“Strangest election” really just a total waste of money

Auckland’s Mt Albert electorate is having one of the strangest election contests New Zealand has seen. The only real contenders are two young women from the same side of the political fence who get along so well they have carpooled on the campaign…

Labour’s Jacinda Ardern and the Green’s Julie Anne Genter are trying to hold a contest between parties that might campaign as a prospective coalition at the general election in September. The Greens certainly intend to do so, they have decided not to stand a candidate in Peter Dunne’s Ohariu seat in the hope that Labour’s new recruit, former Police Association spokesman Greg O’Connor, can win it and deprive National of a likely coalition partner.

The Green strategy does seem a little confused. ?As a list-only party, they need to be campaigning for the party vote wherever they can. ?? Read more »

The Mt Albert by-election freak show has got its cast list published

The Electoral Commission has released the candidate and voting place details for the Saturday 25 February by-election in the Mt Albert electorate.

Thirteen candidates are seeking election as the Mt Albert Member of Parliament. Four advance voting places will be available, and 23 voting places will be open on election day.

Nominations for the by-election have closed, and the following candidates have been confirmed: Read more »

Politics: Last week we got TOP, this week we get NAP

By-elections usually attract a bunch of single issue nutters, but this one has at least some appeal

Not A Party (NAP) announced today that it is entering the Mt Roskill by-election race.

Richard Goode will represent the party, in its first foray into electoral politics.

Goode said he was “chuffed” to be chosen to stand for Not A Party (NAP) in the seat made vacant by Phil Goff.

“Let?s keep the seat vacant,” says Goode. “Let?s make Mt. Roskill a politician-free zone, with the rest of New Zealand?s electoral map to follow suit at next year?s general election.”

Not A Party (NAP) is the forerunner of a new breed of post-democratic political party. The party advocates a peaceful transition to a free, peaceful and prosperous society based on voluntary cooperation. “Don?t look to politicians for answers, they don?t have any.” Read more »


And you thought he was truthful campaigning on being “independent”


So much for represent all of Auckland, so much for being independent…Phil Goff is now out there campaigning on behalf of the union weasel wanting his seat, Michael Wood. On top of that, he has hired into his office Fran Mold, his old chief press secretary.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has defended his involvement in Labour candidate Michael Wood’s campaign for the Mt Roskill by-election but said he will not help Labour campaign in the general election in 2017.

National’s candidate Parmjeet Parmar questioned Goff’s involvement in Labour candidate Wood’s campaign, saying it made a sham of Goff’s claim to be ‘independent.’

“It’s up to them how they run their campaign but Mt Roskill voters deserve to know who is funding it and if it’s the independent mayor Phil Goff or their candidate running the campaign.” ? Read more »

Does Jenna Lynch even know what she is talking about?

Jenna Lynch has done a spiteful and stupid little piece at Newshub accusing National of a jack up in candidate selection in Mt Roskill.

Here’s some advice – don’t waste your time tuning into National’s announcement of their Mt Roskill candidate.

Spoiler alert: it is Parmjeet Parmar. That was decided long ago by the National Party bosses.

There was no point in any other candidate putting their name forward for Mt Roskill – it was always going to be Parmar.

National is adamant they haven’t chosen their candidate – but the hoardings for Parmar are already flying out of the printing room.

National is adamant they haven’t chosen their candidate – but John Key is posting high-production videos all over social media of himself and Parmar on building sites and celebrating Diwali.

National is adamant they haven’t chosen their candidate – but National has already organised a $250 a head fundraiser with the Prime Minister at Eden Park for her.

That’s three strikes – it is a jack-up. ?? Read more »

National selects candidate for Northland by-election

Northland's new National candidate Mark Osborne from Taipa moments after his selection, flanked by his wife Jodi (left) and electorate secretary Rose May of Lake Ohia. PHOTO / PETER DE GRAAF

Northland’s new National candidate Mark Osborne from Taipa moments after his selection, flanked by his wife Jodi (left) and electorate secretary Rose May of Lake Ohia. PHOTO / PETER DE GRAAF

The National Party has chosen Mark Osborne as its candidate for the Northland by-election.

The seat was vacant after Mike Sabin stood down for “personal reasons” last month.

The National Party said Mr Osborne was chosen at a meeting of party members in Kerikeri today.

The party said Mr Osborne, an asset manager for Far North District Council, was based in Taipa, 60km northwest of Kerikeri. Read more »

National will have to lance the Sabin boil eventually, might as well be now


Claire Trevett explains the current situation

Prime Minister John Key has refused to comment on reports National MP Mike Sabin is under investigation by police but said he would be surprised if Mr Sabin was not at Waitangi this year as the local Northland MP. Read more »

We’re going to lose – Labour

Corin Dann at TVNZ is trying to ?put a positive spin on what is shaping up to be a dreadful loss for Labour in Christchurch East

Labour Party President Moria Coatsworth has warned that Labour has a real fight on its hands to win the Christchurch East By-election later this month.

In a speech to the Labour party annual conference in Christchurch this morning, Ms Coatsworth reiterated that Labour lost the party vote at the last election in Christchurch East by 14 percent and that the voters in the electorate are tired.

Tired of what?



CV Embellishments?

Dead Fish?

Union tail wagging the party dog?

It is generally thought that by elections are used by the electorate to send the Government a message. ?With Christchurch East not going to Labour it would be a pretty good endorsement that the National-led government is doing just fine. ? Read more »

Let’s have recall

New proposals in the UK are suggesting the introduction of recall:

MPs guilty of serious wrong-doing could lose their seats if 10 per cent of voters in their constituencies sign a petition to ?recall? them under new proposals.

However people will not be able to decide to order a recall petition themselves, prompting Labour to say the powers have been watered down.

Under the plans, a recall petition could be triggered by a vote in the House of Commons or by an MP being sentenced to prison for 12 months or less.

The proposals tighten up the current rules, which allow MPs to keep their seats unless they are jailed for more than a year.

If 10 per cent of eligible constituents ? up to 7,500 people – vote for a recall, the MP?s seat will be vacated and a by-election held.

The ousted MP would be free to seek re-election in the poll, whether under a party banner or as an independent.

Mr Harper said: ?This is an important part of the Government’s programme of measures designed to help restore trust in our political system.

?If an MP has been found to have engaged in serious wrongdoing, they should not be able to retain their seat with impunity until the next general election.

?Our proposals would allow constituents to decide whether or not an MP should retain their seat.?

This should extend to every elected position from local body to parliament. Of course we would need to explore ways of doing so under our silly MMP system with regard to recalling List MPs.