Christmas Cruise with 2500 bikers, belly-flop contests and hot tub sex

Sounds like a cruise to end all cruises…2500 bikers have wrecked up a cruise in the Caribbean but getting pissed, lairing it up, conducting belly flop contests and rooting in all the ship spa pools.


A cruise around the Caribbean aboard one of the world?s largest passenger ships carries connotations of glamour, elegance and sophistication.

Unfortunately for Gail Empson and her family, the 2,500-strong gang of raucous, heavy-drinking, leather-clad bikers and their partners who were sharing their voyage had rather different ideas.

From the moment the bikers stepped on board the Freedom of the Seas ship, which carries 3,600 passengers, the trip to celebrate Mrs Empson?s 50th birthday was a disaster.

The gang, who were on their annual ?High Seas Rally?, could not have been much further removed from the usual cruise?s sedate complement of families and retired couples.

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Swine Flu – Jewish Conspiracy

Unlike the Split Enz song history actually does repeat.

In times past Jews were blamed for all sorts of things like the Plague, poisoning wells, and all sorts of other perfidy including being sub-human.

Now the Muslim and Arab media are manipulating the swine flu epidemic to demonize Israel and its leaders.

Anti-Semitic Cartoon from QatarThe Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which monitors global anti-Semitism, accused large-circulation daily newspapers such as Al Watan in Qatar and Al-Quds al-Arabi in the UK of “exploiting” the epidemic to provoke anti-Israel and anti-Semitic attitudes.

An Al Watan cartoon cited by the ADL had a caption saying: “The World Health Organization is warning about a world-wide epidemic – the swine flu,” and showed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with a pig snout.

“One theme of the anti-Israel cartoons related to the swine flu is ironically picturing Israeli leaders with faces of pigs, reflecting the disdain for the pig in Islamic culture,” the ADL said in a press release issued Monday.

“Once again, the Arab press is not just content with reporting the news of a serious and potentially deadly global epidemic,” said ADL National Director Abraham Foxman. “They are exploiting the swine flu epidemic in an effort to rile up anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiment in the Arab street. And they are using the most powerful tool in their arsenal – the visual, the cartoon – to incite hatred for the Jewish state and its people.”

This is despicable, but I fully expect some leftist c**t to come on here and explain it is because of some injustice by Israel that causes this sort of disgusting anti-semitic behaviour. You know someone like Bomber or Tim Selwyn.