Brian Henry

Corrections no better than Serco when it comes to running prisons


PRISON AUTHORITIES have been accused of cultivating an unsafe? work environment where a blind eye is turned to workplace bullying, intimidation and the sexual abuse of staff members.

The allegations have been leveled by high-profile barristers Brian Henry and Alistair Dunlop, and come hard on the heels of ongoing controversy about prison fight clubs and the private management of Mt Eden Correctional Facility.

In July the Government stepped in and took back control of Mt Eden Prison from Serco after a series of wide-ranging allegations, including claims inmates had been physically assaulted and thrown off balconies in a practice known as ?dropping?.

But if Henry and Dunlop are to be believed, things are no better in Corrections-run prisons.

The department, which operates 20 prisons housing 8500 inmates and employing more than 4000 staff, is facing a stern examination of its own management practices in the wake of claims it has cultivated an environment where workplace bullying, intimidation and the sexual abuse of staff members generally goes unpunished.

The claims are detailed in an employment case brought against Corrections by former staff member Deborah Owen, who resigned back in May 2011.

Owen claimed she?d been forced to resign after Corrections failed to respond appropriately to allegations that during her time with the department she had been subjected to years of sexual abuse.

Owen?s case is being handled by Henry and Dunlop, who say Owen suffered ?long outstanding sexual abuse and similarly, long ignored complaints of the said sexual abuse?. ?? Read more »

Why no one gives a sh*t about press gallery journalists phone records except them


Pages and pages of outrage have been written because some muppet in parliamentary services gave a few pages of phone numbers, dates and times to David Henry inadvertently.

The Press Galley is outraged and claiming that press freedoms have been stifled. And yet they can still write what ever they want, the radio stations, television stations and newspapers are all still operating. There are no government goons stationed in editors offices.

In fact the world goes on as nothing ever happened…that is perhaps because nothing has happened, really, except some precious self important wankers in Wellington have their nose out of joint.

They have decided that they are bigger than everything else, they are more important than everyone else and their rights are far more important than anyone elses. Worse they think they should be the story instead of reporting the stories. ? Read more »

Not Such A Good Day For Couch

Susan Couch has managed to squeeze just $300,000 from Corrections.

Susan Couch, the sole survivor of the RSA killings 11 years ago, has won a $300,000 settlement from the Corrections Department.

The announcement was made on Campbell Live tonight but both Ms Couch and her lawyer, Brian Henry, said they will fight on.

Mr Henry said the next target would ACC which had paid out almost nothing for Ms Couch’s injuries.

“It is just a closing of one chapter. We now need to get to the point where we can sue for compensation,” he said.
Ms Couch was never provided ACC compensation because she was working only part-time when she was attacked.

Brian Henry represented Couch.

Pretty simple really, he isn’t much chop as a representative.

If we have learned one thing this year is that when dealing with a government department there is only one representative worth having to arm twist, bully and use the media to your advantage – Michelle Boag.

Couch for sure is worth more assistance than David Bain and Bronwyn Pullar.

Celebrating Kiwi Companies

I was reading my favourite Firearms Blog and I came across a post about a company I had never heard of working in and industry I know a great deal about and better still that company was a Kiwi company called Ordnance Development Limited.

This is their post;

DefenseNews has published an interesting article about a small family owned business in New Zealand that manufactures and exports military ammunition using modified vintage machinery from the 1920s. From DefenseNews

How can a small, family-owned firm, with a core staff of 12 (which swells to about 20 when necessary) compete in such a vast industry?

“It is very much quality, and the niche that we work in,” Quigley said. “We know what we are doing with training ammunition. We are reliable, on time and on budget.”

Cole particularly admires the design of one of ODL’s older pieces of equipment. “It’s a .50-cal loading machine from the 1920s,” he said. “It is absolutely brilliant.”

Wow, this is seriously cool, New Zealand has an armaments manufacturer footing it on the world stage and is a top 5 player in their area of expertise. I seriously want to go and do a story on these guys, but on the sole proviso that I get to have “bomb up”.

In fact I was thinking of doing a 52 week feature video series for next year of Lisa Lewis and Guns, these guys would be perfect sponsors especially hen we get to the machine gun section.

Genesis FAIL!

I have had contact with a loyal reader with a story to tell about Genesis Energy. I’ll let his words explain.

My daughter and her asthmatic boyfriend moved out to a new home and advised Genesis that they had moved into xxx Coatesville-Riverhead Highway and would like them to be their energy supplier. Genesis says thanks and sent them out a welcome letter to that address (which they received).

Now this house is one of two on a bit of land, and this is where the problems come in.

The kids can show that their address is xxx Coatesville-Riverhead Highway. – They a have tenancy agreement for that address, have their bond lodged against that address, have receipts for payment  at that address. They have NEVER been told that there address is any different, but Genesis in their infinite wisdom refer to their home as xxxA Coatesville-Riverhead Highway – because their system doesn’t allow two meters to be listed on the same address.

So at about 10.30 in the morning of the 9th July Genesis sent a contractor out to their property to disconnect power because they had not made any “application for power”. The home was clearly occupied, and there was music going, windows open and the tenant was in the shower.

The contractor didn’t make efforts to provide warning or more importantly to check if anyone inside relied on power for medical reasons, simply leaving a card on the door (addressed to “the occupier” disconnecting the power and running off (They actually saw him leaving).

Being a country home on tank water (requiring a pump) – they were left with no heating, no running water and no ability to flush the toilet.

We contacted Genesis within 15 mins of the disconnection and continued to contact them during the day, and well into the evening (the last call at 9pm lasting over an hour). During all this time we were told several times that the power had been fixed – each time it hadn’t (Genesis never thought of actually calling back and checking with the customer).

In the evening the home was too cold to remain in so the kids packed up and came to our home to sleep. Because Adam had been sitting in the cold/damp for the entire day waiting for Genesis his asthma started playing up and by the time he arrived at our home he was having trouble breathing. We could not get it better – and he ended up having to go to Northshore hospital to get it under control before it broke into a fully fledged asthma attack.

The next morning we were advised that power was restored – the kids returned to the house and (you guessed it) – there still wasn’t power.

Finally Genesis worked out that they have disconnected what ‘they’ called xxxA.

We were advised that Genesis chose to disconnect as they had it listed as a vacant possession and they do this for safety reasons.

We call bullshit as:

1 – this isn’t actually the address of the house

2 – It is very obvious that the house IS tenanted and that there was someone there at the time – this is all visible from where the card was left.

3 – The card gave a totally different reason – it was addressed to “the occupier” and that the reason was that they had made no application for power (which they had)

Power was finally restored around 1pm the following day.

I spoke to the company over two important points:

1. How can they disconnect power to a property without warning or notice to the person in the house – especially after all the issues with the death of a customer last year – do they not learn anything.
2. Compensation should be forthcoming to the tenants – after all they had been disconnected in error, had been made to wait out there for Genesis for an entire day in the cold, without water or flushing toilets. And there were many, many lost hours on the phone – driving between properties as theirs was unsuitable to sleep in, and the contribution that this made to Adam’s health subsequently requiring him to go to hospital.

I spoke to a number of people – finally finishing with Richard Gordon the “Public Affairs Manager”.

His views were interesting. He told me that the contractor has knocked on the door and verified that the house was vacant.

This is obviously untrue for all the reasons I mention above.

Then he told me that they were not entitled to any compensation as “They had told is their address was xxx Coatesville-Riverhead Highway and we don’t call it that – So its their own fault for giving us the wrong address”

I explained that Genesis could call it whatever they wanted but they gave the correct address – he would not be moved, so I told him I was going to lodge a complaint with the disputes tribunal and contact the media – He seemed quite happy or even amused with this – so I have – And that is HIS own fault.

This will in all likelihood now turn into a PR disaster for Genesis Energy. Why do so-called PR people always call people’s bluff when they say they are going to the media? Silly, silly man.

Front up Genesis Energy, admit you made a mistake and do it quick before this turns into another Jetstar.

California's 'Green Jobs' Experiment Isn't Going Well

The Greens and their ilk shove down our throats almost every day about the need to create “Green jobs” whateever these are. California, through the Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger and his green friends rammed through exactly that style of ill thought out policy directive and things don’t look that flash in their green experiment.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was all smiles in 2006 when he signed into law the toughest anti-global-warming regulations of any state. Mr. Schwarzenegger and his green supporters boasted that the regulations would steer California into a prosperous era of green jobs, renewable energy, and technological leadership. Instead, since 2007 — in anticipation of the new mandates — California has led the nation in job losses.

The regulations created a cap-and-trade system, similar to proposed federal global-warming measures, by limiting the CO2 that utilities, trucking companies and other businesses can emit, and imposed steep new taxes on companies that exceed the caps. Since energy is an input in everything that’s produced, this will raise the cost of production inside California’s borders.

Now, as the Golden State prepares to implement this regulatory scheme, employers are howling. It’s become clear to nearly everyone that the plan’s backers have underestimated its negative impact and exaggerated the benefits. “We’ve been sold a false bill of goods,” is how Republican Assemblyman Roger Niello, who has been the GOP’s point man on environmental issues in the legislature, put it to me.

Whoopsy….a prosperous era of Green Jobs huh….just how bad is this disaster for California?

The environmental plan was built on the notion that imposing some $23 billion of new taxes and fees on households (through higher electricity bills) and employers will cost the economy nothing, while also reducing greenhouse gases. Almost no one believes that anymore except for the five members of the California Air Resources Board (CARB). This is the state’s air-quality regulator, which voted unanimously in December to stick with the cap-and-trade system despite the recession. CARB justified its go-ahead by issuing what almost all experts agree is a rigged study on the economic impact of the cap-and-trade system. The study concludes that the plan “will not only significantly reduce California’s greenhouse gas emissions, but will also have a net positive effect on California’s economic growth through 2020.”

Is this all starting to sound familiar to anyone? It sure does to me….now I wonder what the reality is?

This finding elicited a chorus of hallelujahs from environmental groups. The state finally discovered a do-good policy that pays for itself. Californians can still scurry around in their cars, heat up their Jacuzzis, and help save the planet. But there was a problem. The CARB had commissioned five economists from around the country to critique this study. They panned it.

Harvard’s Robert Stavins, chairman of the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s economic advisory committee under Bill Clinton, told me that “None of us knew who the other reviewers were, but we all came up with almost the same conclusion. The report was severely flawed and systematically underestimated costs.” Another reviewer, UCLA Prof. Matthew E. Kahn, a supporter of the new regulations, criticized the “free lunch” aspect of the report. “The net dollar costs of each of these regulations is likely to be much larger than is reported,” he concluded. Mr. Stavins points out that if these regulations are a net boon for businesses and the economy, “why would you need to impose regulations like cap and trade?”

Now there’s a surprise, Five economists independent of each other discovered what those is business already know, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Anyone still want such a debacle to be foisted upon New Zealand, apart from teh communists and anti-humans in the Greens?

The green lobby has lectured us for years that global warming is all about the sanctity of science. Those who question the “scientific consensus” on catastrophic atmospheric changes are belittled as “deniers.” Now, in assessing the costs, the greens readily cook the books and throw good science out the window. “To most of the most strident supporters of this legislation,” says Mr. Niello, “the economic costs don’t really matter anyway, because we are supposedly facing an environmental apocalypse.”

Mr. Schwarzenegger fits into that camp. He recently declared: “I recommend very strongly that we move forward . . . . You will always have people saying this will lose jobs.”

Meanwhile, the state is losing jobs, a lot of them. California’s unemployment rate hit 9.3% in December, up from 4.9% in December 2006. There are now 1.5 million Californians out of work. The state has the fourth-highest housing foreclosure rate in the nation, has lost more businesses than any state in recent years, and is facing a $40 billion deficit. With cap and trade firmly in place, the economic situation is only likely to get worse.

Other states are plundering the Golden State’s industries by convincing businesses to pick up stakes and move out before the cap-and-trade earthquake hits. Governors and Washington politicians who want to reduce their “carbon footprint,” but are worried about the more immediate crises of cascading unemployment, unbalanced budgets, and the housing-market collapse, would be wise not to follow California’s lead. Green policies have a tendency to push states into the red.

Hmmmm…ets stop this nonsense now. The last thing the economy needs is a “green soluution” to a problem that doesn’t exist and then cripples our economy right when we need it to be clawing its way out of a socialist induced recession.

Monday Moonbats

A couple of moonbat stories have dropped in my Inbox today so I thought i would bring you Monday Moonbats.

First up, the Green MEP , Caroline Lucas (a Member of the European Parliament, the UK Greens leader, and a very VERY good chance of taking the Brighton seat at the next General Election) who compares flying to Spain with stabbing someone. They are discussing a third runway at Heathrow, Lucas advocates stopping people from flying, the UKIP representative points out that this is restricting people’s liberty, she responds that society stops people from knifing people, the UKIP rep asks if flying to Spain is the same as knifing someone, and she responds with a clanging yes.

And The UK Greens are generally seen as more moderate than here.

Skip to about 14mins, and you’ll get the gist.

The second Monday Moonbat story is about need to be doing a lot more to reverse the global trend towards fatness, and recognise it as a key factor in the battle to reduce emissions and slow climate change.

The rising numbers of people who are overweight and obese in the UK means the nation uses 19% more food energy than 40 years ago, a study suggests.

That could equate to an extra 60 mega tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions a year, the team calculated.

Transport costs of a fatter population were also included in the International Journal of Epidemiology study.

Dr Phil Edwards, study leader and researcher at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said they had set out to calculate what the UK energy consumption would be if the weight of the population was put back a few decades.

A “normal” adult population, where only 3.5% are classed as obese, was compared with a population where 40% are obese.

So all the fatties are killing the planet. The Greens will be wanting to ban fatties now!

The Third Monday Moonbat Story is of course about Keith Locke and the Grant Robertson who think we need to be going to cuddle up to Muslim anti-semites all in the mistaken belief that it will be fighting racism.

The last Monday Moonbat story is about the Labour Party and Lynne Pillay who issued a press release praising up Cindy Kiro as some sort of modern heroine who fought evil to a stand still. This press release is perhaps one of the best examples of how out of touch Labour became with the electorate. That the praise to the high heavens one of the most hated civil servants shows how much they remain out of touch.

Greens and National to team up

Greens and National to team upThe Greens and National are to work together on some policy areas, they are set to announce today. Before the election the Greens ruled out any support arrangement with National, but at a press conference at lunchtime the two parties… [NZ Herald Politics]

John Key’s master plan to emasculate Labour by hugging his enemies to death has taken another step with an agreement of the Greens and National to work together on a nationwide home insulation programme, updating New Zealand’s energy efficiency strategy and developing a New Zealand-based regulatory system for natural health products.

This will enable Key to also drive a wedge between the hard left of the Greens and the real enviro members. Thus Norman, Turei, Bradford, Locke Delahunty and the food nazi Kedgley will become marginalised as Fitzsimons, Graham and hague gain prominence.

Key is becoming set for a very long term in government.

Greens go bat-shit crazy

I know it is April Fool’s Day and this post at Frog Blog really had me going then I noticed that Jeanette Fitzsimons posted it at 4.11pm so well outside the 12:00 expiry of silly jokes. I’ll re-post it here in its entirety as it shows just how plain crazy these luddite lunatics have become.

In a bold move to combat global warming and the Government’s indifference to New Zealand’s Kyoto commitments, the Green Party is leading from the front and will immediately stop using most electrical appliances in its Parliamentary offices as of today.

“The current Government’s laissez-faire attitude to carbon emissions means that more needs to be done. The parliamentary Green Party has decided the only way we have any hope of meeting our commitments to the global village is if people flick the switch – permanently,” said Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman.

As of this afternoon all media statements will be hand delivered to the parliamentary press gallery. Rather than wasting power using energy-sapping computers, staff will type media statements on recycled paper.

Typewriters reclaimed from landfills will take the place of the energy-gobbling desktops and give the Green Party a distinct point of difference from the usual bland emailed press statements of other parliamentary parties.

To further differentiate the Green Party all releases around the ‘Green New Deal’ will be written using recycled fountain pens sourced from an organic Bolivian Emu farm.  Recently elected US President Barack Obama is understood to favour this form of communication with his closest advisors due to its sustainable nature.

It is estimated the energy saved by this initiative will cancel out 0.000000001% of the country’s Kyoto obligations and the anti-environment policies that the present Government is intent on implementing.

“This may seem trivial to the media but the fact our media unit is willing to get ink stains on their best clothes shows the commitment the Green team has to doing our global duty,” said Green Party Co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons.

Note: It would be appreciated if, once read by the media, statements could be sent back so that the other side of the paper can be used the next day.

I note that their power sucking server sitting ina server farm sucking even more power from air-conditioning keeping the all the servers at a placid temperature is still working because their website is still up.

I also fully expect them to request the house to turn off their microphones when speaking in the house because that could easily be considered to be the office, it is certainly a place of work and so they shouldn’t be using microphones in parliament.

Parliamentary Services can go and pick up the photochopiers, PC’s, printers, switch off the air-conditioning and remove the light bulbs. They won’t need the light bulbs, they just have to get Jeanette or Russel to bend over if it gets dark.

These guys are bat-shit crazy, but at least they are banning themselves from something for once.

More on Bags

Some not so random thought on plastic bags.

Firstly, most of them are produced in China, as are plastic bags. Secondly, I wonder what the pollution rate is for the ghastly dyed colours they are produced in? Dye is a huge polluter in the industrialised world.

Thirdly, what is going to happen to these wonder bags when a handle falls off, or there is a split in the seams. My bet is they will go into the landfill (unless of course we learn to use them for deconstructed fashion or something.  Maybe they could be recycled for underwear.  (Probably too itchy)

The mundane plastic bag is recycled and recycled in households. What on earth are all the Op Shops in the country going to use for customers to put their goods in if there are no plastic bags?

How about the use of paper bags? Well research would suggest we are screwed there also;

Here are some facts and figures according to reusable bags, regarding paper bags vs plastic bags:

  • In 1999, 14 million trees were cut to produce the 10 billion paper grocery bags used by Americans that year alone
  • Paper bags generate 70% more air and 50 times more water pollutants than plastic bags
  • Paper bags use 4 times as much energy to construct compared to a plastic bag
  • Paper bags use 84 times as much energy to recycle compared to a plastic bag
  • Some studies have shown that paper bags generally don’t decompose any faster in landfills than plastic bags. This is apparently due to the lack of water, light and oxygen etc, in landfills.
  • Paper bags use more space in landfills than plastic bags

Education is working because there are quite a number of people holding up the check out lines stuffing their purchases into their own eco bags. The stuff never fits and they have to have extra plastic bags, but I expect they’ll learn to judge it correctly and carry out the same number of ecobags as they did plastic ones.

We could go back to sack cloth bags.   The only trouble is that I believe they are made out of hemp and that’s a prohibited product.
Someone I know once tried to be a supplier for hemp plants for fibre production but it seems it is related to marijuana.  Of course, Hemp  products would not be very good for recycling either. Too scratchy. Perhaps the pot smokers could do something innovative with them.

Many years ago I remember reading an article about disposable nappies. They came out about equal with cloth nappies when you took into account the energy etc and the bleaching process of the cotton, plus the energy and washing detergent pollutants required to clean them and dry them.  So I expect the same goes for plastic bags.

Thousands of underpaid disadvantaged Chinese workers are going to be without a job. This won’t help the world recession.

The so-called eco bags will eventually take up more landfill because they are bulkier than plastic bags.

Finally has the government not realised that Nzers are sick and tired of government telling them what they can and cannot do in their daily lives.  It will be just like the light bulbs and showers issue.