Brenda Pilott

Union lobbies for journalists to continue to be fifth colunmists for Labour

You would think that the PSA would respect political neutrality, but no, instead they?are?campaigning?for the rights of TVNZ political journalists to be fifth columnists on behalf of the Labour party.

The Public Service Association (PSA) says the recommendation by a TVNZ inquiry that reporters, content producers and editors be banned from political activity is a draconian and unnecessary breach of their rights as New Zealand citizens.

Brenda Pilott, PSA National Secretary, said ?It is every New Zealander?s right to participate in our democracy.?

?The State Services Commission guidelines for public servants clearly explain the rights and responsibilities, and we hope Commissioner Rennie will speak out strongly against these unjustified restrictions.

?If these restrictions are put in place, it will set a dangerous precedent for other public servants. ? Read more »

Time to swing the axe, hard

Wellington sucks, in more ways than one, but it certainly sucks your tax dollars with a burgeoning and expanding public service.

I think it is time National revisits their targets as it is obvious that the state sector bosses think they can continue their empire building.

The Romans used decimation, reducing the ranks by 10% but I think it =needs to be harsher than that.

Wellington is home to more public servants than at any time since at least 2000 – and the capital has the greatest share of the bureaucracy since National took office in 2008.

Although National pledged and then made efforts to reduce “core” public servants in favour of “frontline” workers, the number of fulltime public servants based in Wellington rose by more than 900 in the year to June 30, 2013, to 18,493.

It is the largest number since at least 2000, and probably since major state service reforms of the 1980s.

Figures from the State Services Commission show that the number of public servants grew by 1155 to 44,500 in the year to June 30, with the vast majority of new positions in Wellington.

The rise means the capital holds 41.6 per cent of the public sector, the highest rate since John Key became prime minister.

Break out the axes and the scythes and start swinging.? Read more »

Incredible!!!! PSA let down members – Observation by the Owl

Brenda Pilott is one to watch…I posted this?about a year ago.
11% increase on assets the members already own. How can you increase something that you are actually providing a service of subsidising for?.
But here is the rub.
PSA made $1.214M in 2013. Has $26M in assets.
How can the lowly pay involved in the living wage protest as directed by the PSA afford their own subsidised holiday homes?? Read more »

PSA hits members with 11 &12% increases on enjoyment – Observation by the Owl

The PSA Union have increased their rates on their holiday homes to members with a whopping 11% and 12% increase..

While crying living wage inequalities and the poverty gap arguments – the PSA Union show their true colours by hitting the union members with large increases almost 4 times the CPI.

Now holiday homes are now getting out of reach for the average union member. (Source PSA website)

Location? Sleeps Now 1-Apr-14 Increase % Increase
Whitianga 2 $62.00 $69.00 $7.00 11%
Whitianga 3 $72.00 $80.00 $8.00 11%
Whitianga 5 $82.00 $91.00 $9.00 11%
Whitianga 7 $113.00 $125.00 $12.00 11%
Rotorua 4 $46.00 $51.00 $5.00 11%
Rotorua 4 $49.00 $55.00 $6.00 12%
Rotorua 5 $51.00 $57.00 $6.00 12%
Raumati 5 $56.00 $62.00 $6.00 11%
Raumati 5 $72.00 $80.00 $8.00 11%
Raumati 7 $82.00 $91.00 $9.00 11%
Nelson 5 $56.00 $62.00 $6.00 11%
Carters Beach 5 $51.00 $57.00 $6.00 12%
Otematata 6 $51.00 $57.00 $6.00 12%
Te Anau 6 $51.00 $57.00 $6.00 12%

The PSA is another union well past its use by date. ?? Read more »

Union boss moans about Air NZ’s drinks

What is it with union thugs?

Here is Brenda Pilott, boss of the PSA having a sook about the non-alcoholic drinks Air NZ offers.

A worker would go for the Tui and be stoked with it. Not for those in the ivory towers of Union HQ.

What a wowser.? Read more »

Cunliffe breaks Rule Number One

David Cunliffe was busted padding out his CV.

Now he has issued a press statement which actually makes his original indiscretion even worse…it actually proves his CV was a lie.

Regular readers will know what Rule Number One is…pity David Cunliffe doesn’t.

Some questions have been raised by media in relation to the community activities section of David Cunliffe?s curriculum vitae.

David Cunliffe was a member of the PSA from 1987-1990 when he worked for MFAT. During part of this time he served as a PSA delegate and co-convenor.

Mr Cunliffe was a member of Waitakere Forest & Bird in his early time as an MP. That membership has since lapsed and has not been represented as a current activity.? Read more »

Unions backing sex-pests continued access to children

Paula Bennett’s new sex-pest reforms mean we are going to need a whole lot more registered teachers to replace the ones that are child abusers, sex-pests and apologists for the same. The whole Teachers Council may need to be replaced, they keep on covering up the actions of pedophiles.

Teachers, doctors and any other government employees who fail Social Development Minister Paula Bennett’s tough new child-abuse screening test will be instantly sacked.

The new child-protection laws will trump existing employment legislation, removing the need for bosses to go through a fair process of verbal and written warnings to dump anyone suspected of sexually preying on children.

Screening of all government employees working with children is one of the main planks of Bennett’s incoming child protection regime, unveiled last week.

All staff working with children in schools, hospitals, government agencies and organisations that get government funding must submit to security screening every three years. It is estimated to affect 376,000 people.

Anyone who fails the test would be dumped. The details of the screening tests are yet to be revealed, but police will be in charge of the vetting procedures.

“The advice I have had so far is that they could be instantly dismissed,” Bennett told the Sunday Star-Times yesterday.? Read more »

What are the pinkos saying about John Campbell’s caning?

Last night John Key turned up for what John Campbell thought would be another corngate interview, instead John Key played with him like a cat plays with a mouse. In the end all John campbell had was bluster, ranting and arrogance and even that failed him.

Don’t believe me, go watch it.

Still don’t believe me…have a look at what the saner parts of the leftwing twitterati are saying:

Toby Manhire had to concede:

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Truth Commentary: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

There has been a lot of commentary about Truth and my editorship…I have been humbled by some of the comments, emails and phone calls. Thank you. But wait till you see some of the gloating too…you would think that the left wing commentators and bloggers who are gloating might have a heart for the good staff who now don’t have jobs while they dance forlornly upon my grave, so eager are they to put the boot in.

First up there is the good:

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PSA Annual Accounts and Tweeting – Observation by the Owl

PSA fail to file Annual Accounts but has time to send 2,526 tweets – Observation by the Owl

As of 31st January 2013 the PSA have failed to file their annual accounts. For such a large organisation this is disappointing. The Annual conference was in September 2012 which meant the AGM accepted the accounts.

Observation by the Owl

PSA leader Brenda Pilott has sent 2,526 tweets?(Brenda Pilott @PSAsecretary)?and yet can’t find 10 minutes filing annual returns.

Let’s look at workplace productivity.

Let’s say each tweet takes 5 minutes. (Log on, type, review and respond). That is 12,630 minutes or 210.5 hours or 5.263 working days.

A working weeks worth of tweeting – not to mention all the?recipients?who get interrupted. No wonder we have productivity issues in NZ