Bruce Hucker

Meet Helicopter Haters #3 & #4 : Vern Walsh and Penny Sefuiva

  This is NOT Vern Walsh and Penny Sefuiva, but it is a good example of the Business Class travel Auckland ratepayers have paid for them

This is NOT Vern Walsh and Penny Sefuiva, but it is a good example of the Business Class travel Auckland ratepayers have paid for them

And now for the third instalment of Whaleoil?s exclusive ?meet the helicopter haters? series: our old friends Vern Walsh and Penny Sefuiva, who got into trouble as Auckland Councillors in 2006 spending $85,000 on a month-long, council-paid, business-class extravaganza visiting ? you guessed it – art galleries, museums and sports facilities in San Francisco, Vancouver, London, Paris, Bilbao, Barcelona, Prague and Berlin.?These guys are world-class troughers.

Their extravagance was so over the top that it even drew criticism from then mayor, the hapless Dick Hubbard.

But, as usual, an update of yesterday?s developments:

  • Vern Walsh, the chairman of the helicopter-hating Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board, gets David Benson-Poped by Sean Plunket on Radiolive, admitting his board uses no criteria for allocating funds and no register of what freebies they receive and from who
  • Rescue helicopter boss and all-round good bloke Murray Bolton responds in the morning by asking the Auditor-General to investigate Vern?s comments and then in the afternoon sues him.
  • While Civil Defence Minister Nikki Kaye has publicly backed the rescue helicopter, there?s still silence from Len Brown and the Labour Party.
  • The Herald carries the story for a second day in a row

There are six more members of the dodgy funding board to be featured but, for today, read this and weep: ?? Read more »

Left wing splinters in Auckland with naked power grab

Labour - It's going to get worse

The commentators may say that the left wing controls the new Auckland Council but it appears that they can’t help control themselves.

This blogger has learned this morning that a situation is developing that is splintering the leftwing on the new Auckland Council.

In a situation?reminiscent?of the old Hubbard/Hucker battle, Mike Lee, Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse and Sandra Coney are leading a push for Auckland to stop using independent commisssioners for resource consent hearings and instead replace them with councillors.

It appears that there are two main reasons behind this push. Firstly money. For the same reason that Len Brown wanted 55 committees the looney left aren’t happy with their remuneration, they wish to pick the pockets of the ratepayers unfettered. Clearly this is a motivator for the push to dump?independent?commissioners and replace them with councillors. That way they can farm more money out of the council ratepayers from their daily rate. They can do this because resource consent hearing remuneration is from a different, and uncapped by legislation, pool of funds.

Councillors already have constituencies larger than any electorate MP and yet the looney left, led by Lee, Hulse and Coney are trying to foist this upon Mayor Len Brown….so they can pick the pockets of ratepayers even harder.

The second motivator is power. The first 13 days of Len Brown’s mayoralty have been nothing but back-dons and back-flips behind the doors of the town hall. It is my understanding that when pushed, really pushed on a position, Len Brown, in a desperate?attempt?to be the Mayor for “All” of Auckland caves. hardened politicians like Mike Lee have seen this and they now see this as a weakness. This is exactly the situation that faced Hubbard when he had to stare down Bruce Hucker. It fractured the left and we are now seeing a repeat as Mike Lee now attempts a power grab in the Auckland Council.

It is also my?understanding?that Len Brown is trying to resist this push, along with senior council executives, but Lee, Hulse and Coney and a big enough cabal of plotters from the West and South are painting Len Brown into a corner. Len Brown, for once doing something sensible, wants to keep the?independent?commissioners, fearing, rightly that to dump them would hugely politicise a process that is about protecting the environment rather than petty party politics. If Lee and the other plotters are successful they will have achieved two goals. Firstly neutering the Mayor and secondly ideology will trump progress.

Len Brown is finding out now the price of silence and support from the left. It is treachery and division. Where the right has divisions it is at the ballot box and on the husting, the left always appear to be best of mates until they get behind closed doors and then the knives come out.

Make no mistake that a council made up of ex-mayors and deputy mayors, plus the old head of the ARC is going to be messy, and the mess has only taken 13 days to come to the surface.

Len Brown was warned about Penny Hulse, but he ignored that advice and now he is paying the same price that Dick Hubbard paid in having a Deputy with pretensions as to their importance. Egged on by Mike Lee this is only going to get worse….where have we heard this before…oh that’s right…from Labour.

Trust the leftwing to work out the largest pockets to pick. The irony of this battle though is that Len Brown is quietly going around telling councillors that he is trying to get more committee work and meetings for them all so they can increase their pay. Adding on the work of independent resource consent commissioners is one way, but venal troughing like this will not serve the region well.

I'm fucking disgusted

I was just reading the guff that every hotel/motel has to tell you about the attractions in the area.

At the bottom of the sheet was this piece of work;

[quote]Saloon Bar

This will be a cultural surprise, open your mind before going, all welcome.[/quote]

Now I know why all the Abo's were in congregating in droves around the motel. They were waiting for the Saloon Bar to open. The motel treats them as fucking entertainment, yep, drunk Abo's!! a cultural surprise, that they made drunk by supplying them with the liquor.

Now you know why I am fucking disgusted.

Whatever you do readers never, ever stay at the Kimberley Hotel in Halls Creek.

This posting has been emailed to the management. I suggest you email them too!!!

Labs contract invalid

A court has ruled that the decision to award Auckland medical testing to a new company is invalid.

District Health Boards in the Auckland region handed the contract to Labtests Ltd, stripping the role from Diagnostic Medlab.
[quote]Justice Raynor Asher upheld Diganostic Medlab’s appeal against the decision on two grounds.

Firstly, he said the DHBs failed to ensure the tendering process was fair as Auckland DHB member Dr Tony Bierre was also involved in the Labtests bid.

The court said in its judgement released this afternoon: "The boards’ failure to prevent Dr Bierre’s involvement in the boards’ attempt to reform the provision of community laboratory services meant the only pathologist involved was seeking outcomes that suited his commercial goals rather than the boards’ statutory objectives of improving and protecting public health.The boards’ failure to prevent Dr Bierre’s involvement damaged the integrity of the boards’ considerations and undermined public confidence in board processes."

Secondly, Justice Raynor said the DHBs failed to properly consult with Primary Health Organisations representing GPs in the region.[/quote]

The DHB’s have effectively been ticked off for running a dodgy tendering process and will now have to do it all over again this time with out any conflict of interest apparent or otherwise.