Brian Edwards

What is driving the likes of my very close friend Brian Edwards nuts?

Here is the first sentence from an Associated Press report which I?ve just finished reading in the online edition of today?s Herald:

?WikiLeaks has offered to help the likes of Google and Apple identify the software holes used by purported CIA hacking tools ? and that puts the tech industry in something of a bend.?

Now I don?t know who penned this story but it wouldn?t surprise me if the author was a Kiwi.

Why? Because ?the likes of? has almost entirely replaced ?like? , meaning ?similar to?, in New Zealand journalism and, I fear, in everyday speech.

So why am I getting my knickers in a twist over this? Because ?the likes of? is such an unnecessary and ugly construction compared to the simpler, more practical and more elegant ?like?. Take this example:

1. Broadcasters the likes of Paul Henry, John Campbell and Mary Wilson are paid huge sums of money.

2. Broadcasters like Paul Henry, John Campbell and Mary Wilson are paid huge sums of money. Read more »

My very close friend Brian Edwards and I agree again!

At first I thought my dear friend Brian was a little over the top. ?But then it dawned on me that he’s right. ?? Read more »

Now that Bill is going to be PM what do the opposition think?

Bill English has bullied the caucus into getting across the line. He will be our next Prime Minister.

The Maori party wanted him, the Media party wanted him, Nicky Hager wanted him…and my good friend Brian Edwards really wants him:

I like Bill. Bill is just great. Really, really great. And ? sorry to blow my own trumpet ? but if anyone should know, I should. Well, me and Judy really ? the team that brought you Helen Clark. Back from the dead, some would say, but I couldn?t possibly comment.

Anyway, back to Bill. Did I say Bill was great? What an understatement! Bill is stupendous, charismatic, a master of oratory and, no point in denying it, a real stud. The stats never lie. And here?s the thing: I?m a dyed in the wool Labour man. A socialist, to be strictly accurate. ? Read more »

Little impresses, but apparently he’s been set up to fail

via One News

via One News

Cam’s very good friend Brian Edwards has come out of retirement to praise his golden boy:

Having of late been more critical than approving of Andrew Little?s efforts in television interviews I now come to praise him: he handled a lengthy and confrontational interview with the terrier-like Lisa Owen on ?The Nation? exceptionally well. His ums, ers and y?knows were gone, he was fluent, his eye contact was sustained and he looked confident. The interview should have been a winner.

Uh oh. Should? I can feel an ill wind… Read more »

Can Andrew Little win next year’s election? No, says Brian Edwards

Andrew Little 13

My good friend Brian Edwards has come out of retirement from blogging again.

This time he is giving his considered opinion of Andrew Little’s electability in the 2017 election.

See, I think this Andrew Little is a pretty good guy. Here?s what I said about him just after I?d come to?that conclusion:??Whether being good and looking good, whether being yourself and acting yourself are entirely compatible is not something I want to canvass here. But I do know that if you don?t ?come across? on television and radio?your chances of political success are greatly and quite possibly fatally reduced.? Read more »

My good friend Brian Edwards defends Mike Hosking

My good friend Brian Edwards defends Mike Hosking:

I find myself in the improbable position of coming to the defence of broadcaster Mike Hosking.

Winston Peters has called Hosking??a National Party stooge whose jowls are up the Prime Minister?s cheeks?. I take this as some bizarre rephrasing of the common term??cheek by jowl? intended, I presume, to mean that the broadcaster and the PM are close buddies. Winnie will no doubt correct me if I?m wrong.

Meanwhile the Leader of the Opposition, Andrew Little, has accused Hosking of ?making no attempt at objectivity?. ?One might have expected a more robust critique. I?m told the words ?right wing little prick? have been simply flying down?the corridors of the Opposition Wing to describe Mr Hosking.

I think this critique rather misses the point. While I?d be surprised to discover that Hosking is a closet member of the Parnell, Remuera or Epsom branches of the Labour Party ?? total membership five! ? I?d also risk my bottom dollar that he isn?t a member of?any political party. This is, or should be the default position for any broadcaster working in the field of news or current affairs.

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Message from one luvvie to another: HTFU

My good friend Brian Edwards has written an open letter to John Campbell.

Now, before you start raging at the screen, it is well worth a read considering Brian Edwards explains how many times he got the sack and for why.

Shit happens, John. I?ve been ?let go?, sacked from more broadcasting jobs in New Zealand than I care to remember. And, more than once, with absolutely no warning. ?To add insult to injury, the sackings generally occurred at a time when the show was enjoying both public acclaim and ratings success.

He then lists them… and for someone of his advanced years there are a few times he has been sacked.

Top of the Morning (1994-1999)


The latest radio survey had just come out.TOTM, whose previous incarnation?had a cumulative audience of around 80,000 when I took over the slot?in 1995, now had an audience of 340,000. It was the highest rating Saturday morning radio programme in the country, not to mention outrating almost every other programme on National Radio. We had every reason to expect a warm reception from the boss.

We were called in separately to be told the news. I?d been sacked.

To this day I have absolutely no idea why I was sacked as host of TOTM. Poor ratings? Get real! Poor listener response? Ditto! My role as media advisor to Helen Clark, the newly elected Prime Minister? Hardly, TOTM was a politics-free zone with the exception of one personality-style interview ? with Jenny Shipley!

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What happens if you type someone’s name into Google Maps?

People think Maps are for places. ? Not so. ?This is what happens when you ask Google Maps about me


This one is rather telling… although it’s good to see it’s not a a certain other lawyer’s home: ? Read more »

My good friend Brian Edwards is right on the money

It is not often that I agree with my good friend Brian Edwards, but he has another post I agree with.

He’s finding lots of reasons not to have stopped blogging of late.

His ten ways to lose a by-election without even trying is short, sharp and to the point.

  1. Assume, as you have always assumed, that voters who have tribally supported you in the past will automatically do so again now.
  2. On that assumption shamefully neglect the infrastructure and social needs of the electorate for years.
  3. Choose an uncharismatic, overweight candidate whom no-one has ever heard of on the basis that he or she can expect no real opposition from anyone else. ?? Read more »

Now this is why Brian Edwards and I are good friends

My good friend Brian Edwards has looked at the terrorism/armed forces/war thing, and it is no surprise he’s come to the same conclusion I have.

…in today?s Herald on Sunday, I read that ?? The Defence Force has confirmed soldiers will be given the chance to withdraw from the controversial deployment.?

This is apparently part of being ?a good employer?. Personal or family circumstances or ?ethical grounds? qualified as the principal justifications for not wanting to be deployed in Iraq. Apparently this has always been the case provided the serviceman or woman ?had legitimate reasons?. ?Otherwise,? said the Former Chief of Army, Major General Lou Gardiner, ?your mates would always see you as a person who opted out. It?s human nature.?

It is indeed. But I would have thought that ?legitimate reasons? for not being sent to a war zone would include not wanting to be injured or killed. That too is ?human nature?. And, as a Defence Force spokesman reminded us, ?military personnel are people who have lives and families and individual circumstances that mean they are less appropriate for a particular deployment?. Read more »