Carmel Sepuloni

Labour confirms they are the Bludgers party

Carmel Sepuloni has confirmed why it is that Labour fails to fire.

She has issued a missive deriding Work and Income for penalising bludgers who don’t name the fathers of their income streams.

It?s time to repeal a law that sanctions sole parent families for not identifying the name of the other parent, Labour?s Social Development Spokesperson Carmel Sepuloni says.

“Every week, 17,000 children are missing out because their sole parent is being sanctioned by WINZ for not identifying the child?s other parent. The average loss is between $22 and $28 a week – a huge amount for families struggling to get by. This is impacting nearly 20% of sole parent families reliant on benefits.

“The intent of this legislation was to encourage fathers to pay their child support, but the administration of it has been patchy and unfair – 97.7% of people sanctioned are women, and 52.8% Maori. The law isn?t working as intended, and its hurting families and children. ? Read more »

Andrew Little’s stupidity in parliament

Andrew Little is a complete fool.

You might say that is harsh but, following on from getting himself sued for basically calling a couple corrupt, he went to the House where he thought he would play Mr Clever and ended up walking away looking more like Mr Retard.

On a day when he could have lined up all his questions to prosecute Paula Bennett, who is the most vulnerable minister right now, he sent in Phil Twyford to ask dopey questions and Carmel Sepuloni to ask even dopier ones unrelated to Paula Bennett, and Stuart Nash to ask questions of Judith Collins completely unrelated to Paula Bennett.

Then he put himself down to ask questions of John Key…which is really dopey…because he isn’t going to get Paula Bennett by asking dopey questions of John Key.

It was a set of questions that?ended with this one:

Andrew Little: Does anyone in his Government take responsibility for anything anymore, or is it just an endless exercise in passing the buck?? Read more »

Labour’s List Problem

David Farrar had a very good post yesterday at Kiwiblog about Labour’s list problem.

In 2014 Labour got only five List MPs. Andrew Little only got in on?special votes.

They are polling well below the level they were at three years ago. They normally lose support once an election campaign starts as minor parties get more attention. And already Winston is picking up support at their expense.

So at this stage it would be a brave person to predict they will lift their party vote from 2014, and hence their total number of MPs from 32.

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Sledge of the Day – How to call another MP stupid and get away with it

Anne Tolley delivers our sledge of the day.

She calls Carmel Sepuloni stupid?and?is asked to withdraw after Sepuloni takes offence. ?When someone asks why she doesn’t apologise she states, “Because it is?true.”

Typical of Labour MPs, they’ve taken offence at something blindingly obvious and then drawn attention to the fact by protesting about it.

Now everyone knows that Carmel Sepuloni is stupid; all doubt has been removed.

Anne Tolley sledged her out and got away with it. ? Read more »

Oh look, how inconvenient for Labour

Last year Andrew Little was stating that Labour’s focus was going to be on “jobs, jobs, jobs”. Grant Robertson is talking about the “Future of Work” and Andrew Little echoed that by talking about the rise of the robots…and nasty car washes.

Carmel Sepuloni thinks the statistics are wrong and calls for the government to be more transparent on job figures.

Grant Robertson even predicted that unemployment was going to balloon:

At the Select Committee Bill English appeared bewildered as to why unemployment is at 6%, higher than Australia, the US or the UK.?He had no explanation as to why he has been unable to get unemployment any lower than the 5.6% recorded last year. With unemployment set to head towards 7% in the coming year, it is reckless that the government still has no plan to address this.

Apparently the government isn’t doing enough on jobs…and employment.

But wait… ? Read more »

Septic Tank busted telling pork pies

The other day I lambasted Carmel Sepuloni, aka the “Septic Tank”, for her claims that reducing the number of people on benefits was bad.

She thought it was bad because she claimed there was no evidence about where they had “gone”.

Well, Lindsay Mitchell managed to find out…so why couldn’t Carmel?

Here’s the most recent publicly available?data under National:

Cancellations of Jobseeker Support Dec 2015 by reason Read more »

Labour still tits at maths

Labour looks for bad news in everything, including good news.

Fewer people coming off a benefit and moving into work shows a “stalling economy” and a “failing Government”, says Labour.

But the Government says Labour had gotten its maths wrong on figures the party obtained.

While the real numbers of beneficiaries moving into work had decreased, the overall percentage of people going into work had actually gone up, as the total pool of beneficiaries decreased, said Social Development Minister Anne Tolley.

Labour’s social development spokesperson Carmel Sepuloni said she stood by the argument, and they still showed there was a proportionate decrease in the number of people going into work, than the year prior.

The figures released to Labour under the Official Information Act showed that the number of New Zealanders moving off benefits and into work fell by nearly about 3500 in the last twelve months – from 84,477 to 80,967.

In that period, the total number of main benefit cancellations fell by 22,085 – from 220,497 to 198,412. ?? Read more »

Hang on a minute…

So let me get this right? these people want to live in a rental, so they can afford rent, but they are instead living in a car, or in a garage. ??So why are the government now going to pay for motel rooms? ?

Some of Auckland’s homeless may be put up in motels thanks to a $2 million funding boost for the city’s emergency housing.

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett said the extra money would fund up to 120 places a year for homeless families and individuals, with support to help them find longer-term housing.

West Auckland’s VisionWest Community Trust asked for extra help in June after running a successful pilot in Christchurch, where the Government has funded the agency to lease a 19-unit motel to house homeless families for up to eight weeks while social workers help them to find permanent accommodation.

At the end of June there were 941 Auckland households on the social housing waiting list in category A, described as “at risk and including households with a severe and persistent housing need that must be addressed immediately”.

Data provided to Labour MP Carmel Sepuloni showed that 50 households on the waiting list nationally were living in cars and another 137 in garages.

A spokesman for Mrs Bennett said a request for proposals to provide the extra 120 emergency housing places in Auckland would be issued early next week with the aim of having the new places available by early next year.

The timing implies that agencies are most likely to respond by leasing existing accommodation such as motels, but the spokesman said the money could also be used for capital spending to upgrade or convert other properties.

“The Government is open to what the providers tell us they need,” he said.

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Pimping the Poor expert Simon Collins has great news! Childcare subsidies to working parents down 11%

The government are doing a great job cutting waste and middle class welfarism. ?

Putting lazy mums back on the job, and in general making people responsible for their own lives. ?The old hand up, not hand out thing. ??

And to think Simon Collins says it?s a bad thing! ?

The number of working parents receiving childcare subsidies has dropped by 4300 in the past five years, despite more parents going back to work.

The decline appears to be mainly due to a Government decision during the global financial crisis to cut the income limits for the subsidy from September 2010, and to freeze them since then at $1400 a week for parents with one child in childcare, $1600 with two children and $1800 with three or more children.

Early Childhood Council chief executive Peter Reynolds said it also reflected Work and Income offices failing to publicise the subsidy.

“The numbers have always been completely low compared with the segment of the population you would think are eligible to receive it,” he said.

He said some early childhood centres gave parents application forms for the subsidy, but others didn’t.

“Some Work and Income offices frown on it because the handing over of an application form, some Work and Income staff believe that should be part of a conversation between a case manager and a parent,” he said.

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Thousands of crap parents can?t hold their life together for the sake of their kids

The hand wringers call shame on the government for taking the money away, while the shame is due to the parents now being proven as incapable and irresponsible.

CYFS should consider taking the kids away, we should stick these ferals on mandatory birth control, and then we might consider giving them some of their/our money back.

Thousands of children have been affected by benefit cuts in the last two years because parents failed to meet work obligations set out by the Government.

Benefits haven’t been cut. Useless feral ratbags who don’t meet obligations have had their financial expectations adjusted.

New figures obtained by Radio New Zealand show about 43,000 sanctions have been issued against beneficiaries with children during that time, which could mean their payments were cut by as much as half.

The figures show 20,363 main benefits involving children were cut back in the year to July 2014, and another 23,066 the following year.

Each cut could involve more than one child, and some beneficiaries could have been penalised more than once.

Lisa Woolley, the president of the Council of Christian Social Services, said the numbers were shocking. ? Read more »