journalists has been shattered. There are other out there with more reach than the local rag, with more attitude and more inclination to do something. They are called bloggers and they have claimed some pretty impressive scalps in the past.

Welcome to the blogosphere.




Correcting Corrections

National is looking at taking Corrections back under The Ministry of Justice.

Perhaps a cheaper and more effective option would be to get rid of Barry Matthews. The guy is a veritable walking disaster area when it comes to management.

Of course the Labour lickspittles are all frothing that this is a flip flop because National separated Corrections in 1995.

I look on the investigation as pragmatism, seeing if that was the best option in hindsight and reversing it if it wasn’t.

I see no reason to maintain a flawed plan. The old Indian saying about the best tactic when riding a dead horse is to dismount springs to mind.

Join the dots

With all the finger pointing and carry on following the Burton parole affair, you would think that someone, just one person, a so-called journalist would perhaps try to connect the dots with Corrections.

They haven’t thus far, so lets give them a little assistance.

  • INCIS – who was in charge of this abject failure?
  • Western Australian Police Force – Who was the commissioner who oversaw this completely and utterly useless Police Department suffer a Royal Commission of Inquiry?
  • Department of Corrections – Who is charge of this broken Department?

The answer to all three is of course Barry Matthews.

Gee go figure, any organisation where he is in charge always takes a nose dive. Is there, I wonder, a common denominator?