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Together, we’ve done it!

We’ve done it!

Not me, not you, together, we’ve done it.

We have reached our halfway goal for the year just three months into offering our $10 per month ad-free subscriptions.

I’d like to thank all of those hundreds of subscribers who are now enjoying Whaleoil without ads. ? Read more »

The Trump Factor

Guest post

Wow, what a tumultuous couple of weeks it has been! For those of us with an interest in International politics, you would not have been disappointed with the sheer volume of the controversial!

What has been interesting to me is the approach the new Trump administration has taken with the MSM. They have told them that they are the enemy and they are treating them as such!

The pushback from Trump and team and throwing the lefts own term ?fake news? back in their faces has caused the left in general to go ?feral? ? and of course this is exactly what the administration wants. Every piece of left stupidity is reducing their credibility with the average punter.

The team have exacerbated the amount of head explosions on the left by acknowledging the right wing media, Brietbart, Fox and CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) in particular. Fox (Hannity) and CBN have done one on one exclusive interviews with president Trump, while CNN on the other hand was not allowed a press conference question because they are ?fake news?.

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Stop emailing me about Cam!!!

Just kidding. ?But yeah, people have been asking how Cam is doing. ?I guess some of you missed the update, so in an attempt to cut some queries to my email short as to how Cam’s doing, here it is again:

I thought as it is nearly the end of January I?d give you an update on how I am feeling and what has happened since December 26.

After we returned from our Boxing Day lunch with the outlaws, a day where I spent most of it lying on a couch taking Panadol for a stonking headache, I went into my office to prepare posts for the blog for the next day.

At about 9 pm I came out to grab a drink and SB called to me and asked what had happened. I said ?nothing, why??She told me to look in the mirror and set about furiously googling stuff.

My face, on the right-hand side, had slumped, and I couldn?t move it. I couldn?t raise my eyebrows, smile, grin, or even grimace. Half of my face was paralysed and it became more apparent when I couldn?t drink out of a glass because it spilt out of my half paralysed mouth.

SB thought I might be having a stroke, to me, it looked like Bells Palsy, Mum had it many years ago. I still had a bad headache, but after the standard stroke tests, I decided to sleep on it and see how I was in the morning, given if it was Bells palsy then there was nothing I could do anyway.

On 27 December, I awoke in even more pain, and the paralysis was worse. Off to the doctor.

The doctor was baffled with the pain AND Bells Palsy, it didn?t make sense. The pain was also increasing. So he referred me to the hospital.

So, at 10.30 I arrived at emergency at North Shore Hospital and was seen almost immediately?then sent to a waiting area where I began a long day of waiting for tests, waiting for doctors and waiting for specialists?and a CT Scan.

There were plenty of other people in the waiting room and despite my incredible pain I attempted to lighten the day for most of us. Apart from a couple of grumpy bastards, most people were in the same spirit?there wasn?t much we could do and we joked whenever anyone got called to be seen by one specialist or another?then it became a sort of sweepstake to see who could get discharged first. Read more »


Happy Anniversary Baby

On 9 May 1992 I married my Spanish Bride. ? Read more »

Opening Weekend in an Isuzu D-Max

Mabo, Bruce, Dave and Lucy looking forward to hunting

Mabo, Bruce, Dave and Lucy looking forward to hunting

This weekend has been the opening of the game bird season. With mild, warm weather and clear skies,duck hunters will have had small bags.

I’m not a big fan of duck shooting, but much prefer going after pheasants and quail. It is a real pleasure hunting with dogs as well.

On Friday night I headed off to an undisclosed location in the Taupo region for go after pheasants and quail. As usual I am travelling in my Isuzu D-Max from Southern Autos.

It may well have been a challenge as the new model I have currently came equipped with road tyres only. More on that later. ?? Read more »

INCITE: Politics – March edition out now

This month’s?INCITE: Politics?examines closely the problems currently besetting the Labour party and attempts to look at solutions for them.

We start off as usual with our exclusive polling from David Farrar’s Curia. David Farrar is the best pollster in New Zealand and is becoming as recognised for his polling as Nate Silver in the US. Once again his polling shows Andrew Little is in big trouble with him continuing his net approval ratings in the negatives, some 20-plus points behind John Key. ? Read more »

INCITE: Politics March edition due shortly


Simon and I have compiled a bumper INCITE: Politics this month.

We are just completing the final polling andeverything else is edited and ready to go. We await the numbers.

Our focus has been on what it will take for Labour to rebuild. We have columns from both Simon and myself as well as a column from Phil Quin. Formerly one of Labour’s best advisors, Quin has been all but essentially sidelined from the party for daring to have opinions.

We also have columns from Willie Jackson, David Garrett, Jock Anderson and, of course, our exclusive polling on net approval ratings of the leaders. Has Andrew Little improved? What has happened with John Key’s approvals? ? Read more »

INCITE: Politics February edition out now

pablo (10)

Welcome to the February edition of INCITE: Politics.

This month we have some new contributors, plus the first INCITE/Curia poll of the year. Who is up? Who is down? And what are the implications of their numbers for their parties?

We also continue to look at potential leadership candidates across the parties and ask our 10 questions of David Seymour.

Following on from Lynton Crosby?s lecture about political truisms we look at how that applies to Labour, especially with regard to leadership and economic competence. ? Read more »

INCITE: Politics Summer Edition released

pablo (5)

Our latest edition of INCITE: Politics has been released. It will be in subscribers’ inboxes as you read this.

In this month?s edition we have contributions from Chris Trotter, Don Brash, David Farrar and Jock Anderson, as well as the usual contributions from Simon Lusk and myself.

  • Chris Trotter asks a very hard question
  • David Farrar provides some long-term predictions
  • Don Brash investigates Auckland?s affordable housing issue
  • Jock Anderson discusses a very interesting case before the courts

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INCITE: Politics launches today


Today is the day and shortly the first editions of INCITE: Politics will begin landing in people’s inboxes.

Little in trouble?-?David Farrar writes about the fundamental problem for Andrew Little, his negative approval rating, and contrasts it with the very popular John Key.

The Route to Victory?-?Simon Lusk considers the potential routes to victory and the relative institutional strengths of both the Labour and the National parties in the 2017 election.

Ten Questions?-?Winston Peters takes the time to give some thoughtful answers to some important political questions.

Politician of the Year?-?Review our choice for the inaugural INCITE: Politics Politician of the year.

The Advent of the Media Party?-?Cam Slater writes about why the media have moved from neutral, dispassionate observers to players in the political game, and why the public no longer trusts them.

Pundits & Media – ?Cam Slater?s view on the New Zealand media, with a counter view from Simon Lusk. ?? Read more »