Labour’s Little Lies

Andrew Little’s health campaign is based on a lie.

It is one where they claim that health spending has been cut in the last seven years.

Repeating one of his party’s election-year refrains, that health spending had in real terms endured a $1.7 billion cut during the past seven years?, he said last year 60,000 people across the country?had been told by their GPs to they needed a specialist appointment had been only to be “turned away” from their local hospitals.

In the Southern District Health Board 5500 people had received that message, he said.

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Show me the money

This election is looking like it will be a choice between tax cuts or increased taxes.

Steve Joyce, moving on from Minister for Corporate Welfare, is now in charge of the books and the gossip around Wellington is that he is showing some restraint…and he is also hinting at tax cuts.

The Government will deliver its election-year Budget on 25 May, with new Finance Minister Steven Joyce continuing to hint at tax cuts.

It will be the National-led government’s first budget with Bill English as Prime Minister and Steven Joyce in his leader’s old role of Finance Minister.

“Budget 2017 will seek to give businesses the confidence to keep investing and keep growing, to provide more opportunities for New Zealand families,” Mr Joyce said. ? Read more »


Surplus Schmurplus


The government’s final accounts for the 2015/16 financial year are about to be revealed, and they’ll show how accurate the budget forecasts were.

Oh give me strength. ?The Media party and Labour keep going on about a few million like it matters. ?This is big number country.

When Finance Minister Bill English presented his 2015 budget it forecast a wafer-thin $176 million surplus for the year.

That’s so small it could go either way now all the numbers have been crunched.

Mr English said at the time he didn’t consider small surplus or deficit to be of any relevance, after the cliffhanger results of the previous year.

No cliffhanger this year. ? The number is $1.8b Read more »


Hit job on Charter schools countered by a few facts

John Gerritsen ?has written an article that some might describe as yet another hit job on charter schools.

The country’s eight charter schools paid their owners or related entities more than $1 million for administration and management services last year….The schools’ financial statements for 2015 also showed most underspent their property funding from the government by $100,000 or more last year.

Oh, the horror they not only ?lived within their budget they didn’t use it all. A proper socialist educational institution would spend every penny and ?complain that they were underfunded. ?I can see why John Erickson is so upset. ?This is simply not how we do education in New Zealand. ?These cheeky Charter schools are thinking outside the box. Instead of buying property they lease it. Instead of building swimming pools they use publicly available ones. Their cost cutting measures mean they can ?allocate what they save elsewhere.

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Yet another politician who fails to understand the meaning of democracy



I received the below email from Sue Moroney, a Labour MP who seems to be confused about what democracy actually is. Like the Remoaners from the Remain campaign in Britain, when things don’t go her way she blames it on a lack of democracy.

The government voted for by the people, the government with the majority, is the government that has the power to make decisions. That power was given to them by the people. It is a power that can be taken away easily. It is the whole point of democracy. We can elect people into power and we can remove them from power. MPs who are not part of the government do not have power because we didn’t give them any. If the National government chooses to not go ahead with something Sue Moroney wants, then that is democracy in action.

Unlike the Labour party the National party have the responsibility of managing New Zealand’s finances. They cannot open New Zealand’s purse and spend freely every time Sue Moroney demands it. I liken it to the manager of a business and an employee of a business. The employee wants a coffee machine for the staff cafeteria because it will make the staff happier and more productive, in his opinion. The manager would like to do this for her staff but she looks at the business budget and sees that she cannot provide the coffee machine without cutting important spending elsewhere. Management have the “financial veto power” for a reason. The buck stops with them, not with the employees. It is the same with Sue Moroney’s Paid Parental Leave Bill. It is a lovely, generous idea but her party isn’t the one that has to find the money to fund it.

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Labour lied, no one was surprised

For weeks the Labour party has been pushing (see above), what has turned out to be a lie, that the government has made health cuts. They even set up a dodgy, lying website for their campaign.

We highlighted it several times, including figures from?the?Rotorua area that showed they were lying.

Now travel, lifestyle and fitness blogger, David Farrar, has compiled some real numbers to show that their claims were outrageous lies.

Labour have been going on for months claiming that health funding has not grown to keep up with our population and inflation. They cite a figure of $1.7 billion of under funding on this basis.

I made the mistake of assuming their figure was correct,?and not checking up on it previously. I just assumed someone else would have.

But as I had some spare time last?weekend I went through the Vote Health expenditure for the last decade. I then got the CPI figures and the resident population figures. And put them into the table below. ? Read more »

Read the small print to understand Labour’s weasel words

It must be hard attacking the government when they keep increasing the funding for health every single budget. One has to get pretty cunning to try to spin increases as a bad thing.

Fortunately for Labour they came up with a plan so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel. The plan is simple:

Use weasel words to create the impression that increases are actually cuts.

Here is what I was sent by Labour’s campaign team. It was not until I read the fine print that I realised what they had done.

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Harman on the budget

Richard Harman is one of the best political pundits out there. His Politik website is a must read.

He analyses the budget in a much more comprehensive manner than every other commentator.

Three things stand out from yesterday?s Budget:

  • Next year?s Budget will be very different
  • English is serious when he says smaller government is better government.
  • We are now getting the bill for the record immigration.

The big surpluses coming down the track, as Bill English says, means the Government has choices in how it can spend money in the years ahead.

And that means it can back Labour into a political corner during election year.

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Simon Collins? wet dream: a budget that doesn?t fix child poverty

Simon Collins has had his wet dreams realised. A budget that doesn’t fix child poverty.

Especially since child poverty is defined as a percentage of the median wage, it is practically unsolvable….which allows him to pimp some more poor whinging bludgers.

Child poverty advocates say the Budget provides no relief for families struggling to cope with high rents and low incomes.

Interesting term…’child poverty advocates’…are they really in favour of child poverty?

Child Poverty Action Group economist Dr Susan St John said she was hoping for improvements in housing subsidies and family tax credits, but the Budget provided neither of them.

Instead, the Government is quietly implementing changes announced in 2011 to lower the income limit for the maximum family tax credits from $36,827 to $35,000 a year, and to raise the rate at which the credits are reduced from 20c to 25c for every extra dollar earned above the limit. ? Read more »

Budget magic the Labour way

The problem with socialists is that they think that money is delivered by fairies by magic.

Kind of like the magic beer in Grant Robertson’s beer bottle.

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